Eurovision 2019: France Confirms Participation!

Eurovision 2019 – In an interview given only a day after the 2018 edition was over, the President of French TV has declared that France will participate in the upcoming contest and that it’ll use Destination Eurovision again!

There definitely was deception in the French team after the contest was over. As dust is only starting to settle down and the fans are going in a frenzy analyzing the results, split results, detailed jury by jury, articles all over the French press have come up to discuss the latest edition of our beloved Eurovision Song Contest. The first good sign is that there wasn’t a bitter approach to it all. France was disappointed after the media talked about the country being 3rd in the bookmakers.

First they turned to the Lisbon team, and Madame Monsieur first of all. You can find the article here. The artists said that they were proud about what they did, especially that a very tough topic for music still got many people moved and that they showed their love for it in Lisbon during the week. Jean-Karl Lucas say “We’ve respected the contest. We gave ourselves 100% to it since we’ve been chosen, with both humility and joy. It was a great opportunity to meet many great artists, great Eurovision fans and that in return many people discovered SOS Mediterranean Sea”, the association that helps migrants lost at sea and that inspired their song. On the other hand, one of the French commentators, Stéphane Bern, admitted being extremely disappointed that France did not get a Top 5 result.

Then, the attention turned to Delphine Ernotte. She was appointed President of French TV under the previous socialist government. She looked at the contest and what France 3 was doing. She was shocked and moved it back to the main channel, France 2, and decided to get more aggressive with it. It turned into Amir, Alma and Madame Monsieur and much better results. With Madame Monsieur, France didn’t do as well as expected but the song was still well received among Eurovision fans (second in OGAE votes) and was third with bookmakers. So Delphine Ernotte actually went to Lisbon for the contest and was interviewed during the Interval act in the commentators’ booth. After the contest, she admitted there were mistakes made with the staging. She issued a statement Saturday during the night, proving her total investment, that the results should not be seen as a disappointment, but a place to work from and to improve. “Destination Eurovision is a good formula, and it will be used again next year.” Even if there might be a few changes, plus the chance that juries might not all stay, or the same delegations invited. She saluted Israel for winning, with a great song and a great message. Our message was not conveyed at all and that’s what she focused on. “We need to make people understand our lyrics more, with a detailed work on choreography, staging, looks. […] France has neglected the contest for far too long and we know it. Our hard work will pay off soon.” She concluded with this: “I want to win it. I love winning, imagine how glorious the party would be here!”

And indeed, all the signs are telling her “keep going” in French press. Not a single article against Netta, against the Lisbon show, or about the acts or music quality. Instead, French media pointed out how much interested the French are in the contest, with a national final, caring for our own entry, curious to check what was in it this year. Stats can be found here. For the first time since 2009, Eurovision was first Saturday night with 5.2 million viewers (Patricia Kaas helped gather around 5.7 million in 2009), which means 25.8% of the market share. More importantly, they beat the final of The Voice which was at the same time on the big TF1 channel, which in return hit its lowest ever. To put things in perspective, Eurovision dropped below 3 million viewers in 2013 and 2014.

As far as results go, a lot of people agree it’s disappointing but on par with what France did last year. Alma got 12th being 19th with juries and 10th in televote, gathering a total of 135pts. Madame Monsieur finished 13th being 8th with juries and 17th in televote, gathering a total of 173pts. It’s basically the same results. France wanted to get the Top 10. In 2016 already, Amir missing the Top 5 felt a bit underachieving. It’s likely France will try a more aggressive approach, but how?

In the end, French media wondered, what if we didn’t underachieve, but got the results we were always meant to get considering the song we have chosen anyway. So they turned to bookmakers and stated that they were the ones who made big mistakes these years: like in this article. It amusingly points out all the mistakes this year: sure it got the Top 2, but as soon as rehearsals kicked it moved Cyprus before Israel. And then it went for Ireland, France and Sweden for the rest of the Top 5 when it should have been Austria, Germany and Italy. And the article has a very touching word for Portugal at the end. “Bookmakers did not see coming the last place of the lovely host Portugal. It had the most subtle song, the best lyrics and a very charismatic singer.” Plus being a host usually helps, they mention. So them being last is definitely something the French should be more mad than our own results. As to why they’re last, bookmakers won’t be asked this as they turn already to more predictions to be made in the rest of the world. The article admits: “it will be one of the mysteries of the Eurovision results, and these are part of why the contest is so captivating.”

So what do you want for France in 2019? Can the country finally get that extra push to turn their popular entries into contenders?

645 comments on “Eurovision 2019: France Confirms Participation!

  1. After the winner of Eurovision and the israeli prime-minister both rushed to proclaim that next year’s Eurovision will be held in Jerusalem for the third time, the mayor of Tel Aviv Ron Huldai has confirmed that his city will not even bid to host despite the preference of most fans for the city by the sea due to its hotels, transport links and general atmosphere. The hosting of Eurovision used to prove a political point once again and of course they don’t even give the pretense of deliberating with the EBU before anouncing it:


    • Yes I fear this will be a very political contest. Usually Israel uses Tel Aviv as an example of how LGBTIetc friendly Israel is and next year they could have promoted the city for gay tourism.

    • Actual Israeli’s seems to be sure for their win before to win …

    • Quelle surprise…

    • Jreusalem 2019 prespective isn’t but a big political agenda and if EBU lets it happen it will prove once again that EBU’s balls are big enough to take the flag of NKR from the hands of Iveta Mukuchyan, to change the title of the Armenian entry of 2015 but those balls were/are not enough big to change the lyrics of Jamala’s 1944 or not to strengthen Trump’s quite letigious compaign. Talkings about LGBT friendliness of the winning country is bit questionable taking into account that only yesterday 50 arabs were killed during protests because of Trump’s march in Jerusalem and basic humman rights (the right not to be killed) were raped just yesterday. ESC must not become next reason of humman tragedies. Israel must respect the apolitical values of ESC and it must be held in Tel Aviv.

  2. Did someone already mention that eurovision.tv now has also revealed the televoting ranking of all countries?

  3. Btw, I have read that Andorra signalled interest to return. Can’t be because of San Marino’s great results …

    • back after the after-aftermath! yes I heard that on the grapevine too, am guessing it’s more a chance to hear Catalan language, via TV3, Catalan public channel, just to piss Spain off! and re aftermath, well delay is because my dear mother-in-law got heart palpitations during the winning reprise and we had to go to emergency! and spent all Sunday at the hospital with her, she is fine as always, know it sounds like a scene from a Woody Allen movie but such is life…big sighs***! :-(

      • It is good to hear that your mother-in-law already feels better again.

        • thanks, maybe the reprise of “Toy” was too much for her, between you and me, it has happened before on several occasions , if you get my drift, re Andorra, I heard that TV3, Catalan public channel, would endorse another song from Andorra, eg like 2004 and thus somehow our public channel TV3, would be behind Andorra 2019?

    • So if Andorra and Bosnia coming back and Liechtenstein make a debut their going to be 46 Participations in Jerusalem. If this happen for sure Israeli PM is going to clap his hands ..LOL . For Turkey no question to come back in Jerusalem of course !

      • Turkey being no1 ESC participant I guess they’ll decide whatever they want to do via ESC,the rest via micro countries, eg Andorra and their own language etc gets forgotten I guess

        • I meant for Political reasons Turkey is not going to come back next year. Turkey make a ” war ” when Trump decide to move US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem…

  4. Switzerland has confirmed participation next year. :)
    Let’s hope that they’ll rock. Hopp Schwiiz!

  5. It’s so good to see all this self-righteousness… Hypocrisy at its best.

    Moving on – Ricardo Soler performing the German entry (stand-in rehearsals):

  6. Graham Norton’s commentary on the British televoting results during the Grand Final: “You gave 12 points to Lithuania. You? Well, we won’t judge.”
    Have you really stooped that low, BBC?

    • Tog. It is every year 12 to Lithuania and 10 to Poland. Don’t you find it disturbing?

      • Of course I find it disturbing. But using a you imlpying some other that dominates the results is very dangerous, in particular in the context of Brexit. The implication is: Take back control of our televote. Everyone living in the UK should be treated equally imo, and their votes should be treated equally too. After all, English people who came over from France in 1066 have cultural predilections determining whom they vote for too. A vote is never objective.
        Funnily the high televoting points to Ireland never seem to be an issue. Quite the contrary, whenever the UK gives high points to the Irish entry, the BBC commentator applauds this as objective and good taste. I remember 2010 f. e.

        • Thing is Ireland some years might miss the top10 or take less. Same as UK in the Irish televoting. This isn’t the case with Lithuania and Poland though.

          Of course, the use of ”you” is judgmental but to some extent I agree with him. If it used it to ”shame” or ”lecture” them I don’t mind. I have been in UK years now but I only voted Cyprus this year because I thought we offered a competent package which deserved to do well. When Poles and Lithuanians (and often the Irish or British-Irish) pick up their phones do so for other reasons.

          • But you won’t change the motivation of migrant communities to vote for the songs representing their home countries by othering them. In fact, if you do, identification with their motherlands might become even stronger.

            • True. But what else can anyone do in this case? I still think Graham’s reaction is mild, he tried to put things into perspective and perhaps made those people think responsibly.

            • Being respectful f. e.?

            • More of voting fairly.

              A good analogy is the 1m British living in Spain who do not secure such a televote result for their own entry. And there are other examples as well.

            • That’s probably because most of the British living in Spain have hearing issues. ;)

  7. Eurovision in Israel part 1: 1979

    The 1979 contest is one of my favourite editions of the ESC on almost all parameters, and it is one of the contests I enjoy watching the most. There is a remarkably high standard of songs, and I like most of them. No 12/12 though, but many great ones. Austria being my personal favourite.

    Also, I think it is one of the best produced contests. The show is very well balanced. The hosts are competent and to the point, none of the nonsens usually dominating today, they are there to make things run smoothily. Add to that a well playing orchestra, a good sound quality, an excellent stage and some very effective use of lights which fit the songs very well.

    If anything, some of the postcards are a bit too silly (the German and Swiss ones for instance), but I have to admit I find most of them quite amusing. Plus, maybe the gap between the postcards and the starting of the songs could have been a bit shorter. But that is peanuts.

    • 1979 is 11th place on my list (judging songs only). :)

    • 12 points: Israel
      10: France
      8: Greece
      7: Italy
      6: Denmark
      5: Portugal
      4: Ireland
      3: Switzerland
      2: Sweden
      1: Finland
      (don’t like: Monaco, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain)

      • 79, my winner is Finland, very closely followed by France, then Israel, Portugal, Greece, Ireland, Denmark.

        I have Switzerland dead last, with a song I despise, while Germany, Sweden and Monaco are songs I really don’t like at all. And Spain is too corny for me.

      • 1. FRA 2. ISR 3. FIN 4. AUT 5. LUX :)

        • France is… well it’s OK, but not so much more than that. I’m personally not so fond of Anne Marie David as a singer and a performer, the vocals being rather shouty to me. Plus the staring scares me a little bit.

          • Well, you are a music guy and I am a lyrics guy. That might explain our different opinions on FRA79, which has one of the best lyrics in the history of ESC imo. :)

            • You’re right about the lyrics. This one and ‘La source’ are among the best.

            • I love narrative lyrics that leave space for interpretation. :)

            • They’re both masterpieces in that genre. And the relation between melody and lyrics is remarkable too.

            • At the end of the day music is probably what means the most to me.

              It’s not that I don’t care about lyrics though. But tbh. I haven’t read through all translations of Eurovision songs (at least not yet), so those I do have an opinion about are usually in a language I understand.

              I work a lot with the lyrics in my own songs too, and they often come before the music. Plus my main thesis at university was about words/music relations in contemporary Danish pop and rock. Also I often translate the lyrics when I play Denmark in the online contests. And in VFoS 6 when I had Brazil, I could sense from the music and the vocal performance that there was something in the lyrics, so I asked PJ to translate them for me. It turned out to be right :)

          • And of course I really enjoy Switzerland :)

    • Sure is my fave ESC song contest of all time along with 77 both which I am proud to say I remember watching! : -:

    • My own favourites: Finland, Israel and Austria
      Other songs I really like: Germany, Luxembourg, Sweden, Norway, Spain.

    • My only problem is that the hosts did a Marlene Charell, even before Marlene Charell, by repeating all points in 3 languages, which meant the voting took unusually long.

      • Coming to think of it, it is not a contest I enjoy because of the songs. I really dislike many of them (Spain, the NL, Switzerland, Belgium, to name a few.) Italy is good, but they ruined it by one of the worst performances of the night.
        I love the stage, the intro and the interval act.

  8. 1999 is maybe the best year in ESC ever for me, I love-like these songs, in no particular order:
    Belgium – Vanessa Chinitor – “Like the Wind”
    Lithuania – Aistė – “Strazdas”
    Croatia – Doris Dragović – “Marija Magdalena”
    Turkey – Tuğba Önal & Grup Mistik – “Dön Artık”
    Ireland – The Mullans – “When You Need Me”
    Germany – Sürpriz – “Reise nach Jerusalem – Kudüs’e seyahat”
    Sweden – Charlotte Nilsson – “Take Me to Your Heaven”
    Estonia – Evelin Samuel & Camille – “Diamond of Night”

    and of course my ultimate fave, one of my faves EVER:

    Poland – Mietek Szcześniak – “Przytul mnie mocno” <3

  9. Dear Mermy, I have just caught up with the posts on this story and wanted to thank you for being the voice of reason. :)

  10. I want Lisa Miskovsky to appear at MF again, win it and represent Sweden in Jerusalem, with song composed by Lisa Miskovsky (m/l), Aleksander With (m/l), Bernt Rune Stray (m/l), Berent Philip Moe (m/l)

  11. Since Ukraine has won with Jamala, I really didn’t like their entries, they didn’t choose well at all..and results in ESC say so..

    That year when Jamala won, that Ukrainian NF was one of the best NFs EVER..it was insanely good! :o

    I’d literally die to see Hardkiss in Jerusalem!

    The performance, outfit, vocals of Hardkiss in 2016 Ukrainian NF is maybe the best ESC related performance ever!

    I’m sure if they went instead of Jamala, Ukraine would have still won! ;)

  12. Israel is charting in several countries counting 17 top 10s !!!

  13. Final drew a .02 rating in the USA.
    74000 viewers.

    Not one of the top 150 original cable shows.

    It got outdrawn by this:
    Paid Programming
    5:00 AM

    20000 more people watched an ad at 5 in the morning that day than the contest. Lol

  14. Marta Pinto sings ‘Toy’ (Israeli stand-in rehearsal):

  15. Alfredo Costa sings The Netherlands 18 (stand-in rehearsal):

  16. Swedish lukewarm entry reflects on the number of people in Sweden tuning in for the Esc final (2nd lowest after 2010 when they didn’t qualify).
    It seems like the bubble was right after all. The most delusional group was the bubble within the bubble :)

    • One got to remember though that Saturday was a warm, almost summery day in Sweden. It could be that some potential ESC viewers just decided to reject the TV and go outside instead, to get the feeling they were in the Mediterranean world. :p

  17. Huge TV ratings for DNK, FIN (for the first time after 2014) NOR (84%), IRL, ISR and AUT.
    2.6 mil Serbs tuned in compared to 0,6 last year!!!
    A drop in the ratings for NDL (1mil less) and HUN

    • Ηungary had the lowest ratings since 2012 and the same was true for the A Dal final, after some excellent ratings last year (from about a million viewers down to 400 thousand). The juries creating a condition where the most popular act was eliminated and a niche act was handed the opportunity to prevail did not work out very well for them it seems.

      I don’t know what the ratings were in Ukraine but it seems to me they also chose badly. In the end, Melovin came across as too full of himslef and a lot of other acts they had would have probably done better.

  18. Well said Po :P

    • On the other hand, all of televoting results for UKR, LTU, SRB etc are a farse too

    • He was devastated with Greek non qualification

    • In a democracy everyone has one vote. In tele voting however people have 20 votes per phone. There is absolutely nothing democratic about that.

      • It’s also not democratic that some have to pay to vote, whereas others are payed to vote 😊

        • Of course. We have had this discussion lots of times in the past, here and on esctoday, but there is a reason juries were introduced. Of course it would have been more logical to limit the amounts of voters per phone but that would cost revenue.

          • I was just joking. This is an endless discussion… I think juries are necessary. But not everyone can be part of a jury. I think part of the problem lies there.

    • Not well said…

      • Regarding, SWE, AUS and AUT it IS very well said!

        • AUT might not deserved the victory or all those points but overall it should have been in the top10. A top10 it couldn’t enter because the televoting placed undeservedly ahead Ukraine, Lithuania and Moldova.

          • Still it would have been a very marginal top 10 nowhere near 350 p jury awarded him. Ukraine, and Lithuania got an unfair boost thanks to diaspora and neighbour voting but they came nowhere near ISR, CYP, ITA and CZE in televoting which proves once again that ANY country with no or few allies can smash televoting.
            In addition the televoting bias brought LTU and UKR as high as 12th and 17th while juries’ bias brought SWE and AUT as high as 7th and 3rd…

            • I don’t think there is any country-bias towards Austria from the juries’ side.

            • 2011, 2016 and 2017 are indicative otherwise

            • Juries had them third from last. 2011 is the kind of a ballad juries would have vote for regardless of flag.

            • I don’t believe “Secret is love” would have scored that high coming from Greece or Belarus. Of course that’s just a speculation

            • And I don’t think those countries would ever send such an entry to begin with.

            • Why not? Belarus sent Butterflies and Greece One last breath :P

            • I don’t think they are comparable plus Nadine is streets ahead of them as a singer, one more reason why I always thought Austria would do really well with them.

            • Why is Nadine exactly streets ahead than Elena Kyriakou in the same genre is beyond me…

            • Nadine has a strong blues-jazz voice. Like a good a one. I don’t like her song but I give her credits for that. Can’t say the same about Elena.

            • That’s totally subjective. Ask Togravus for example. If I remember correctly he didn’t enjoy her Mariah vocal acrobatics at all!

            • And, shall I now ask everyone else what they think about other singers in order to form my opinion? What I am saying is that the style of her voice is smth the esc-juries would award points to so it seems to natural they went for her. I wasn’t surprised at all seing her 5th. And it isn’t a subjective opinion, but an objective one maybe? Shall we ask Anders who is a musician to give us a report about her vocal abilities?

            • It would be fun. 😉

            • Juries awarded Austria 271 pts.

            • Ι don’t think there is any flag bias towards Austria but there is jury genre bias towards this sort of radio pop especially when there is some swedish involvement (they snubbed Czechia in the same genre but with a much superior performance). In fact 23 out of 43 jury 12s went to songs with some involvement of swedish songwriters (Austria, Sweden and Cyprus). And just like I thought they would, the juries did not kill Cyprus (it would have won if it had the same amount of televoting points Israel had with a difference of about 30 points). I very much doubt they would have treated the same song and performance the same way if there was no swedish involvement whatsoever.

              In my book, Austria very much deserved to be in the top10. Best male vocal performance of the night along with Italy and Germany. Sweden and Denmark on the other hand, not very much (especially the vocal part).

    • I do not agree, Donnie. I understand where he’s coming from, but the the televoters are too biased as well. The 50/50 mix is still the least bad scenario. The juries need to be changed though and we’ve already discussed this. As to the televote, one vote per phone is enough and the voting window should be shortened.

      • I think that the EBU will keep the current voting anyway because it creates a lot of suspense during the show and a lot of attention/discussions after the contest.

        • Most likely; they could easily improve the way the juries work though.

        • Yes it is exciting. But this way we miss the battling between countries. Israel and Cyprus were nowhere to be seen during the announcement of the spokespersons.

          • I agree. They need to rethink the camera work for the voting sequence.

          • We saw Cyprus 6 times and Israel 3?

            • But not at the top of the scoreboard battling it out.

            • True but Israel has a healthy lead and with any of the previous systems it would have maintained the lead throughout the voting. The new procedure of announcement allows for a great built up and radical changes at the last moment. I really enjoyed how Cyprus managed to claim second place ahead of Sweden, Austria and Germany at the last moment.

      • I agree with your comment

    • And Po is most probably like many jurors – OMG! Sweden and Australia! OMG! (a couple of times again). Then each one chooses a different song is a less obvious and bland style, but they all thing that whatever those 2 countries send is great and then we get these awkward results. Less doube standards and less flag voting, please.

  19. Televoting results for RUS in 2nd semi

    12p from LVA (yak)
    8 p from MNE/MDA
    7 from SRB
    6 from GEO
    3 from UKR/MLT
    2 from ITA
    1 from SMR/ROU

    0 from POL, SVN, HUN, NOR, SWE, DNK, AUS, NDL, FRA and DEU

    • The large Russian community in Germany obviously didn’t approve.

      • Also I don’t agree on Ukraine’s result this year being attributed solely on diaspora factor. I mean the same country scored 24 points last year in the same pool of voters. I believe it has to do with Melovin’s popularity in Ex Soviet countries. Balkanika benefitted from Yugoslavian countries as well for the same reason most probably

        • Serbia always manages to receive strong support from ex-Yugoslavia. As of Ukraine it is perhaps a 50-50 case but yet again most of Ukraine’s high points are from the neighborhood.

          • Suus gathered most of its televoting points from diaspora countries, yet it’s not as if ALB scores top 8 with televoting last year. It has to be a good song or a popular artist that can motivate people

            • I didn’t talk about Albania, but for Serbia. Check their televoting results whenever they are in the final.

            • Still they can get anything from 40 to 200 points depending on the entry. But I agree that they start with a 40p boost by default

  20. Since we have the full results from both juries and televoters, someone has put together a video, showing how it would have ended with the 2013-2015 voting system.

  21. And I myself made the scoreboard, the way it would have been with the 2009-2012 system. ;)


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