ET Awards 2018: Most Overrated!

Eurovision 2018 – This year we resume the “Eurovision Times Awards” to give prizes (the Fridas) for the best in every category! And you get to vote! Today, we resume the polls with the two categories focused on unfair results!

2018 will be the sixth year for Eurovision Times to organize a new contest (you can check 2013’s results here, the 2014’s ones here, the 2015’s ones here, the 2016’s ones here and the 2017’s ones here). As with the past few years, our blog hosts now three contests: TEKO which takes place before the contest and the “Eurovision Times Awards” after the contest, with “Premath/Aftermath” which compares our rankings before and after the contest. The principle of the ET Awards is simple, in each categories, the staff of this website will nominate a few entries per categories and open polls for the public to vote in them so we can reveal afterwards all the winners. The winners receive an imaginary trophee, entitled the Fridas in homage to Frida Boccara, the French Eurovision winner in 1969 with “Un jour, un enfant“.

The fifteenth award is in the “Result” category and it’s “Most Overrated”. Former winners are: Azerbaijan (2013), Russia (2014), Russia (2015), Poland (2016) and Australia (2017). Here are the results of the recommendations made by the regular users of Eurovision Times in this category:

  • 9 Austria
  • 8 Germany
  • 6 Denmark
  • 6 Sweden
  • 4 Australia
  • 4 Lithuania
  • 4 Norway
  • 3 Cyprus
  • 3 Israel
  • 3 Italy
  • 3 Moldova
  • 2 Albania
  • 2 Bulgaria
  • 2 Estonia
  • 2 Finland
  • 2 Moldova
  • 2 Netherlands
  • 1 Belgium
  • 1 France
  • 1 Greece
  • 1 Hungary
  • 1 Ireland
  • 1 Portugal
  • 1 Ukraine

However, it’s down to the staff of Eurovision Times to choose the official nominees, including unpopular or controversial ones! But it’s up to you to vote in our poll below which entry was the most overrated this year! You need to click on the country’s name to be redirected to the video of the song. The nominees in alphabetical order are:

  • Australia‘s 12th with juries
  • Austria‘s winning the jury, 3rd overall
  • Denmark‘s Top 5 with televote and Top 10 overall
  • Germany‘s 6th with televote and 4th with juries
  • Lithuania‘s Top 10 with televote and 11th with juries

Rules: the polls will be open for a week. At the end of the week, an article will announce the winner of the category but not the detailed results. The full results will however be given to you once all polls are closed so that you don’t get influenced (we never know) in your following votes. Every IP gets only one vote, please do not cheat, do take in consideration to watch very carefully the videos before voting and do not vote necessarly for your favorite song but vote regarding to the category. Of course, it’s pointless to vote only for your own country unless you’re really certain it should win. May the best win!

60 comments on “ET Awards 2018: Most Overrated!

  1. My nominees were Sweden, Denmark and Lithuania. Therefore I will vote for Lithuania.

  2. Germany – it so tried to play the emotional card in the most obvious and rather dull way.

  3. Denmark.

  4. It’s between Australia and Denmark for me, but I gotta go with Denmark as Australia didn’t do well in the final after all.

  5. I voted for Denmark.

  6. Austria by no means deserved to be #1 with the juries.
    I can understand that it is a mainstream, radio friendly, decent song, but that’s all about it.

    • Whereas the presence of Denmark and Lithuania at the left-hand side of the scoreboard is better than Austria doing that well?

      • It’s not the same thing. We’re talking about a middle of the road song winning the jury vote. Aka, the juries decided that out of ALL 26 songs the Austrian one was the best.

        • What counts in the end of the day is the combined result, not what juries voted alone.

          • Still a bronze is TOO high for such a performer who struggled to communicate with the audience and with such a bland song :P

            • Fully disagree about not communicating with the audience. He did.

            • Very much my reaction about Ieva’s nomination in the vocals category ;)

            • Not the same as winning a set of votes in a SONG contest with lyrics such as “can’t get no sleep, I’m into deep” 😉

            • What’s wrong with that? It is ”in too deep” by the way, not ”into”.

            • @Donnie – actually I would say “I can’t get no sleep I’m in too deep” is among the better lyrics – it’s saying he’s so emotionally involved/in love/obssessed that he can’t fall asleep, which is certainly an experience I’ve had.

            • Too cliche and not quite poetic imo. The lyric not the insomnia issue btw 😁

            • @Donnie – lol on the insomnia – I’m guessing you’re lucky to not have had it for similar situations or it would resonate more with you… in any case, the standard of lyrics as far as I pay attention to them was clearly set by Italy this year; otherwise there was (as mentioned they’re rarely my main focus) a lot of computer-genberated stuff (“Luna moon me up”, “Like a pelican fly high high high yeah yeah fuego”, the Rybak and Ingrosso nonsense etc.

            • Lyrics wise my vote went to Italy too. Hungary, Albania and Montenegro were decent too. At least they spared us from silly basic English like the examples you provided us.

            • @Donnie yes the use of bizarre English is indeed usually one of the key problems (I assume similar w Ukraine but couldn’t understand a word he shouted). I really don’t know the lyrics of the other 3 songs you provided but Albania seemed authentic (apart from the costume lol).

            • While winning televoting with lyrics such as “I m not your toy you stupid boy” dressed in kimono, clucking and having golden cats on stage is so flattering for a SONG contest…I give up really. The esc fandom is lost in its own universe…

          • In the article it says “Austria winning the jury vote” as well, that’s why I commented on it :)

  7. Music for christian hipster coffee shops – Lithuania!

  8. Australia‘s 12th with juries
    Now clearly this is not the most interesting song in the world. Entirely built on a standard chord progression (the so-called ‘vamp’) which is of course not in itself “criminal”, but melodically it wasn’t anything special either. Very clichéd lyrics too. However, I think there is something uplifting in the music which I can understand if people like (the octave jump from verse to chorus among other things). Vocally she was very weak in the verses – quite a few wrong notes – but she was OK in the chorus. It is obvious that she is not good at controlling her voice in the lower register. But there were worse vocals in the contest, and overall I think the panning has been a bit harsh. Not an entry I would ever dream of voting for, and I have it around 5-6/12 overall. Was 12th with the juris too high? Maybe. But it was a weak year.

    Austria‘s winning the jury, 3rd overall
    I personally don’t think it deserved the 3rd place, but musically I find it quite OK. Fine vocals, both the lead and – in particular – the backing vocals. All in all very professional, but the song has kept going up and down on my ranking list (between 7th and 15th-16th approximately). Well executed, but it would have benefitted from a production dominated by real instruments rather than a standard computer production.

    Denmark‘s Top 5 with televote and Top 10 overall
    It’s very likely that the viking theme rather than the actual song secured them the 5th plce with the televotes, but I would still maintain that it is one of the better entries this year from a solely musical point of view. The composition is not bad at all, and it sort of disappointed me that only I nominated it in Best Composition – especially in the light of the many nominations Italy got in the same category. Really there is much more to get from the composition (again: melody, chords, song structure) from Denmark than Italy which – if you just go by these elements – doesn’t have much to offer. It has other qualities, but these are not directly related to the composition.

    Germany‘s 6th with televote and 4th with juries
    Now, here we are talking. It’s not an interesting composition (another standard progression), the melody is thin (using the today very over-used 5-3 movement repeatedly in the chorus f.e.), and the song is generally oversentimentalized. More restrained hints usually feel more genuine to me.

    Lithuania‘s Top 10 with televote and 11th with juries
    Hm, I don’t really know. The song does next to nothing for me, but I don’t really mind it either. I quite like the Cranberries-like vocal style.

    • Regarding Austria, that’s exactly the problem imo: that a “quite OK” song won the vote by people who are supposed to reward exceptional songs and not “OK” ones.

  9. So my vote goes to Germany.

  10. I am back home after a long, hot and lovely day in Karlsruhe, where I visited the Etruscan exhibition in the Castle. I needed 5 hours. They even have a tomb from Cerveteri there. :)
    All 5 were overrated but my vote went to Germany. Feels great to support my home country for once. ;)

  11. Austria’s performance (and I’m talking about his general stiffness) and song are so bland and pretentious that they don’t deserve winning in any European contest or set of votes imo at least not by such a big margin from the real winner ISR.
    Easy vote here!

  12. Lithuania, easily the year’s most boring song with a mousy singer; at best useful as a cure for insomnia. While I was baffled at Denmark’s high ratings, that type of music is quite popular in northern Germany and if I remember correctly was also the “Nordics winner”. Australia was dreadful but as it fits what appears to be the only criterion considered by juries, “radio-friendly pop”, its placement was OK esp. as televoters thankfully balanced that.

  13. Denmark wasn’t overrated at all. They finally got a good song after years of mediocrity and they got rewarded. This was the edge that they needed and the live performance was really elevated by the stage. Well done.

    Germany and Lithuania both did what they had to do on-stage, regardless how I felt about their songs, which is not a lot tbh.

    While Austria did end up a bit too high for my liking, it was a decently performed song. Australia qualifying was too much and overall it was a really weak package. Tough choice… Vote goes to Australia

  14. For me, it’s Austria. The day after the final, many people in greek media said that they watched the jury voting procedure, Austria was getting huge points and they couldn’t remember which song it was.
    Denmark is not far behind (as overrated). They were insanely high with the televote; juries put them in the rightfull place imo.
    Ehm, what is Germany doing in this category? It was a well-deserved top5 imo.(effective stage presentation) Besides, 136 televotes is not considered that high.

  15. Sweden should be here by an absolute mile, considering it was the most overrated, at least by the juries. Not sure about Lithuania (expected to do fairly well in the end) and Denmark being in this list.

  16. Hard to vote for a most overrated entry and I am glad Sweden isn’t nominated again as I think it got a deserving placement in the end even if it was a very polarizing entry.
    Austria doesn’t deserve a 3rd placement, but it still deserves a lot of praise!
    Germany’s performance and staging is what made it succeed imo, songwhise it is a bit meh, but I still like a good mainstream entry!
    Denmark is a bit of a guilty pleasure and I am not alone by the amount of telepoints they got haha
    Lithuania however I kinda detest kinda love lol I really like her vocals, but in a very weird way. The songs message is a bit too in your face depressingwhise and her performance is a bit off putting for me. So my vote goes to Lithuania.

  17. Why Sweden is not here ? Anyhow i vote for Australia in place of Sweden because both Countries benefit too much from juries every year ! Sweden second from Juries and Australia 11 th ?? FOR GOD SAKE !

  18. Austria, clearly. First place with the juries?!? I’m still trying to work that one out.

    Lithuania wouldn’t have done nearly as well without their diaspora and Baltic 12 points (which made up more than two-thirds of their total points in the televote).

    I think Australia got exactly the result it deserved, and Germany was competent enough and got enough support in both votes that it’s placing feels fair.

  19. Germany, by far. I can’t stand that song, or rather anything around that performance. Talk about a presentation which treats its audience as idiots. As if the sentimental lyrics weren’t enough, they needed to make sure it was hammered down enough by adding those backdrop pics. But unfortunately, both the audience and the juries swallowed it.

    • Thanks. That is exactly what I have been saying for weeks. The whole package is nauseating. Plus, bringing your own LEDs was very disrespectful towards RTP which had an aesthetic concept that did not include LEDs. Only thinking of it makes me angry and sick. LOL

  20. Nauseating to see Austria and Germany here, two entries that saved the dignity of the top 5 this year. Since Israel has not been nominated (as it should) I am not voting. At the very least some decency was kept and Sweden was not nominated. Again sorry Morgan but : ROFL for Australia. At the very least balances could have been kept and since 2 entries that were higher with juries were nominated, 2 televoting darlings should have been nominated as well – the second being Israel.

    My vote goes to Israel (even if its not here I register it in the comments)

  21. Yeah, we finally got a nomination. Why don’t you just give the award to Australia every year until we leave the competition with our tail between our legs. Sia could write our entry and we’d still be accused of being the jury favorites. At least Jess was loved in the arena. And there were not that many of us there to cause the huge reaction she got.

  22. […] ever and the first tonight! You can click to look at the full recommendations and nominations from last week’s article here! There were 72 recommendations for 24 countries in the first round and 106 votes were cast in an […]

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