Poll: Predict Your Top 5 in Tonight’s Eurovision Final

pollPoll – Time for your final prediction of the season in advance of tonight’s 63rd Eurovision Song Contest. With no obvious runaway leader, and odds shifting massively this week, we want you to tell us who you think will finish in the top 5 tonight. 

Choose the 5 countries out if the 26 listed in the poll that you think will finish in tonight’s Top 5, in any order.

Comment below your top 5 and see if you can predict the right order too!

48 comments on “Poll: Predict Your Top 5 in Tonight’s Eurovision Final

  1. Happy Eurovision Day everyone.

    Morgan will do the main article for tonight soon.

    If you are in Lisbon, enjoy the party! If you are watching at home, see you on here tonight to discuss it all!

  2. Cyprus, Israel and France. Then Estonia and Germany. Sweden might climb to 5th.

  3. Cyprus, Israel, France, Sweden, Italy.
    Yeah, Italy!

  4. I have a strange feeling today…anyway I think Cyprus is a comfortable winner after all. I tried to warn my friends who have not been following ESC but they are not listening. Let them be stunned then!

  5. Repost from earlier thread:

    Right now, I think the contenders are:

    1st third: LTU AUT EST NOR
    2nd third: DEU FRA CZE AUS
    Final third: BGR MLD SWE ISR IRE CYP

    based on that, this is my Top10 prediction right now:


    Despite having a better draw than France, Germany does not convince me of a top10 right now – too much of an Ed Sheeran tribute so I will go out on a limb and predict FRA in the top5 instead. LTU is probably much better positioned to take the tearjerker votes because of its ex-soviet/baltic status despite its terrible draw. Ireland also does not convince me of a top5 but their “unique selling point” and draw will probably give them a top10.

    I have Israel missing the top5 since being flanked with Hungary and Holland underlines its weirdness status (plus I don’t think two “gay club bangers” will be top5) and Sweden just missing out because when all is said and done the whole thing is rather monotonous and uncharismatic.

    I think Moldova will benefit from a lot of ex-soviet support and Australia will have the juries with her plus her undeniable camp appeal and generic pop status for the televote.

    I think both Bulgaria and Estonia are probably too heavy-handed to make the top10, while Czechia on the other hand can benefit from decent jury and televote (like Austria and Lithuania). Norway I think will only scrape by with a lower top10 and they may miss out entirely.

    My avatar will go Foureira just for today in a show of support. Good luck to fiery Eleni and all the contestants!

  6. My to 10 prediction:

    Cyprus & Israel
    France & Italy
    Hungary & Moldova
    2 syrupy ones (DEU, IRL, LTU)
    Albania or Estonia

    Good luck to all participants!

  7. My crystal ball gets signal only from Greece so here’s what i saw: Televoting: Cyprus 12, Albania 10, Moldova 8. Jury: Cyprus 12, Moldova 10, then the image got a little blurry but i think it was Italy 8.
    And my – no crystal ball involved – predictions ( not to be trusted as usual ): Cyprus, Israel, Moldova, Norway and Hungary ( this one is more wishful thinking ).

  8. 🔥 So glad to see that after very sticky start in February, with only me and Alex cheering, La Foureira managed to won over most of the ET of all the places. That’s why I’m sure she will win tonight. TV viewers and juries are easy compared to this lot 🔥

  9. Prediction:


  10. Enjoy the show guys and girls and good luck to your countries! If only Greece, Belgium and Armenia were in the final…

  11. Happy Eurovision day !

    Gosh top 5 prediction huh ? Alright lets try a top 10 rather :

    Cyprus – It seems unbeatable right now and in any case I dont think its missing the top 5.
    Israel – Its unavoidable it will be featured high and advertising is aggresive. Even logging on a dating app, first ad is get is “Vote for a real queen, vote #22” lol.
    France – Its classy, with a message, different and very well done.
    Germany – Contemporary and very effective in being touching.
    Moldova – Fun and the likely gatherer of loads of 12p from the ex soviet block.
    Sweden – Contemporary, well performed, well staged – has to do well.
    Norway – not gonna do as well as initially thought but its fun in a half that lacks that and its Rybak so thats a vote gatherer.
    Bulgaria – Its imposing, dark enough to create a great contrast to what surrounds it, has a great group singing what is probably the best song in this final.
    Ireland – its late in the running order, it causes a stir, its touching and effective (similar to Germany).

    As for the 10th plays its anybody’s guess..
    Lithuania ? Could 3 emotional ballads do it ?
    Czech Republic ? Is there place for another uptempo quirky entry ?
    Estonia ? Is an operatic entry finally going to do well ?
    Italy ? Is it impactful enough coming last after all this uptempo entries ?
    Austria ? Its doing well in charts, could that translate to enough votes ?

    For this top 5 prediction I voted for Cyprus, Israel, Germany, Sweden and Moldova.

  12. I’m going with Cyprus, Israel, Sweden, Moldova & Italy.

  13. Happy Eurovision day! En route back to the hills. Final Top 10 prediction: Cyprus, France, Israel, Lithuania, Australia, Moldova, Ireland, Sweden, Estonia either Netherlands or Norway. Will go for Netherlands. Enjoy sweet people :)

  14. My top 5 prediction ( in Random order ):

    Lithuania or Norway

  15. Cyprus of course for being the most captivating uptempo with the greatest “draw”
    Ireland (Never underestimate, gay/protest vote)
    Sweden will attract huge jury support for the video clip aesthetics
    Lithuania for the sentimental and Soviet vote
    Israel for the pre-contest hype

  16. I hope that you all will enjoy the show tonight, guys!! Happy Eurovision day! :D

    My prediction for Top 5 (in random order)
    Italy (I’ll vote for them, please win! xD)

  17. 1. Cyprus
    2. Israel
    3. Sweden
    4. France
    5. Ireland

  18. I think it’s between Cyprus, Israel and France. I would predict Cyprus to win, followed by France

  19. France, Cyprus, Estonia, Israel, Lithuania.

  20. My prediction:

    1. Cyprus
    2. Israel
    3. France
    4. Sweden

    And then 5th I would say either Ireland, Lithuania or Germany. I will go with Ireland because it has a better draw.

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