Recap of Rehearsals Day 6

Eurovision 2018 – With two weeks to go to the contest, daily rehearsals start this Sunday and of course the Eurovision Times will do its best to cover them; here’s for the second rehearsals to the first half of semifinal 2 and first rehearsals of finalists: pics and vids will be officially released and we get to discuss, debate, analyze, predict…

This is how it works: for each country, you can click on the country to see a full photoset, or in the picture to watch the TV footage short clip!

Semifinal 1 – Last 4 – Second rehearsal

Semifinal 2 – First 5 – Second rehearsal

Finalists –  First rehearsal

So that’s it for today’s rehearsals. Tomorrow, there’ll be 13 more (last 13 of semi 2). So stay tune!

113 comments on “Recap of Rehearsals Day 6

  1. Sorry to be the one who has to point that out but we’re still only WITHIN the bubble: no one else watches or follows rehearsals but the bubble “accredited fans” as they call them these days… bookies are clueless and just react to the bubble more or less…

    I believe almost every single comment I read on rehearsals are more or less still people using their personal taste and bias to decide who had a good or bad rehearsals. And the fans there are not reliable as proven many times in the past. Only Tuesday we’ll know and get a good picture for the final results. Until then it’s still an open guess I reckon!

    So let’s all relax ;)

    • Yes to all of this especially the bookies being clueless.

    • Well said😊

    • I have always thought of the rehearsal season as harmless fun without any substance. In fact, that is the charm of it. It is playful, and there is no reason to become enthusiastic or upset about anything.

    • I don’t know, the rehearsals seem to get more importance year after year. Artists don’t get the chance to have a bad rehearsal anymore, it translates in loss at the betting odds, bad reviews in the influential eurovision press. I get the impression that the semi’s are decided more and more from the very first start of the rehearsals.

      • Yes and it’s worse than that: now if you do a bad rehearsal, you drop in the bookies, and if you’re not a big favorite, guess what draw you’ll get in the final if you make it through? yeah, not a good one…

      • Very well put, stommie!

    • You can tell so much even of these 40 second clips how the performances are going to look and feel like and you know that perfectly well too. I’m sorry France didn’t set the house on fire or Belgium. And them Cyprus did. It still doesn’t mean everything we read and saw was nothing.

    • I couldn’t agree more! If I learned something in the past few years is that the outcome can be quite unpredictable, trends are changing slowly and there aren’t anymore too many countries that are chanceless if their song is good. This year seems to be one of the most open years, at the moment I have no idea who will win and that’s quite exciting! :D

    • One correction. The bookies only create the opening odds. The odds going up our down is up to the punters.

      If someone is betting heavily on an entry,the odds go down, if no money is being bet on an entry, they go up.

      This is a betting market correction; The favorite will have more people that bet it, so the odds need to go down so less money is paid out to all the winners.

      The 500 to one shot has little to no money bet on it, so only a few people will get paid (and those few will get paid well). But the bookmaker gets to keep all the action on the favorite.

      That being said, one large bet on the underdog will see the odds being sliced quickly.

      Plus, there is the “smart money,” or those who have some inside information not available to the public.

      These people exist and now how to manipulate the situation. Those people don’t strike this early.

      All they need is one person on the inside that can help them out with a piece of valuable info. They exist and make a killing betting on everything.

      The smart money in tennis for instance are instant and consistent profits. And that doesn’t even take into account the fixes. The tennis authorities released a report saying fixing occurs at the local level, yet there were known fixers in the ATP draws last week. Those aren’t low level tournaments in the least.

      Most of my friends are in tennis or college champions. The stories I have heard about throwing of matches at that level are insane.

      Yes, I know way too much about gambling. And fixing. Lol

  2. Not much has changed from the second rehearsals of the semi-finalists tbh. Armenia is less and less convincing while Switzerland moves the opposite direction. I am really dissapointed in San Marino.

    On the finalists I really likes Germany and France and expect to see something good on screen from Italy. Spain is nice but seems to need work in terms of direction while the UK tried its best with a tasteful staging. Portugal is OK.

  3. San Marino looks epic, Spain looks frumpish.

    • I have come back from Slovenia yesterday…I spent 5 days without wi fi and television in Kocevski Rog region, where Kocevar Gsrmans used to live..it was so interesting….
      Outside of that very foresty and peaceful regiob, we have visited Zagreb, Postojna Cave, Trieste, Dolina village (in Italy next to Trieste but Slovenians live there), Novo Mesto, Waterfalls on Krka river in Dvor village and Dolenjske Toplice Spa.
      I have heard Lea Sirk – “Hvala ne” twice on Slovenian radio in car.. :D

      • Good to have you back, Marko. I was already wondering where you were. I am very happy that you enjoyed your holiday in Slovenia, Croatia and Italy. :)

        • I wasnt that active because I was busy before 1st May Holidays and also only esc concerts were going on..
          Have you heard for Kocevski Rog and Kocevar Germans? :)

          • I have read about them many years ago but I do not remember much. I’ll have to check again. Did you visit Duino too? I love that place because Rilke wrote my favourite poems there. :) They even have a Rilke path on top of the cliffs.

            • I love that place, I have been there the first time I visited Trieste.. But not this time, one day for Postojna Cave, Predjama Castle and Trieste was really busy..:D
              Kovevar Germans and Kocevski Rog is very interesting, you have to read about that when you have time..I have been in one family, he is Kovevar German, they speak special dialect of German..the village is called Nesseltal in Kocevar German, Koprivnik in Slovene language..

            • Nessle means nettle in English. :o
              ostojna, Predjama and Trieste in 1 day is insane. I love all 3 places. I guess that you did not have the time to take the famous tram in Trieste …

            • Yes, that is exactly the nettle, in Serbian and Slovenian it is kopriva! :)
              The tram I took the last time as well..we have been to Trieste this time only because my parents havent been there for more than 35 years and it was the main city for all ppl in Yugoslavia to go for shopping and walking around back then.. :) so we only went for the ice cream and to feel a bit of the Trieste centre, and to visit and eat in beautifu Dolina village (San Dorilogi della Valle in Italian)
              I have took Zagreb Uspinjaca to Gornji grad though…I have been to Zagreb for the first time now..my parents been there many times in Yugoslavia..so they showed me.. :)

            • Sounds like a fantastic trip. :)

  4. I absolutely love Rybak’s pants and the way they look on him. Both Italian guys have nice pants too, but they’re not my type of guys so it’s less of a turn on. What? music contest? huh?

  5. Yaaaaaay!
    I can officially say finally we have FANTASTIC outfit for our entry!! :D
    And they sound awesome…BRAVO Balkanika!! :D
    Romania and Portugal seemd extraordinary..they grew on me after rehearsals a lot…outfits and stageing are great! :D

    But Equinox – “Bones” go for the trophy!!
    That performance is by far the best!
    I love, I love beyond the boooooneeees! <3

    • I mean what is sad, is everybody knows you are part of an Equinox performance here, and nobody beliives in what you have to say, in fact you end up being a laughing stock

    • I like the Serbian outfits as well, but I can’t say the same about the bit of choreography we saw.

      • Why, what’s wrong with it?! :/
        I love vocals for Romania, they sound powerful..and stageing..
        I loved Portuguese rehearsal A LOT! :D :)
        It has more sense now and vocals are better for my taste than in NF..
        Did you like Equinox – “Bones”?

        • Some of the poses made by the ladies are weird. I need to see the whole thing to get a clearer idea.

          Cláudia’s vocals were very good, yes, at least. during the part we heard.

          ‘Bones’ has grown on me, but that stage presentation is far from being flattering and the whole ensemble sounds pompous and too dark.

  6. We’ve seen bits of every performance. There are no clear favourites atm like Portugal and Bulgaria last year one week before the final. That leads me to believe that the traditional voting blocs (that were somewhat less evident in 2017) will be stronger in 2018. I would so love to see Netta winning ESC, but it’s going to be difficult. Atm, Estonia, Norway and Bulgaria are the stronger candidates for the win followed by the Czech Republic and Cyprus. Germany can also surprise many. I see France and Italy reaching the top 10, nothing more.

    Back to basic: Armenia FTW!!!! closely followed by ‘O Jardim’. :)

    • Armenia? I doubt they will be in the final.

      • I was talking about my personal views, hence the back to basics expression. :) Love the song very much, always have, and the stage presentation is looking promising.

    • Strangely but I quite liked rehearsal snippet for Cyprus… :D
      But jury will mureder her..no way she can win esc lool :D
      Did you like Lea Sirk’s rehearsal?
      It wasnt too different to the NF if I’m not wrong.
      Do you think she will qualify for the final?
      I have to check Hungarian rehearsal snippet..I missed it..

      • ‘Fuego’ has a very effective stage presentation. I do not like the song, but I have to say that it may do very well. Ido not quite see it winning, but it’ll end quite high.

        Slovenia 18 had an effective rehearsal, based on the little that we saw. I don’t think she will qualify though. :(

    • What about Azerbaijan..
      I still dont like the song, but they again have polished and expensive outfit and stageing..
      And vocals seem really strong.
      I think Azerbaijan wont miss the final once again..

      • It probably won’t, but AZB should not reach the final this year, imo. However the ‘mira mira’ song did it, so Aisel, who is a much better singer, will most likely do it too.

    • I don’t think we knew it would be between Portugal and Bulgaria a week before the shows.Only after the semis it became clearer that Italy was losing ground and Portugal had the winner’s momentum.

      • You’re probably right. However, there are no two songs this year that will dominate the voting like there were last year, imo

  7. They say one of the Italian guys was chewing gum while preforming 😀

  8. The betting odds have very big influence in both jurors and televoters. Commentators are always very willing to tell about who’s big and even bigger favourite to win. They command the viewers attention to certain entries, much more so than running order which actually reflects the same thing.
    Nothing ever comes out of the bushes after rehearsals are over. Press center’s accreditrec fans and active fans in social media are key taste makers at this point. They are curating the short list of ten or so plausible candidates of whole lot.
    The way I see it, it’s not open at all anymore, anything can’t happen. We have a short list and we are part of the machinery that made the selection of potential winners.
    It’s also good to know and understand that it’s not just wiwibloggs betting agencies read. They use numerical data as well and they have quite sophisticated methods to analyse that data.

    • ESC has evolved. I am very curious to see if they get it right this year.

      • The winner won’t come out of top 10 we have now and it won’t come outside top 5 after next friday. Rehearsals add some new entries to short list, semis make it even shorter.
        Do they got the winner right is secondary to me, I’m more interested how well they short list the potential entries.

  9. Also very surprised how many closeted Foureira and DoReDos fans there were in ET. They loved both songs all along and decided come out with their love after first rehearsals.
    And not just here, all over the bubble. People were obviously ashamed to tell in their forums thar they like these two songs. Nothing, I mean absolutely nothing happened in rehearsals. People just kept on loving Whst they loved week ago.

    • I still dont like these two songs? I didnt hide that fact, though I’m honnest in saying they had good lives for what they are, but not for me to the point I said Cyprus could be my last (though Russia soon proved me wrong, sorry again!)

      • If I remember correctly you said Cyprus had worst rehearsal for long time. Happy, if I’m wrong here. My point is that in the very same way accredited fans react to quality even if they don’t like the songs. Of course we are talking here about the most stellar performances here, the surprisingly good ones.

    • lol I can assure, that I was only being fair. The stage presentations are what they are and they can make or break a song. The songs that you mention are average at best by themselves.

      • They both are very songs good in their genres. Fuego is fir example much better pop song than Lie to Me, which is a quite straight forward copy of five years old global super hit and pip music trends back then. It’s million years in pop music. Fuego presents what’s on charts at this moment. A very good example as song and as production, Latin boom is huge. It will hit ESC in three years time 😃
        I hate ESC radio friendliness, it means dated and boring. Both Sweden and Cyprus represents sounds of 2018, not a whiff of ESC in either of them.

        • The songs you mentioned are effectively built to reach a target audience and as such are very generic and dull. They’ll do their job and be forgotten after their performance ends.

          • You are taking about Portugal right? No, it can’t be because it’s is forgotten before it ends because of the amateurish performance. In that sense it kind of doesn’t do it’s job. It also rips off chord progression so one could say it’s not even composed. Or are you talking about Israel? Comic little EMD schlager number for ESC from ESC factory for sure but quite cynical 😃

            • Ooops… LOL We have very different views on this subject.

            • Yes we do 😃 However I wasn’t telling an opinion about Israel’s background. Their production team and it’s values and mission are just as commercial as Sweden’s or Cyprus’. The biggest difference for me is that Israel came up with ESC comedy pop while two others came up with pop.

    • I still don’t like Cyprus at all and have supported DoReDos from day 1. :)

    • I don’t particularly like it, but I recognize it’s very effective, and it will probably do very well. I have it around 6/12 at the moment.

  10. San Marino really has a robot with a sign that reads “Justice for Valentina”…

  11. Btw. I’m very surprised that Norway is doing that well in the bettings. It’s very far from being a new “Fairytale” I would say, and it feels slightly disjointed to me.

    • Bookies have no idea who will win and are flocking their money to the safe Rybak. There is no chance it will win though, no matter what any “expert” says.

      • If it did pull off a miracle though…”That’s How You Write a Song” would be the worst winner since “I Wanna” imo.

        • “I Wanna” was not a good winner, that’s for sure. It was more about the costume changes than the song which had little substance. But then, I don’t find “Everyway That I Can”, “Believe” and “Running Scared” much better.

          • “My Number One”? It hasn’t aged well imo.

          • I don’t mind “Running Scared” as much as most do, I actually prefer it to “Rise like a Phoenix”. “Believe” would round out the bottom 3 winners since 2000 for me.

            • I don’t really mind “Rise Like a Phoenix” as a song, but I think it was produced to sound better than it really was. However I have other issues with it, especially the fact that other things than the song took most of the focus. It was the first “statement winner”, and I never really approved of it. Not that I don’t sympathize with the message of accepting everyone as they are, but it is not what a song contest should be about imo.

            • Agreed, Conchita is awesome and all, but RLAP is a pretty mediocre song and all that won because of her and nothing else.

    • Same here, and I am confident that Norway won’t fight for the trophy.

  12. Interesting behind the scenes video here with Eugent and the Albanian team. Around the 3:10 mark, Bjorkman says he’s the best singer he’s seen since Mariette (I think that’s who he said??) and was pretty enamoured with his vocals.

    Maybe he shouldn’t have given them 3rd in the running order?? 😂😂

  13. From today’s rehearsals I liked the most Switzerland, Cyprus, Norway and France. Armenia, Romania and Germany were quite good too. I didn’t like Ireland, Serbia, San Marino and Denmark. Portugal and Italy were ok, but I couldn’t really tell much from those clips. UK’s tunnel was interesting but the song is so weak that I feel nothing can save it. :P Spain was pretty much as expected, nothing surprising there.

  14. The big 6 all brought credible entries.

    Now all that remains is to see how badly Germany gets ripped off. It’s become a yearly ESC tradition.

    After Ireland, they are the next in the list of underrated countries.

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