Israel Wins Eurovision 2018!

Eurovision 2018 – Europe, we have a winner! And it won televote by a big margin! After a long season and a very nerve-breaking vote, Netta Barzilai has won the contest for Israel with Toy! This is the fourth victory for the country!

You can rewatch the winning entry from its final performance here:

These are the final results:

We can also provide split results for each show:


1. Israel 167
2. Austria 115
3. Albania 114
4. Bulgaria 107
5. Czech Republic 98
6. Cyprus 89
7. Estonia 81
8. Ireland 71
9. Belgium 71
10. Switzerland 59
11. Lithuania 57
12. Azerbaijan 47
13. Croatia 46
14. Armenia 38
15. Finland 35
16. Greece 28
17. Belarus 20
18. FYR Macedonia 18
19. Iceland 15

1. Cyprus 173
2. Czech Republic 134
3. Estonia 120
4. Israel 116
5. Austria 116
6. Ireland 108
7. Finland 73
8. Bulgaria 70
9. Lithuania 62
10. Greece 53
11. Albania 48
12. Azerbaijan 47
13. Belarus 45
14. Armenia 41
15. Switzerland 27
16. Belgium 20
17. Croatia 17
18. FYR Macedonia 6
19. Iceland 0


1. Sweden 171
2. Norway 133
3. Australia 130
4. The Netherlands 127
5. Malta 93
6. Latvia 92
7. Moldova 82
8. Slovenia 67
9. Romania 67
10. Ukraine 65
11. Serbia 45
12. Denmark 40
13. Hungary 23
14. Montenegro 23
15. Poland 21
16. San Marino 14
17. Russia 14
18. Georgia 11

1. Denmark 164
2. Moldova 153
3. Norway 133
4. Ukraine 114
5. Hungary 88
6. Sweden 83
7. Australia 82
8. Serbia 72
9. Slovenia 65
10. Poland 60
11. Russia 51
12. The Netherlands 47
13. Romania 40
14. Montenegro 17
15. Latvia 14
16. San Marino 14
17. Georgia 13
18. Malta 8



1. Austria 273
2. Sweden 253
3. Israel 212
4. Germany 204
5. Cyprus 183
6. Estonia 143
7. Albania 126
8. France 114
9. Bulgaria 100
10. Moldova 94
11. Lithuania 90
12. Australia 90
13. The Netherlands 89
14. Ireland 74
15. Czech Republic 66
16. Norway 60
17. Italy 59
18. Spain 43
19. Slovenia 41
20. Denmark 38
21. Serbia 38
22. Hungary 28
23. United Kingdom 23
24. Finland 23
25. Portugal 21
26. Ukraine 11
1. Israel 317
2. Cyprus 253
3. Italy 249
4. Czech Republic 215
5. Denmark 188
6. Germany 136
7. Ukraine 119
8. Moldova 115
9. Estonia 102
10. Lithuania 91
11. Norway 84
12. Serbia 75
13. Austria 69
14. Bulgaria 66
15. Hungary 65
16. Ireland 62
17. France 59
18. Albania 58
19. The Netherlands 32
20. United Kingdom 25
21. Finland 23
22. Slovenia 23
23. Sweden 21
24. Spain 18
25. Portugal 18
26. Australia 9

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637 comments on “Israel Wins Eurovision 2018!

  1. Green room during Foureira’s first semi performance:

  2. On the semis: some shocking results. I don’t get how Israel dominates the televote in the Final, but finishes 4th in Semi 1? Austria winning the jury vote in the Final but finishing 2nd (barely ahead of Albania) in Semi 1? Norway winning Semi 1 but finishing 15th in the Final? It was tight as ever this year, but usually we get some continuation of results from semis to the Final. I don’t really understand what went on between the semis and the final, the performances weren’t that much different?

    Malta finishing 5th with the jury and last with the televote is AMAZING. Worst song of the contest, I knew the public would hate the grossness of it, yet year after year the juries will continue to boost Malta. Pure garbage. Same thing goes with Lithuania, always surviving by the televote, who bookies overhyped even though it barely made the Final (only on diaspora votes). Pretty shocked Belgium did so bad in the televote given it was charting decently well. Denmark winning the televote in Semi 2 is pretty incredible…it’s crazy to think how poor Semi 2 was.

    • “I don’t get how Israel dominates the televote in the Final, but finishes 4th in Semi 1?”

      Running order

      • I agree it played a big part…but that much of a difference? Maybe the bubble that makes up a bigger percentage of the vote in the semis went for Cyprus, while the casuals that dominate the Final went for Israel.

        • Israel was ESC’s “bubble” fav since the day “Toy” was released though.

          • But then it kind of stopped being so when rehearsals started and the bubble fell in love with Fuego

    • Her performance in Semi 1 was good, but not great. She had her best performance of the season tonight.

    • After the SF was concluded, i was sure poor Sennek was within a big disappointment.

    • Could it be that the “bubble” that dominates the semis much more than the final hopped on the Foureira bandwagon and did not want Israel to win anymore, wheras once-a-year viewers were not exposed to all this and were charmed by Israel’s catchiness? Also there was a different mix of countries. If we look at detailed results, only two out the 8 countries that gave ISR 12points in the televote and five out of the 11 that gave them 10points voted in their semi. Of course a lot of CYP best televoting results in the final also came from countries that did not participate in the semi, not any of their 12points though (which were only three vs. 8 for Israel).

      ISR launched also a big advertising blitz on the day of the final, with most of the major sites and apps here featuring pop-up “Vote for Israel” ads. I don’t know whether that played a part. I don’t think the running order can explain the difference for such a notorious song.

    • Also I don’t buy the “performance was better in the final” explanation. In the final Netta is very audibly out of breath after she runs down to the runway and Foureira also sounded much coarser on Saturday than on Tuesday.

      • I am way after in the commentating here, but I disagree completely. Netta was much better vocally and energywhise in the final and explains why she fell a bit short in the semi. Nothing to do with the running order or the bubble at all.

  3. What a top5:

    Israel: I have a complicated relationship with them. Love the culture but I am odds when ot comes to politics.

    Cyprus: My roots.

    Austria: Cezar 😘 😍 Love him and the song.

    Germany: Best emotional ballad, could have been my favourite, perhaps some years ago.

    Italy: My absolute favourite 😀 after Sennek’s underwhelming live .

  4. Final goodnight everyone. Tomorrow with a more clear mind I will decide on how I will pursue my stance towards the contest. I am way too dissapointed now to think.

  5. On the overall show(s): RTP did a really good job, and Portugal should be proud of itself. The stage could have been better though. Worst thing were the presenters. Man, this has become such a recurring problem. 2015, 17, 18 all were mostly garbage presenters. EBU and the host broadcaster need to find better presenters, because like it or not, its’ a big part of the show and the overall experience.

    On the overall state of the contest: I’m already seeing the “Worst Winner Ever!”, “Eurovision is Over!” comments we saw with Conchita, Mans, Jamala, Salvador, list goes on. Netta is a great winner and “Toy” will be a memorable winner. (will probably be 6-8 on my post-contest rankings). I am excited for Israel to host, although the host city choice may cause some controversy with the current political climate. The contest is still in great shape overall. Are there problems? Yep. But there are always going to be problems and complaints about everything every year. Complain about the evils of the juries, complain about the evils of the televote, overall though it is a pretty fair table result, and I feel like we got the best qualifiers as well, minus Switzerland and maybe Belgium.

    The one thing that I worry about is the influence of the bookies and “journalists”. It was made even more clear this year how offbase they can be in some of these things. So many of these “experts” tried convincing us how Norway was going to win, how Estonia could win, when the most average follower of Eurovision could tell you there was no chance for either. With how the odds shaped over the last two weeks, it’s pretty clear these people watching rehearsals every day has as much of an idea as we do. And with the way the running order is made, its’ concerning that “experts” have less and less of a clue these days, but are exerting more and more influence on the production of the contest.

    Final note before the extensive analysis in the coming days: A big haha to the Spanish eurofans :) :) :)

    • love your comments tonight, very clear of mind, reasonable, and agree on almost everything you say! thank you!

    • Don’t think it has anything to do about clues as it does the fact that you can’t read the minds of juries and televoters.

      The punters got the top 2 right, but in reverse order.

      Plus, this is a contest of judging art, it’s totallly subjective. There are no right answers so every answer is possible.

      You’re judging different genres, different languages, people have biases, marketing is different etc. Good look trying to make heads and tales of this. Way too many variables.

      It’s not like the rangers playing the jets. That’s easy to handicap. My rangers lose big. Lol

      No such thing as experts in this thing, a lot of the press here have an agenda as well. Also, a lot aren’t really press.

    • Israel has stag ESC in Jerusalem already twice bwfire. So, I wouldn’t say the decision for next year will be influenced by the current political mood.

      • Not only will Eurovision 2019 be held in the eternal undivided capital, the brand new American Embassy will host either the press centre or Euro club :D :P

        Just teasing ;)

      • No no I wasn’t saying they’ll pick Jerusalem just cause of the current climate. Mostly I was saying there’ll be incoming controversy over the whole “Should Jerusalem be the capital” question that’s surfaced recently once we start getting closer to the contest.

        • Don’t get me started about Israel politics ☺😄 I need to sleep now. I haven’t had a proper sleep since Saturday 5th as I was roaming in Portugal until last night!! Tlk ro you soon.

    • One more thing. “The bookies,” that actually got it mostly right, aren’t bookies.

      The bookies have a line manager (the person(s)) that sets the opening line (odds) for an act. The odds change according to the action (money) that comes in on an entrant (odds decrease), or doesn’t (odds increase). It’s just the market correcting the opening line.

      The problem with Eurovision is that it does not see the action big sporting events see, so it’s more volatile. Someone putting 1000 dollars on Serbia to win I is going to move the line immenly. Ireland’s line was lowered after a few big and well publicized bets. It doesn’t take much.

      Even in the live exchanges, the amount bet is minimal.

      That being said, the winner was not a 500 to 1 underdog.

      • That’s fair…the rumours on the Bulgaria bot putting large sums of money, moving the line on Bulgaria makes lots of sense now, given how apparent it was they were never gonna win.

        • Of course someone smart will do that. It’s another form of marketing.

          Get the odds down, get everyone talking, and get the EBU to take notice. Well done to them for allegedly doing that.

          It’s a legal way to help yourself out.

          Since you know so much about shortcuts, how can I be sure you aren’t a paid spokesman? Lol

  6. Oh, and we found out today that coming in second in a UK singing show does not translate into Eurovision points success.

    4 points total from the UK after all that. Most of her haul came from the neighbors down south.

    Nothing from Lithuania either. Lithuanian public TV’s YouTube channel had a lot of Estonia and Finland. I know because I’ve been a subscriber to it for years (yes, because of the reason you think).

    But only Estonia benefited from that; they won the Lithuanian televote.

  7. Wikipedia hasn’t updated the voting breadowns yet.
    People are getting lazy it seems. Lol

  8. And a big thanks to the EBU for geoblocking every single video of the lives in the USA.

    Can’t watch the video posted in the article..

    Why would they want to improve on those healthy American viewing number? So what if an advertisement for cookware at 5am outdraws the show. Clowns

    The show must air on a better and more well known station in order to have a chance. Logo is super niche and not even available to about half the American households.

    EBU, wake up.

  9. Bjorkman saw Cyprus top of the pile before “Fuego” was released, while the bookers kept it as 15th-30th for most of the rime. You gotta love ESC 2018 season. It couldn’t be more all over the place 😅

  10. Just noticed that 4 of my top 5 placed in the top 10 in the televote.
    The other one surprised by being in the final so no complaints.
    Still, that fake blackout is the trick to end all tricks.

    Goes to show how charming Ieva is. Her voice was completely shot, and was hoarse.
    All that vocal strain was too much.

    But, Ieva is Ieva. People were too mesmerized by her to notice. Or care.

  11. Read something interesting and have a question: how did Israel escape the “no advertisements” rule.

    Picachu, Wonder Woman, etc. Or does context matter? I guess Wonder Woman could just be a wonder woman. I’m having a harder time with the Pokémon reference though.

    Any help here for me?

    I remember “google maps” wasn’t allowed nor was the Facebook song.

  12. Got 53 euros from betting this season. Not bad :)
    My biggest betting achievements :

    1. RUS not qualifying
    2. AUS/FIN #16-26 in Final
    3. DEU #2-4
    4. FRA #11-15
    5. Points seperating winner from runner-up not over 100 still above 50 :P
    6. IRL/LTU Q

    • Say, don’t you owe me 53 euros?

    • Gutted ALB missed top 10 by one place. That would have been another very successful bet going my way

    • I won 2 of 4 bets made overall…won on Ireland Q, Spain bottom 5. Lost on Hungary Top 10 and Italy winning sadly.

      • I placed a bet on all same 4 you mentioned minus the ESP bottom 5 (we didn’t have that option here, otherwise, it would have been a pretty safe bet too :P)
        Goodnight Donny and congrats to ALB (one of my post-contest favorites)

    • Those were some bold bets! :P
      I got a similar profit. I bet 180 euros in total and got back 237.
      These are the bets I won (mostly the safest ones):
      1. FRA beating AUS + SWE beating GRE
      2. BUL + UKR qualifying
      3. LIT + NED qualifying
      4. Combo on the winner, I bet on CYP, ISR and FRA to win and whoever would’ve won I would’ve gotten a profit, it would’ve been a bit more if CYP won. :P

      And I could’ve won a lot more if there weren’t some big surprises. For example I had SER not qualifying (along with some other qualifiers and non qualifiers from SF2 which were all right, this one ruined 3 betting tickets), I had LTU beating DEN, MDA beating DEN (it didn’t happen for only one place because of the huge televoting that DEN got which made no sense..), FRA beating ITA (that huge televoting pts for ITA although deserved didn’t make any sense to me) and POR beating FIN which was so close too (only 7 pts between them).

      • You really betted 180 E? :o
        At least you made a profit! :P

        • Yep, in total! :P It’s the most I’ve betted on ESC for sure. I’m actually a semi-pro bettor for 2 years now, I mostly bet on football and sometimes tennis and I’m trying to become a pro. I’ve also made a bit of a profit on the Oscars earlier in the year! :D

          • I voted for Oscars too but it doesn’t feel as exciting as esc :P

            • Haha, indeed! :P
              ESC is quite unpredictable sometimes, I would say this year a bit more than usual!

            • Of course it was unpredictable. I only got 14/20 in semis :P

            • I got 15/20, compared to 17/20 last year. It’s probably still the safest to bet on who qualifies as there are always around 5-6 sure qualifiers in each semi.

            • Of course there are 5-6 sure qualfiers in each semi but they won’t provide you much money…
              You need to spot the surprise Q (IRL/ALB this year) :P

            • I know, but If you can make a combo with most of them then you’ll get decent odds. Before the 1st semi at the betting agency where I usually go I could only combine 1 qualifier from SF1 with 1 qualifier from SF2 so I bet on BUL+UKR which I thought were safe and I got like 1.33 I think. That was my biggest bet as I put 100 euros and got 130. But before the 2nd semi I could combine all the countries (qualifiers and non qualifiers) from the 2nd semi and made a few bets (a lot smaller) with bigger odds, but Serbia ruined them for me…

            • We don’t have combos here. Only seperate bets :(

            • That sucks! In the last 2 years we have had less and less combos here too (the bookies are starting to figure it out), before that we could always combine all the countries, it was great! :D

            • There are fixed combos of course f.e “All of SWE, CZE, BGR and EST in top 10” but as I said they are fixed by the betting agency, you can’t pick your own countries and combine them in one bet.

            • Oh, I see. But did you have duels ? Here I could bet on some duels too and combine them too.

            • No duels but we had prediction for seperate countries
              France will finish

              And Regional bets
              F.e Higly Ranked Nordic/Baltic/Balkan etc country

              Still, you couldn’t combine anything

            • I see, we didn’t have that, it would’ve been interesting for sure. Well we had only on Saturday before the final 1-5 for each country and 1st ofc.
              I was actually very tempted to bet on Israel to win like 2 months ago when they had odds of 5 I think, but I thought it wouldn’t be a good idea in the end as it was way too early and we all know what happend with Italy last year. :P

            • Yes. Occidentali’s Karma and its 2017 fate turned off many potential “Toy” gamblers :P
              Same here!

            • I tried a bet with surprise Q as well and bet on ROU and SWI, but didn’t work out, I only got right RUS as a non qualifier but it was combined with ROU. :P

  13. Of course I lost several other bets too :
    HUN top 10, BEL/FRA/ITA/SWE winning it, IRL runner-up, ESP last place etc

    But it’s mostly betting for the fun of it (not huge amounts)

    • One of the sneaky surprises of tonight was the televote not responding that well to Hungary. I thought the jury wouldn’t like it but was positive it would be 5-8 in the televote! Sadly didn’t happen.

      • That was not surprising AT ALL having in consideration the clip of the Hungarian song that was chosen to be shown @ the recaps. Whoever chose that, chose to damage Hungarian chances of getting a good televoting result. It was Switzerland 2011 allover again.

  14. ROTFL.

    Why? Because I just went to the archives and read the last Super Saturday thread.
    The juxtaposition between everyone calmly and cerebrally analyzing and commenting on the Lithuanian final, and my blatant, unabashed, and anything but calm, non analysis and blatant fanboyism is hilarious and amazing,

    Can’t stop laughing. Please reread it for a good laugh.

    Quiz: which one was not my comment?
    A) It’s time! The greatest Lithuanian of all time up next.

    B) ‘When we’re old’ – sweet melody, decent vocals, but the whole ensemble is somewhat unremarkable. She’ll obviously win.

    C) That’s what silk would look and sound like if it was human!

    Hard to type laughing so much.

    Man, I should do this for my other favorites. I’m sure Boggie got this too.

  15. French TV president confirms “Destination Eurovision 2019” and that Eurovision will not be neglected anymore in France and that they understand the message wasnt conveyed enough still this year. It’s all in French in this article and I might do a post tomorrow to translate for everyone: http://www.lemonde.fr/musiques/article/2018/05/13/eurovision-israel-l-emporte-avec-une-chanson-inspiree-par-metoo_5298127_1654986.html

    • Happy to see this, it was the best NF this year and produced a strong winner that unfortunately failed to make an impact on the big stage (literally and figuratively). “Mercy” is still going to be a song many will remember for years to come.

      • I hoped we have seen the last of the “french NF was the best this year” comments after last night’s results? Compared to the actual quality of french pop music what they offered was very poor and let’s not even talk about staging. As I was saying all along, in 2016-2017 France actually did a much better job in bringing songs that sounded like the french hits charting all over Europe.

    • Great news!

  16. The contest will be held in Jerusalem

  17. Very sweet…a rival every participant would dream of💜

  18. -Both Albania and the Netherlands saved by juries. 8 spots higher then the tele votes result.
    -Juries giving high points to Australia all the time, even though we heard her Friday on escunited’s stream failing to deliver a high note.
    -Sweden failing in the tele vote, probably the tele votes saw no connection with the audience. It was a finished polished product we saw, but that is clearly not enough to attract votes.
    -Most jury points for the Netherlands came from Eastern Europe as our commentators pointed out. I hope it was picked up by the usual viewers who always complain about neighbourly voting and eastern countries voting for each other.

    • – The juries had Malta 5th in the sf. ROFL

      • Christabelle has the charisma of a, well something that has no charisma at all.
        Congratulations with the German result btw. No, I didn’t see that coming.

        • I wasn’t that nice to Christabelle and wrote in my SF 2 review that she had the stage charisma of an egg boiler. Sth is profoundly foul in the jury system imo.

        • Thanks but I hate the German result. I am no fan of Mr. Schulte or his song, and the lyrics and the staging made me run for the sick bucket.

  19. Spain: There is not much I can say about ‘Tu canción’. The song is dull, flat and syrupy, Alfred still sounded like Kermit the Frog and Amaia looked so frumpish that even Aunt Gertrud would have had second thoughts about approving the act. At the end of the day, Alfred’s special voice was probably the thing I enjoyed most in this package.

    Portugal: I had always feared that Cláudia would be doomed having to perform so early in the line-up, and alas I was right. ‘O jardim’ was a perfectly crafted gem that refused to go near any visual gimmick. It was probably the most intellectual entry last night, but unfortunately neither the juries (*cough* … *cough* … *throws up*) not the TV audience vote with their brains but with their hearts or with other parts of their bodies. This act did not look hot, it looked stylish, intimate and authentic.

    UK: First of all kudos to SuRie, who is a fantastic young lady. I stand in awe regarding the way she handled the stage intrusion situation. After the incident she became as strong and fierce as the storm she was singing about. Alas, her song wasn’t a storm but only a breeze that had already died in the 1990.

    Germany: I am so angry. This schmaltzy and narcissistic number came 4th? Almost everything about this act rubs me the wrong way: The melody is dull, Michael plays the guy next door card not convincingly (at least imo … after all he is a trained YT star) and towards the end of the plodding affair, when they fear not to reach the finishing line, a dull beat was added to keep us all entertained and make us tap along. However, my two main issues are the lyrics and the staging. From the point of view of a literary historian the lyrics are very weak. In fact, they are so blatant and in your face that there isn’t a single grain of poetry in them, and at the end of the day, they sound like an instruction leaflet. Apparently people around Europe do not mind but I do. The staging was very let’s drive home the (sentimental) point by all means too: The imagery simply duplicated what was being said in the lyrics: He sang about his mother, we saw a mother … he sang about home, we saw a house … he sang about 3 kinds, we saw three kids … he sang about the road, we saw a road. There was zero subtlety in this entry, and it was a tad insulting intellectually to imo. Finally, RTP decided not to use LEDs for a reason. They wanted ESC to be a concert, not a colorful parade of video clips but the German delegation decided to simply bring along their own LEDs. I think that this shows an immense lack of respect for the home broadcaster’s aesthetic concept and vision. Rant over. LOL

    • I agree on everything there

    • Well said! I did like Germany a bit although it was not among my favourites. :P
      Unfortunately it seems subtlety has no (or very little) place in ESC. France and Portugal who had the most subtle songs musically didn’t do well. The more in your face or over the top you are the better you will do in ESC. :(

  20. France: Now that I have heard and seen ‘Mercy’ being performed in the middle of a line-up of 26 songs, I don’t think that the lyrics were the problem. The composition was. It was simply too low key to stand out in such a long and diverse parade of songs. There was nothing wrong with it: Émilie was fine vocally and the act looked very classy in a very French way. However, at our party everyone agreed that it was a good entry but at the end of the day, only two people voted for it.

    Italy: Shame on the juries who killed this entry which had a noticeable Italian identity, an intelligent song structure, an important message and the best live performers of the night. Yes, the lyrics we saw on screen added nothing and distracted from what should have been the focus of this performance (Ermal & Fabrizio) but the TV audience did not mind. The professional (ROFL) juries obviously did, which is rather indicative of what they focus on when judging songs these days. Apparently they prefer something like the tanning booth Benji brought onto stage. The juries made total fools of themselves last night and need to be either profoundly reformed or go for good.

  21. Gotta say, I’ve been humming Austria’s song this morning. Maybe the jury was right after all.

  22. Imo she’s up there with Dima Bilan as one of the worst winners but hey ho I didn’t hate the song but it won and thats how it goes.

  23. My #1 is a televoting winner
    My #2 is a jury winner
    Win-win situation in both cases ☺️This year has been very generous to me❤️

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