TEKO 2018: The Quarterfinals! (Getting Back on Track)

TEKO 2018 – Hey guys. I’m so sorry that I disappeared for a while. Lots of stress fell upon me at once, the least of which was my final projects for my five uni classes, so I hope you’ll understand. I have a plan for making up all the lost time.

First, a HUGE thanks to Hulluna for stepping in and helping run TEKO while I was gone. She saved it, and although it’s gonna cut close, time-wise, we can still finish. We’re at the quarterfinal stage, so let’s skip the graphics and separate posts and get right to it!

TEKO 2018: QF 1

Belgium BELGIUM A Matter of Time – Sennek

Cyprus CYPRUS Fuego – Eleni Foureira

TEKO 2018: QF 2


Greece GREECE Oneiro mou – Yianna Terzi

TEKO 2018: QF 3

Estonia ESTONIA La forza – Elina Nechayeva

Portugal PORTUGAL O jardim – Cláudia Pascoal ft. Isaura

TEKO 2018: QF 4

France FRANCE Mercy – Madame Monsieur

Netherlands THE NETHERLANDS Outlaw in ‘Em – Waylon


Voting for the Quarterfinal Round will be open for exactly 24 hours, so get going! Let’s end TEKO 2018 strong.

16 comments on “TEKO 2018: The Quarterfinals! (Getting Back on Track)

  1. Belgium/Bulgaria/Portugal/France for me!!

  2. BGPF

  3. Cyprus

  4. Voted for Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia and France. :)

  5. 4 very easy choices for me.

  6. Bel, Bul, Por and Ned for me.

  7. Belgium, Greece, Portugal, Netherlands

  8. Belgium, Greece, Portugal and France.

  9. Belgium, Bulgaria, Portugal and France :)

  10. Belgium, Greece, Portugal, France.

  11. Belgium, Greece, Portugal, France for me, but I can live with most others too in the end, just a bit disappointed Italy or Israel aren’t with us anymore but TEKO always has big upsets just based on the draw of having two faves going early one against the other

  12. My only positive vote goes to Portugal.I like this minimalist tune and the simple moving lyrics.My favourite this year.. As for the others; i will never vote for Foureira. Listening her every day in the greek radio tortures me enough already. I will never ever vote a song wich includes the lyric ” i love beyond the bones “. Of course i will never vote a song with a video depicting clean shaven refugees wandering in Paris, especially when EU’s official line on the subject is ” let’s drown them”.

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