ET Aftermath 2018

Eurovision 2018 – So yet again, one of our regular readers (Gregor) is offering to do a second part of the ET crews views on the competition to compare our score after the contest now has ended, based on the contest’s infamous 1-8, 10 & 12 system.

Gregor sprung this idea on you guys that we could have a sort off after-contest ranking with all the acts from the current season of the Eurovision Song Contest. This was to see how we as a jury would have ranked the acts and then see the difference between our full ranking and that of the juries and of course now our pre-chart (ET Premath)

A record amount of 33 of you guys voted in the Premath this time around! The Premath was won by Israel followed by yet again both Italy and Belgium like last year! You can check the full results here.

The reason behind the Aftermath is that we always seem to have a slightly if not a big disagreement with the juries in the ESC each year and we have this ranking of all the songs in the contest that we normally don’t use. Many of you guys are very musically interested. The Fridas and ETSC shows that we are diverse in our voting and also shows that we have a slightly if not a very different taste than that of the juries have in their voting! So why not make it into a ranking showing of our own jury views!

The ET Aftermath will always be after the contest (hence the name) as it is intended to not be a ranking of only the songs per say, but the overall performance in the contest as well! This is of course individually ranked!

The rules: Send your top 10 of all the songs that participated in this years ESC AND your top 10 songs that featured ONLY in the Grand Final! Don’t post your top 10 ranking in the comment section below! Gregor will not count them and it will perhaps influence future voters!

Disclaimer: Once you have sent your votes you can’t change them! So think carefully before you do!

You can vote by sending your top 10 songs from the ESC 2018, your top 10 songs from this years Grand Final and your alias to: schultze94@gmail.com.

Deadline: The voting will close on the 23rd of June 23:59 and revealed the day after in the comment section below on the 24th of June 19:00!

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647 comments on “ET Aftermath 2018

  1. At last they did it!

  2. if Denmark had won, then all teams from groups A & C would have made it, and groups B & D would be out! It was close…

  3. I’m glad Croatia made it in the end, but this was their worst match! How can you just waste the time waiting for penalties and not try to attack and win the match if you are a great team ?? Disappointing..

  4. I had planned to go to Copenhagen and see the quarter final if Denmark had made it tonight. Now I can use my train ticket money for other things instead. :p

  5. Nervewrecking match. Sad to lose out in a penalty shootout, but tbh. I don’t think the Danish team were at their best at this World Cup. This match was probably their best one though.

  6. GOO Belgium :-) (for tonight)

    Tomorrow’s much is the toughest one for me..Sweden has been my home for more than 2 years and Switzerland is my current home, dont know which one to support :-(

  7. What a crazy match!! So glad Belgium made it in the end, what a comeback! :D

    • gutted for Japan though! don’t see Belgium troubling Brazil anymore :/

      • Japan’s luck ran out in the end. They were super lucky to qualify, after a pathetic match with Poland..
        Belgium could be stronger after a match like this one, their defence looks quite shaky though.

        • Their defence has me in deep worries too. :(
          I so want them to beat Brazil. Eden Hazard is my favourite footballer atm (not looks-wise though …) and I can’t stand Neymar.

  8. After losing the match, we’d like to have a word or two with the football coach:

  9. Since we’ve had three pure European duels here in the round of 16, how have they “scored” in Eurovision in their ten last encounters, according to my taste?

    Spain vs. Russia 5-5
    2008 Russia
    2009 Russia
    2010 Russia
    2011 Spain
    2012 Spain
    2013 Russia
    2014 Spain
    2015 Russia
    2016 Spain
    2018 Spain

    Croatia vs Denmark 7-3
    2007 Denmark (two terrible choices)
    2008 Croatia
    2009 Croatia
    2010 Croatia
    2011 Denmark
    2012 Croatia
    2013 Croatia
    2016 Croatia
    2017 Croatia
    2018 Denmark

    Sweden vs. Switzerland 6-4
    2009 Switzerland
    2010 Switzerland
    2011 Sweden
    2012 Sweden
    2013 Switzerland
    2014 Switzerland
    2015 Sweden
    2016 Sweden
    2017 Sweden
    2018 Sweden

  10. And just to show the strong friendship between Svezia and Svizzera for tomorrow’s game, here’s their 1988 representatives singing together:

  11. We actually won and it is officially Sweden’s best result now since 1994! :D

  12. Awkward live:

  13. I brought them luck! Hahaha!!!!

  14. Are they for real?

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