Eurovision 2018 Rehearsals: Day 5

Eurovision 2018 – With two weeks to go to the contest, daily rehearsals start this Sunday and of course the Eurovision Times will do its best to cover them; here’s for the second rehearsals to the first half of semifinal 1: pics and vids will be officially released and we get to discuss, debate, analyze, predict…

So this is how it’ll work for the next 10 days or so: we will resume the system from the last three years. There is an article for the day’s rehearsals published in the morning (or the night before) with the calendar (this year, the new style and format of the official site don’t seem to help look for rehearsals, so on this article you can see a recap). You can comment all day on it, based on all the info you can gather around and as soon as I can, I’ll get working on a recap article with links to pictures, videos, etc. However, I do work (even if both 1st of May and 8th of May are days off in France, which will help) so I’ll do that at the latest in the evening, sooner if possible, depending. Usually, the girls are down there and as you know, this year the girls couldn’t make it to Lisbon.

So we’re all counting on you guys to post in the comment section all the links you find and discuss all material out there. Hope it works out great for everyone, and already a big cheers to all the sites who will post their own made materials.

Here’s tomorrow’s schedule: Semifinal 1 – Half 1 – Second rehearsal

  • 11:00-11:20 Azerbaijan
  • 11:25-11:45 Iceland
  • 11:50-12:10 Albania
  • 12:15-12:35 Belgium
  • 12:40-13:00 Czech Republic
  • 14:05-14:25 Lithuania
  • 14:30-143:50 Israel
  • 14:55-15:15 Belarus
  • 15:20-15:40 Estonia
  • 15:45-16:05 Bulgaria
  • 16:30-16:50 FYR Macedonia
  • 16:55-17:15 Croatia
  • 17:20-17:40 Austria
  • 17:45-18:05 Greece
  • 18:10-18:30 Finland

There will therefore be 15 countries getting their second taste of the stage. The second rehearsal is 20 minutes long.

This is how it works. As usual, in second go, countries reveal much more. It is also followed by an official press conference.

The official site publishes photo sets from rehearsals and a a few seconds of what it will actually look like on TV!

415 comments on “Eurovision 2018 Rehearsals: Day 5

  1. OTT Elina

    • Looks competent!

    • I really like the staging they have for her, all in blue and white and with THAT DRESS! <3 However, although it's different and unique for this year, I really can't see this win the contest, it's indeed OTT and not something I can listen to more than once in a while. Her singing is awesome and she hits those notes easily (unlike Belarus), but I didn't see France win with "Sognu" and neither will Elina with this song, opera/pop is too divisive in that sense. The whole package remains one of the best though, but she won't be a threat to my Top 10 though,,,

    • It looks very effective.

  2. Estonia : This is either flopping very bad or it will end up top 2-3. In my eyes and ears it is stunning simply, unlike anything else this year. The dress while it does not look as big as on the EL stage, it does not look small either thanks to smart camerawork. Close ups to Elina is the secret – she is so graceful its a joy to watch her. It’s a very tough one to pin down in terms of result but it’s unique in the best possible way imo.

  3. I missed Croatia because I was hungry and ate a döner kebab. Yummy!
    How was Franka?

      • Love the song but this doesnt look OK,does it?

        • Again, the song is one of my favourites to win and the ambience it creates in the arena will be pretty cool. The vocals sound decent enough, although they don’t sound as synchronised as I’d like them to be but the staging is a real let down.

          If only I was the staging director for some of these entries, I honestly think we can all do a better and more creative job than this lot (especially when you realise Bulgaria’s staging is done by Sacha Jean-Baptiste). It looks quite amateurish and doesn’t do the song any justice in terms go setting the scene for a “alternative sounding” entry. I personally would have loved to see them:
          1) Experiment a lot more with the lighting, maybe some taller LED screens behind each of them that acts as a reflection of them or creates a cool lighting effect during the chorus.
          2) Clearer camera cuts.
          3) More “edgy, alternative” outfits that are not as dark in colour, as it blends in with the background and lighting too much. A silver-white or grey outfit for all of them would improve a lot. It looks as if they all decided their outfit on their own…

          The other thing that worries me is the lack of cohesion between them, they don’t feel or act like a band, more like individual artists competing for who can sing the best. Hope they improve on this before the semi-final. :/

        • It does! the best camera work today and good concept!

        • I love the song too, but this looks extemely bad. The wide angles work perfectly, everything else is just embarrasing.

      • Thanks. :) … but I don’t watch clips at this point. Have you read or heard anything about Franka?

      • I LOVE the first triple shot and the merging it adds such a dunamic to the performance. Lighting nice as well. They need to show some more passion in facial expressions. Very pleased with this.

      • Lol, does she really need that sofa by the side to sit down on?

      • Definitely very awkward….Thay can sing and the song is very good but is it enough?

  4. Lisbon postcards:
    Lisbon can be very inspiring 😊

    LOLst and found in Lisboa 😊

    • Zhana is lip synching her part with the backing vocalist doing the actual singing.

    • This is so effective (taking under consideration the actual footage as well). Lighting is probably my favourite thus far and this futuristic feel is very fitting. I do not see the whole “they are not cohesive” thing, I think they interact nicely. Zhana on the left of the stage before she takes the center is a haunting figure. This has sophistication and simplicity. Great job imo.

    • They sound good live, but the ensemble remains aloof, cold and menacing, well, pompous is a better word to describe it.

    • Too cold and “noir” for my taste overall, both musically and visually. Perhaps there’s a hint at opera aesthetics in the presentation.

    • Very good song but the staging is tasteless…I won’t even talk about the costumes…they say there is a costume change as well…Geeez!

    • What is she wearing? It’s ugly! Not impressed by anything else either. :(

    • I only listen to one man singing :o

    • The problems here are endless but let me just say that I just get a lack of enthusiasm and investment from her which is the most dissapointing thing. Other than that outfits, dance, and the vocal mix, especially Bojan’s voice in it are all wrong. This is edging itself closer to Iceland and the bottom 2 of the semi I am afraid.

    • F.Y.R. Macedonia alwaysvzstruggle with making a “overall concept” for their acts. Kaliopi in 2012 was their best overall work to date in my opinion, although the standards that year were crazy high. Somehow they seem unable to create an impressive package on stage: it’s either the song or staging that ruins the act when it comes to the live performance. In the case of “Lost And Found”, the staging swallows them and makes it look very basic and lack of close contact with the camera or audience. The designer for their outfits should be fired and the vocals are quite weak overall, this hasn’t got a chance of qualifying in my opinion. They should have someone with competence staging this entry,a although they have a confusing song to start off with… :/

    • ‘No way back’ they sing, that’s about right. Awful. I think this could well be last.

    • I don’t personally mind the outfit, but they can’t save the song in any case. I can’t see it going to the final.

    • Looks and sounds awesome…can make a Shiri Maimun

    • She is very good vocally and stunning but..she does not fill the stage imo. At all. And this hip movement at the end of the clip..kind of awkward. This needs..something.

    • I am impressed. Very well done!

    • I’m getting more impressed with the Croatian entry to be fair, even though I find the song too flat. I like her dress, the vocals are on-point and the overall package works for me (learn from this F.Y.R. Macedonia!). The only thing I would improve with this though is to improve the camera angles and make them more close-up and clean-cut to smoothen out the performance. Also, I think that the stage is swallowing her too much but also because this number lacks a “wow factor”. If they had done some dance-performance to go with the song, it would give the song more energy and make use of the stage better. Otherwise, she could be a surprise qualifier alongside Lithuania and Azerbaijan in my opinion.

      • I strongly object to dancers for this. Franka is the star, and it should be 100 % about her. On the other hand, I agree on the camera shots.

        • In terms of “dancers”: I’m not thinking like what they dd with those horrible dancers from Azerbaijan in 2015 or Russia this year, but maybe have her do some more arm movements and flick her hair or something to create a more impactful staging. Iveta’s in 2016 was really effective because of those holograms, if Croatia can do something with a split-screen on the TV where they show Franka from three different angles while doing hand gestures in the musical parts it can elevate the show a lot! :)

          Do you like the background colour for her performance Toggie? I feel as if they could have gone for a red background, or even just have a spotlight on her and everything else in black for the firs part of the song before bursting into the orange they use now for the chorus.

          • Sadly she couldn’t afford Sacha Jean Baptiste🙄

          • I don’t watch the clips, only pictures because I want a surprise element when watching the shows and thus I don’t know how much my opinion is worth. LOL I Iike what I see on the pics. Regarding her stage approach, she explains in the Wiwi interview why it is the way it is: It’s all about me ♫♪♫
            I did not like Iveta’s performance that much. It was too sexualised for my taste.

            • Ah I see, I like your thinking! Hehe, I think we disagree on Iveta there but I would have liked to see Franka be even more centre-stage than now and make the staging more impactful. Oh well, there’s always next year!

            • We can come back to this topic once we have seen and heard the finished product. :)

            • Indeed, a work in progress for now. :)

    • Competent singing without question, and a fine song overall. As for my personal taste I would probably prefer a slightly more “rock’n roll” approach, both vocally and visually, as the song invites to it. More unpolished…

  5. ESC United are saying that there will be fire a curtain at the end of Saara’s performance and that she is sounding better.

  6. Saara sounded amazing. Waiting for the video – she may stand a chance after all. Gosh this semi will be a nightmare to predict at least for those last 2 places…Lithuania, Finland, Croatia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Switzerland…Could be any of those.

  7. Mikolas is coming out…of the backpack :P :

  8. Full Bulgarian rehearsal

    • Before people start EBU affiliated media are entitled to 3 min of footage while non EBU affiliated media to 2 min so this is legal and legitimate here without special BNT privileges.

      And I can’t get enough if it :) !

    • Doesn’t sound good, doesn’t look good.

    • Oh my…his grey costume looks so sci-fi,he seems lost on stage :(

    • Things are looking good for Austria…

      I have a feeling this could impress the jury a lot and I also like how he goes down one tone after high first high-pitch note on the clip, which makes it less shouty and sound more controlled. This could well finish in the Top 10 in the final on a good night! My only criticism is that they should have done something more about the artists aspects of his performance, like in the music video. I noticed how the had one camera “split” Cesar to create a shattered glass effect on the tv-screen in the clip, but it wasn’t very clear or visible enough for me. If they can ramp up those graphics and make the performance from a tv-viewers point of view (unintended pun) more texturised and showcase those artistic effects from the music video, this can do well with the tele-vote too. Go Austria! :D

    • Why would such a fine specimen of a male wear such unflattering clothes that blend him in the backdrop ? Very unfortunate choice. He sounds great and seems comfortable but I would appreciate him looking at the camera at the clip we saw, making a connection with the tv audience. He currently seems more invested in an arena pleasing performance but he should think about the tv show aspect as well. The screen breaking effect is veru subtle and may just make people think there’s something wrong with their tv.

      • Amen, my thoughts exactly! Shall we write a joint letter to Austria to be their stage director for next year?

        • LOL if I am to direct people like Cezar with pleasure haha – but I think there is (rare) consensus on this one, we should all go and direct :P

        • Although FYR Macedonia and its broadcaster is in a more dire need of stage director right now I think….

          • True, and I’d honestly happily do that if they:
            A) Appear in next year’s contest
            B) They want to actually reach the final again
            C) If they employ someone who isn’t a professional stage director. Hans Pancake has proven that point this year…

            • Well they will appear imo, the appreciate even just the exposure a semi final gives them. They know how to pick songs recently (even if I do not like this year’s mix and match of genres at all it has a sense of “credibility” as a sound) but they do not know how to stage them. It’s a pity

            • Indeed, I actually think that “Dance Alone” could have qualified (ignoring her vocal issues) if the staging was done better. So I agree with you on that.

    • I like your hubby a lot and I’m obviously only one here who likes his styling too. I think he looks very good in those three shades of grey.

      I wish he did lead singing in Bulgaria with backing vocal group of cabable and reasonably good looking singers..

    • Musically the song is growing quite a lot on me. I’m beginning to like it. But I wish he didn’t have to walk around like that. It affects my concentration somewhat, and the song doesn’t invite to a lot of things going on visually.

  9. Franka looks and sounds stunning. And she’s going crazy for good reason. They gave her a very underwhelming song. It’s as bad as Australia’s.

  10. Amazing to see how a staging can change everything in a good or bad way

  11. Don’t be surprised if Cyprus does better than Greece this year

  12. Everything but the kitchen sink

    • At least she is not wearing any of her NF costumes…still looking very busy,she sings well though

      • Vocally she’s strong but the backing vocals trying to sound like the official audio sounds funny and weird.

    • I’m pretty sure it’s there somewhere! Unfortunately we haven’t seen anything yet.

    • Dress is fine by Saara standards. And this has to be the best vocal performance she has given. This is an improvement compared to UMK but I don’t get all those uber wide shots, they just do not “fit” this kind of performance. More focus on Saara is needed imo.

    • Wait a minute, what are the costumes those dancers are wearing?

    • I predict a bottom 6 in the Final

      • Hmmm you are in a good shape today so you mean she will qualify

        • Just because mainly hardcore fans watch the semis. the only way she stays behind is if juries award her less than 40p in semi

          • “Just because mainly hardcore fans watch the semis. ”

            I think this is an aspect not many people take under consideration when predicting. It’s mainly the fandom and diaspora voters. Which is why I think for example Hungary has a much harder mission in the semi – if it qualifies and goes to the final where it can access a much larger and varied audience I think it will do very well.

      • She will be very lucky if she qualifies. These busy over the top performances did very bad in recent years. Countries like Romania 14 could qualify with it, but then crashed in the final. A country like Finland is probably not that lucky.

        • It will all depend on the jury support.
          I believe she has already 60 televoting points (like Verona last year) out of which, 24 from Estonia and UK

      • If she qualifies.

    • She’s a very good singer. I do not care for anyhthing else here.

  13. I don’t know if it’s the bitchy mood of the rehearsals but I don’t like any of the acts so far (in terms of how they look in the clips).

  14. Elina visits press center

    @Eurovisn_Turkey adlı kişinin Tweetine göz at: https://twitter.com/Eurovisn_Turkey/status/992097372145467392?s=09

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