Eurovision 2018: Results of Semifinal 2

Eurovision 2018 – Tonight we finally saw the second semifinal, with 18 entries participating and 21 countries voting all together chose the 10 finalists! Find out which they are! Comment, discuss and analyze with us!

This was tonight’s running-order:

01  Norway Alexander Rybak “That’s How You Write A Song”
02  Romania The Humans “Goodbye”
 03  Serbia Sanja Ilić & Balkanika “Nova deca”
 04  San Marino Jessika feat. Jenifer Brening “Who We Are”
 05  Denmark Rasmussen “Higher Ground”
 06  Russia Julia Samoylova “I Won’t Break”
 07  Moldova DoReDoS “My Lucky Day”
 08  Netherlands Waylon “Outlaw In ‘Em”
 09  Australia Jessica Mauboy “We Got Love”
 10  Georgia Iriao “Sheni gulistvis”
 11  Poland Gromee feat. Lukas Meijer “Light Me Up”
 12  Malta Christabelle “Taboo”
 13  Hungary AWS “Viszlát nyár”
 14  Latvia Laura Rizzotto “Funny Girl”
 15  Sweden Benjamin Ingrosso “Dance You Off”
 16  Montenegro Vanja Radovanović “Inje”
 17  Slovenia Lea Sirk “Hvala, ne!”
 18  Ukraine Mélovin “Under The Ladder”

Germany, Italy and France were also able to vote in this Semi Final as well.

The ten countries that qualified were finally announced after a lengthy 100 minutes. And they were:

  • Serbia
  • Moldova
  • Hungary
  • Ukraine
  • Sweden
  • Australia
  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • Slovenia
  • Netherlands

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555 comments on “Eurovision 2018: Results of Semifinal 2

  1. I expect our points in the final to be like this:
    1 point – Australia
    2 points – Lithuania
    3 points – Spain
    4 points – Bulgaria
    5 point – France
    6 points – Cyprus
    7 points – Estonia
    8 points – Israel
    10 points – Hungary
    12 points – Slovenia

  2. Gay news from Lisbon bars. I will keep it short:

    “Fuego FTW and Russia goodbye”.

  3. Ukraine drawn 1st half, will probably continue the trend if SF2 closer opening the Final.

  4. oops kinda fell asleep in front of my desk top…
    Kalinychta, everyone!

  5. YAY we still have the second number of likes and views on yt, from the 2nd semi, after Ukraine! :D Who expected that?

  6. Australia is killing it on itunes.

    • She does and so does Austria from the first semi. Yet Austria’s odds have not changed, even though it’s the kind of songs juries love. Weird.

      • Odds are currently killing France as well – they make zero sense.

        • Not entirely. What Austria and Australia seem to have in common so far is very low YT views. I don’t see France as a contender at all so it makes sense to me.

          • YT views can be highly influenced by views within the country of origin of the entry as well. I am not saying itunes are the best indicator but they do offer more of a clear indication by seperating between countries.

            E.g. “Fuego” has been doing very well in the south and parts of western and eastern Europe but never got over 150 in Estonia whereas Austria hit even the no.1 spot for a while there.

    • Draw? ROFL
      The Björkman is out would be more apt. :)

    • so France 13th is nice, they killed Spain, they have no imagination and always put the semi’s last (Belgium 2016, Israel 2017) first, they gave Cyprus Bulgaria’s place from last year, and Italy won’t repeat 2015…

    • France got the pimp slot. Germany is placed well too. Spain is dooomed … well, they were doomed anyway. :)

    • So,actually Bjorkman gives an advantage to France while people in here were saying he doesn’t like it and will try to kill it.I was always saying it will get a 7-13 slot.And there’s a blatant support for the big-5.9,11,13 and 26 with only Spain who’s dead in the water anyway getting the death #2 slot.

      • They always use a Big 5 last. Last can be great (Italy 2015) or awful (UK 2014) as a slot. Ireland 2013 also got last from it :/

        • I don’t think it’s the last slot that made those songs fail.They were very weak songs to begin with.Closing the show is actually a priviledge.But i insist the 9-11-13 run for the big-5 countries is kinda shameful.

          • Bjorkman doesn’t have an agenda anyway, he just “has to deal” with the Big 5 and the fact they’re Big 5 is already an advantage in itself and a disavantage since these countries fail to care to have to Q. The fact is, they very often use them as first or last of their halves

    • We are number 10 after UK and before Germany..well I think it’s quite OK being after UK..UK is horrible…
      I think UK will be last in the final..

  7. Don’t know the results yet as I type the below.

    That was an all time great theatrical performance. Smiled and laughed and clapped all the way through. Legendary!
    A two timing girl playing both guys.
    The comedy and choreography, was top notch. I’ll be watching this again! This is Eurovision.

    Second best ever entry from Moldova. Can’t deny them now. And, right up there with the best ever in terms of showmanship.

    San Marino’s lead robot has more charisma than most of the human participants. Enter it next year.

    San Marino did have the most dangerous postcard ever. “Here, hop on this unsteady, poorly constructed box with no brakes, and hang on.” And they had 4 people on it. No thanks, I’de rather take up smoking, it’s safer.

    This joyride would be a lawsuit waiting to happen in New York.

    Speaking of humans, love Romania’s song as well.

    Australia, I’ll be listening to it again as the song rules my favorite Australian entry for sure, but not watching this again. They should have sat her down and hired real dancers.

    She can’t dance, she can’t move.
    Looked like a drunk maid of honor stealing the mic from the DJ and hopping on the dance floor. Lol

    Hungary rocket it too. Glad to see some credible metal here. Celebrate diversity.

    Latvia brings the hotness is semi 2. Red is my favorite color btw. All this ruled. This was great. I wonder who the fool is openly looking at other women. In front of her no less. Lol

    The second coming of Amandine. That’s hight praise. Even though Amandine did it better.

    Lea is the Sennek of the second semifinal. There is just something about her.
    High energy throughout. So high energy the circuits couldn’t take it and there was a power outage.

    Results time:
    Lol Hungary was on delay.

    Denmark through! Great result my top of 2018 made it!

    And SLOVENIA!!! Yes!! That was semi 2’s pleasant surprise.

    Romania and Latvia was the big loss.

    • I helped to Vikings with my vote, but now when I see your comment for Moldova I’m so angry I did it! You odious little man! Grrr!
      You dont even mention Vikings in your huge post! I will slap your face!
      maybe that vote I cast for Vikings was crucial for my Julia to stay in semis!!! MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

      Ok now back to the normal mood, did you like our entry and are you satisfied it is in? :P

      • Lol. I don’t need to mention the Vikings. They are my #3 this year. You know how rare a male act in my esc top 5 is?

        Cmon, Moldova is greatness. You know how hard it is to pull off that performance that flawlessly?

        Wait, who is “your every?” Lol

        • I’m from Serbia, shocking qualifier! :) :D

          • Congrats! I am happy. Ethnic music has a place here.

            Glad to see non English language songs get rewarded. Hungary is in the same boat.

            If these types of songs qualify, more countries will enter them. That’s a great thing.

            And of course, look at the cuties they presented. I’m not complaining one bit.

            See, you rewarded the Vikings and your country qualified. Instant karma.

  8. Slovenia!

    Everyone’s favorite underdog.
    I’m getting 2014 flashbacks: celebrating with the Slovenian delegation in the green room after they secured qualification. Great memories.

  9. Look at the 2nd half.18-23 are all up-tempo songs then there’s Ireland who gets benefited from the change of pace and Cyprus that also gets a boost and must have won the first semi.Rybak at 7 means he did really well in the semi.

  10. Finland, Israel and Cyprus all got the winner positions (also my top 3) thank you Mr Bjorkman!

    He’s clearly a fan of France as well

  11. Congratulations to my newest top fivers!

    Slovenia’s enthusiasm is contagious.
    They won me over!

    That bundle of energy gets spot #4.

    Can’t deny Moldova any longer. That legendary performance has be rewarded. #5 for them. Second best ranking I’ve ever given them.

    Now is also a good time to say I still miss Aliona. Bring her back ASAP.

  12. The Australian song is scorching iTunes because it’s good.

    It’s audio. You can’t hear her having zero rhythm and being uncoordinated on the album cut.

    That staging was absolutely perfect for radio. Lol

  13. And props to Jacques Houdek for his rebuttal to the Sobral nonsense.

  14. Some expected and surprising results! I think Denmark and Netherlands looked much better than I thought. Slovenia too. Norway wasn’t as great as these “experts” have made it out to be (not doing very well on ESC Tracker). Sweden’s chorus (especially the backing) sounded underwhelming. Moldova was freaking excellent live. I am surprised Serbia went through tbh. Australia surprisingly doing well on iTunes despite its’ trainwreck vocals and dancing.

    Overall it was pretty apparent this semi lacked overall quality compared to Semi 1. I have ansolutely no idea who won Semi 2; my guess is Sweden with a low score.

  15. Am I the only one who thinks Romania should have qualified?

    • she is one of those performers selling out the avarage song with her performance but last night she wasn’t in her best shape tbh

      • I rarely like Romania in Eurovision. But I liked them this year. Their song this year was a little bit bland, but it was a great performance and she had great vocals.

  16. Rewatching some of the performances, because somehow on the night itself I manage to miss most of it. What were they thinking with he Polish camerawork. They should have never concentrated so much on the DJ, who was obviously doing noting substantial and wasn’t pleasant to look at either.

  17. Semi 2 review :

    Norway : It seemed like Alexander was giving less than 70 % to that performance. Felt underwhelming and lacked the energy I expected it to have which is what it relies upon. Worthy Q but not the contender it was posed to be.

    Romania : It might have been a bit over the top at times but I really liked it. The staging was captivating and Cristina was excellent, such a delivery. And the song has a weird build up but its good as well. Out of all of Romania’s entries the fact that this did not Q is very sad.

    Serbia : Yes it looked and sounded better than expected but it still reeked 90s and I just don’t see how it stood out in this line up. I am still puzzled. I will say it must have been the impactful female vocals – but it was still way too dramatic and over the top. This was an NQ for me.

    San Marino : Jessica had crazy eyes throughout the performance but both she and Jennifer sounded good and had fun. The “sometimes size doesn’t matter” sign was hilarious. I still like the song but I would never have this as a Q as it was presented – but they tried the best to make themselves memorable.

    Denmark : The presentation is what it is and I did not change my mind that it does not flatter a very good song. Vocally fine and impactful – they brought up backing vocals a notch at the icelandic part and that sounds a bit spooky though. Deserved Q.

    Russia : Normally I would not talk about this and I have not expressed any opinion till now on this act but I cannot ignore that this was probably the worst performance I have seen and heard in esc in a very long time. It was painful, tacky and Samoylova even did not sing at some parts at all, probably out of anxiety. I feel sorry for her and I really felt sad when I saw her reaction because she was really used as part of a 2 year propaganda but this was dreadful on every level. The most deserved NQ.

    Moldova : I am accused many times of not liking fun in esc and I say I like it when done right. And Moldova does it right. I was smiling throughout because this was cheeky, had a concept, did not take itself seriously trying to convince us it is some sarcastic masterpiece with deeper meanings (Poland 14, France 14, Italy 17, Israel 18 etc), it was well performed and managed to not be kitchen sink tacky but tasteful in its delivery, similarly to the moldovan act last year. Deserved Q and given the lack of ex soviet countries in the final it will suck in votes from all this region and end very high.

    The Netherlands : Starting from the positives Waylon slayed vocally – this was probably the best vocal performance of the night. Now for someone who sees that for the first time maybe all this dancing in a country song is not too bad – to my eyes this was a very unnecessary distraction that really let down a very solid song. I kinda liked it more towards the end though. Deserved Q but it wasted its potential for something great.

    Australia : Talking about Australian acts, similar to swedish ones, is like walking in a mine field, treading carefully and not daring to say anything positive. But I have to say I liked this performance. Jessica has star quality, she knows how to get the audience going and is relatable and vibrant. This is a vote winner. Vocally she was decent and a deserved Q imo.

  18. Georgia : They looked nice and sounded nice. But I could not see how anyone, juror or televoter, could vote for this completely uninspired and very long 3 minutes of monotonous background music. Sorry guys you are talented but this NQ was expected and deserved.

    Poland : The chronicles of a carcrash. I hesitated a long time to have this as a non qualifier because, well, it is Poland, it is an uptempo contemporary song, it works with a big crowd etc. But this was borderline dire and extremely cringy. Why all this focus on Gromee ? Is it supposed to be funny or engaging ? Because it was just embarassing. Vocally it was ropey, the song never got me going and felt flat and bad direction choices just could not save even Poland at the end from a deserved NQ.

    Malta : I will go against the current. This was visually captivating, delivered the message well with good use of visuals and Christabelle sounded good and seemed invested and focused. It should have been an easy Q above Serbia at the very least.

    Hungary : It was as good as I expected it to be. Stood out genre-wise in a good way and the delivery was authentic and impactful. Huge props and a very well deserved Q.

    Latvia : It was my mother’s favourite – we share a similar taste :) Laura delivered class and sultryness. I would have loved to see it through but when you go between two such impactful performances serving attitude alone on a big stage may not be memorable. But she is an excellent performer and knows how to create an atmosphere. Predictable but undeserved NQ.

    Sweden : The contrast with everything else was almost embarassing. This was by far the most interesting performance and song of the evening, the most contemporary and Benjamin is such a charismatic performer. This was jumping outside the bubble and into what music in the real world sounds like. And we need more of this. This is not about Q – this must have won the semi.

    Montenegro : When you have the song that can make you the sole balkan qualifier and then you make sure you stage it in such a way that makes it the only NQ…Vocally it was good (till that last note where I felt he would collapse on stage) but they failed to captivate the atmosphere. Outifts, lighting and Vanja looked terrified and shaking on stage – extremely uncomfortable to watch. Reeked amateurism – they needed Zeliko to teach them how its done. Deserved NQ.

    Slovenia : And from the terrified Vanja to the great Lea – that contrast in combination with the good running order helped. Lea did exactly what I expected but I did not expect that to be enough and understood to get here to the final. I am glad it did because she deserved it even if the fake technical failure does not work and cuts the flow of the song. The rest is a truly strong, independent female serving the right attitude (Netta and her team take lessons here). Deserved Q.

    Ukraine : The beginning really works and is captivating (no pun intended). Melovin was able to create the atmosphere he wanted but I have to say, similarly to Rybak’s performance, I felt underwhelmed by his energy and attitude on stage, Obvious Q but not 100 % what I expected.

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