Tonight: Eurovision 2018 Second Semi Final

Eurovision 2018 – Tonight we will finally find out the last ten qualifiers that will join the Big 5 and Portugal in the Grand Final on Saturday. The anticipation will finally be over. When you sit down to watch it and would like to discuss it, please do so here.

Again, a recap of who is performing in this semi final.

01  Norway Alexander Rybak “That’s How You Write A Song”
02  Romania The Humans “Goodbye”
 03  Serbia Sanja Ilić & Balkanika “Nova deca”
 04  San Marino Jessika feat. Jenifer Brening “Who We Are”
 05  Denmark Rasmussen “Higher Ground”
 06  Russia Julia Samoylova “I Won’t Break”
 07  Moldova DoReDoS “My Lucky Day”
 08  Netherlands Waylon “Outlaw In ‘Em”
 09  Australia Jessica Mauboy “We Got Love”
 10  Georgia Iriao “Sheni gulistvis”
 11  Poland Gromee feat. Lukas Meijer “Light Me Up”
 12  Malta Christabelle “Taboo”
 13  Hungary AWS “Viszlát nyár”
 14  Latvia Laura Rizzotto “Funny Girl”
 15  Sweden Benjamin Ingrosso “Dance You Off”
 16  Montenegro Vanja Radovanović “Inje”
 17  Slovenia Lea Sirk “Hvala, ne!”
 18  Ukraine Mélovin “Under The Ladder”

Germany, Italy and France will also be able to vote in this Semi Final as well. Whom do you last predict to qualify tonight? For whom are you rooting? Time to finally watch Eurovision 2018!

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593 comments on “Tonight: Eurovision 2018 Second Semi Final

  1. Ukraine in…I was bored with it tbh

  2. And of course Australia…

  3. Horrible!

  4. Not really going my way so far…

  5. Slovenia

  6. Yaaaaaas SLOVENIA!!!

  7. The Netherlands or Montenegro please

  8. Poland out Romania out !

  9. So many awful qualifiers, what the hell! But no Russia wow!

  10. Russia stayed in the semi for the first time

  11. I miss Georgia, Montenegro, Romania :(

    Latvia is understandable considering the vocal performance, but I think the song deserved to be in the final.

  12. I got 8/10.Missed Serbia and Slovenia.I had Romania and Poland in instead.

  13. Well I mean it was a deserved nq by Russia tbh.

  14. Well I am glad Malta stayed out, hoped that Georgia could be the upset…

  15. Sloveniaaaa!!!! And what a finish with those great Congo boys going wild!!!!

  16. 9/10 as a result of a SLO/ROU swap.!

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