Eurovision 2018: How Well Did Our Readers Predict the Top 5?

Eurovision 2018 – Yesterday we asked you to vote for who you thought would finish in the top 5, and hundreds of you cast your votes. See how the results compare with what actually happened… 

The results of the Eurovision Song Contest were as follows:

Eurovision Times readers voted for the following as the most likely to finish top 5. The high placing of Austria was a curveball hardly anyone saw coming, and there was little confidence in Italy, who eventually finished a very credible 5th. Well done to everyone that appreciated Germany’s potential though.

Here’s how you all voted, ranked by your thoughts on their chances of finishing top 5:

Czech Republic
The Netherlands

13 comments on “Eurovision 2018: How Well Did Our Readers Predict the Top 5?

  1. That isn’t very impressive. And we like to call ourselves experts. LOL

    • Did you expect German televoting will award 12 to Italy?
      I think it is due to anti terrorism messages..

      • It is due to Italian music havin been immensely popular here since th 1960. :)
        Italy won at our party too, and many people didn’t even know what the song was about.

        • Hmmmm strange…because in last years when Italy was bigger fave to win German televoting gave to other countries 12 such as The Netherlands etc..
          And now to Italy..I personally think not only from Germany but from other countries too, especially western who suffered from terrorist attacks, Italy was awarded this year due to message..
          Because song is not that catchy for televoting at all.. :)
          But I think results are not fair at all, and are quite rigged as always..
          Macedonian jury gave 12 to Bulgaria in the semifinal and then in the final suddenly big fat 0!
          It’s rigged as hell.. ;)
          Some investigations should be done IMO..

          • Last year’s song was totally different from what has been popular here since the 60s whereas NMAFN is basically a traditional Italian pop song. :)

    • If it weren’t for the rehearsals, fans and bookmakers my prediction would have been much more on point. But I’ll never learn to stay true to my first impressions…

  2. I got 3 – Israel and Cyprus, who I predicted as contenders, and Germany. Estonia wasn’t far after all. Biggest miss apparently is France.

  3. With Eurovision predict the unpredictable.
    In 4 months I never saw a single person suggest Austria would make Top 5, certainly not win the Jury vote.
    And imagine the reaction someone would have got on the 11th May if they said the UK would score higher in the televote than Sweden.

  4. I got 3/5 (ISR, CYP, ITA).

  5. I got 3/5 (ISR,CYP,AUT)

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