Recap of Rehearsals Day 7

Eurovision 2018 – With two weeks to go to the contest, daily rehearsals start this Sunday and of course the Eurovision Times will do its best to cover them; here’s for the second rehearsals to the last entries of semifinal 2: pics and vids will be officially released and we get to discuss, debate, analyze, predict…

This is how it works: for each country, you can click on the country to see a full photoset, or in the picture to watch the TV footage short clip!

So that’s it for today’s rehearsals. Tomorrow, there’ll be the second rehearsals of the finalists… and the red carpet ceremony! So stay tune!

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142 comments on “Recap of Rehearsals Day 7

  1. The Opening Ceremony will be broadcast by RTP 1 from 16.56 till 19.59 GMT.


  2. It is an officially a strange year now because not even my friend Claudia knows who will win. LOL She thinks that Israel and Norway (cute guy with a violin …) are the most likely winners and expects Australia, Italy and Portugal to do well. She did not know any song before tonight and is100 % free of bubble or rehearsal influence. Personally she liked Italy best and disliked Denmark most.

    • Well she agrees with the odds then. Israel is #1 and Norway #2 :)

    • Interesting predictions. As for Israel and Norway, she’s just repeating the betting odds… Did you tell her anything before?

      • No. I showed her the betting odds after we had finished going through the songs. Perhaps we should all prepare for a Rybak victory. :(

        • Only Michos would be happy… :)

          • She also suggested Portugal not to bring in Isaura visually at all because her entrance destroys the intimate and delicate atmosphere Cláudia creates so beautifully. She would have Isaura sing from the dark and said that this would make perfect sense because her singing could then be interpreted as a memory of the beloved and deceased grandmother. I agree 100 %.

            • Yes, I understand. I’ve heard that suggestion many times. Better like this than with the chair, thou… Let’s see if they change anything.

            • Everything is better than straightjacket and chair. :)

            • According to Matt from ESC United and this guy, whose name I do not know, from Eurovision Spain, Isaura is not seen while she’s not singing – she seems to come out of the dark when she does. We’ll see how it all works tomorrow, perhaps.

            • Let’s hope that they’ll manage to create a magic moment. :)

            • Let’s. :)

        • You made her listen to 43 songs? And she still callls you her friend?

    • It’s hard make predictions this year, but your friend may be right.

    • Well I think your friend will be totally off this year. That said it is only natural we befriend people that share our interests (e.g. Denmark being the worst, laughing at Benjamin etc) – I havent met in my close circle a positive reaction to Israel for example this year.

      • Don’t you worry. She is dead certain that Denmark will be in the final. After all fascism is quite popular all around Europe atm …

        • I think you are being a little rough on Rasmussen. After all, the song is about a peaceful Viking who does not want to fight…I agree that it is kitschy, but kitschy in the manner of various popular tv shows (Game of Thrones, Vikings etc)

        • I don’t think that deserves an answer tbh. I guess we can all be very dramatic and exaggerate these days so I’ll let it fall through the cracks.

        • Associating the Danish entry with fascism is too hard and very insulting to those who are involved in it :(

          As they pointed out in the NF, it’s about a pacifist viking (as opposed to other vikings obviously). It doesn’t connect it with fascism.

          • I don’t think that it is indended as such but it can be interpreted that way. It has already been played at right-wing demonstrations here in Germany. :(

            • That doesn’t sound good. I’m pretty sure those involved in the entry would object if they found out. Especially Jonas Rasmussen himself. I have actually met him as he was on the same study as me (Musicology in Aarhus, he enteres one or two years after me).

              But you can not always tell how other people are going to understand your work. I’m thinking of Charles Manson and his interpretation of the White Album by the Beatles. Should we stop listening to it because of that?

            • Of course ther are (deliberate or non-deliberate) misinterppretations almost everywhere but my problem with DNK18 is that I got those vibes from the very beginning. A peace song dressed as a war chant? The stage design in DMGP etc. :(

            • Well that was not the associations I got. Neither did my mum who watched it too. And we are a very left wing family.

            • We all react in different ways to different things. There is no truth to be found here, only interpretations as you pointed out before.

            • ‘Battle metal’ is huge all over Scandanavia and the Nordic countries, the bands performing it are not fascists, most are indeed quite the opposite. That interpretation didn’t even cross my mind about the song, as I doubt it will many people.

            • Let’s hope so. I was only stunned because my friend had the exact same reaction I had had last night.

  3. Denmark was also given the chance to have another technical rehearsal, because neither the snow flakes nor the power of wind machines were satisfactory to the Danish delegation. There will be no singing involved, just weather effects.

  4. On yesterday’s ESC Insight pod, the 2 guys said San Marino could qualify, and would have qualifies from Semi 1….

    It’s like these “experts” are in the loony bin in that arena and are losing their minds. Anything in the coffee the press gets at the Altice Arena??

    • Coffee is free in the press center and Portuguese coffee is served strong and black (and with no sugar in my case). They’re not used to it. LOL

  5. I will vote for Hungary and Ukraine. My other 3 votes are up for grabs. Possible candidates: Montenegro, the Netherlands, Moldova and Romania.

  6. Well the last 2 winners have been making statements so it will probably be France that wins, unfortunately for me :(

    Would love Israel, Norway or even Estonia.

  7. In semifinal I will vote for Russia, Georgia, Malta and Slovenia.
    Potentialy for Hungary, Denmark, Australia and Poland.

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