Eurovision 2018: Voting Breakdown Revealed

Eurovision 2018 – The split voting figures were released in the early hours of the morning showing how all the televotes and jury votes were made up in the final and the two semi-finals. Have a look at the numbers in detail now… In Semi-final1 Cyprus won the televote, and Israel won with the jury. For Semi-final 2 Denmark maybe surprisingly won the televote, with Norway winning the jury vote.

You can find all of the results laid out brilliantly at Eurovisionworld.com.

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720 comments on “Eurovision 2018: Voting Breakdown Revealed

  1. Top10 after the lives

    1. Italy (+1)
    2. France (+1)
    3. Portugal (+1)
    4. Cyprus (+3)
    5. Israel (+2)
    6. Austria (+2)
    7. Czech Republic (-2)
    8. Netherlands (+4)
    9. Germany (+6)
    10. Belgium (-9)
    11. Estonia (+2)
    12. Bulgaria (-3)
    13. Sweden (-2)
    14. Slovenia (=)
    15. Greece (-5)
    16. Armenia (=)

    I am not particularly fond of the rest songs.

  2. Hi there – I’ve started a Eurovision-styled competition, like many others. It’s simple and a bit of fun, so come and join! http://europeanmusicfest.blogspot.co.uk/

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