Eurovision 2019: Is the EBU Considering Moving the Contest from Israel?

Eurovision 2019 – An Israeli commercial TV channel, Reshet 13, is today reporting that the EBU may move the 2019 from Israel. The Israeli news report says that an EBU insider has suggested that the EBU is considering moving the contest to Austria. 

The claims come from Araleh Goldfinger, a Producer of the 1999 Eurovision Song Contest.  He says the EBU is worried about local elections in Jerusalem in November which could delay any plan to host there.

After the initial claims by prominent Israeli politicians that Eurovision 2019 would be held in Jerusalem, the EBU met quickly with KAN, the Israeli broadcaster, with rumours that they expressed their dissatisfaction with political interference. Since then Israeli politicians have taken a lower profile. Yossi Sharabi, director of the Culture and Sport Ministry, backtracked on original claims, saying Jerusalem was not a ‘given’.

KAN will be responsible for organising the contest and it is expected that, as usual, there will be a bidding competition to host. The possible host city entrants to date seem to be Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haim, Eilat and Petah Tikva.

It would seem sensible that the EBU would have a plan B if the situation in Israel does not change. With threats of boycotts, the damage to the contest may be seen as too great a risk and the EBU may decide to take the contest to another country.  The EBU could look at runners up Cyprus and Austria as potential hosts of the 2019 contest.


19 comments on “Eurovision 2019: Is the EBU Considering Moving the Contest from Israel?

  1. It’s just gong to be drama until about November, isn’t it?

  2. off topic, well played Mexico, bit of a shock. Anyone watching Brazil? Neymar is a great player.

  3. Since Israel is willing to host the contest,esc 2019 should be held there.Case closed.

  4. Spokespersons for national broadcasters may make noise about boycotting, but I think think more than one or two countries will actually go through with a boycott.

  5. Lol, isn’t it interesting that the juries actually voted for Austria?

  6. Why Austria? They were only 12th …

    • Actually they finished third. And I find it interesting that the juries had them first and now we learn they are the EBU’s back-up plan…

      • That’s what I was trying to say, so for me they are 12th this year cause 3rd is just because of a very fishy jury boost…

    • Oh we are going to go such levels now because certain people cannot handle jury vote ?

      Fine then. Austria won and should host the contest. Israel was 3rd, why should it be considered a host in first place ? Doesn’t make sense just because a totally unreliable televoting thought so.

  7. Oh cmn cut the drama and move on.

  8. Its simple, EBU just push ( threat ) Israel to not choose Jerusalem as a host city, nothing more nothing less….

  9. If they consider it non safe for fans to host it there they should do what is considered best for the contest overall.

    And as I said, Israel came 3rd anyway so why should it be considered as a host country ? Because televoting thought so ? Who cares ? It has the credibility of a trump statement at this point…

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