Recap of Rehearsals Day 4

Eurovision 2018 – With two weeks to go to the contest, daily rehearsals start this Sunday and of course the Eurovision Times will do its best to cover them; here’s for the first rehearsals to the second half of semifinal 2: pics and vids will be officially released and we get to discuss, debate, analyze, predict…

This is how it works: for each country, you can click on the country to see a full photoset, or in the picture to watch the recap video.

So that’s it for today’s rehearsals. Tomorrow, there’ll be 15 more (the first 15 from semi 1). So stay tune!

69 thoughts on “Recap of Rehearsals Day 4

  1. Oops this was posted as I wrote my overall review comment on the other thread :-)
    An interesting day. Sweden was a league on its own in staging, delivery, vocal mix (sounded almost exactly like MF in the snippet) with Hungary, Malta, Ukraine and Latvia also delivering.

    Slovenia suffers from bad outfits and awkward music cut moment which disrupts the energy of the song imo. Georgia did all it could but there is no song to work with – its utterly dull and lifeless. Poland was decent and conveyed the club atmosphere but lacked nerve. And Montenegro..worst outfits of the season ? Probably.

  2. Not the most exciting day, I should say. Laura Rizzotto came across as efective and those camera angles will be pivotal. Georgia has perefct vocals. Sweden is polished to death, but it will do too well due to the jurors. Hungary, Montenegro, Slovenia, all had solid vocals. Malta and Poland were not as solid/good imo.

  3. I am still very busy! I know that Mikolas is feeling better :). Was there anything out of the ordinary happening today?

  4. My take on what;s probably the worst day of rehearsals so far:

    Georgia: They have chosen an Il Volo-like staging with darker colors. I’d like something more warm and inviting (all of them in a circle around a microphone for example). As it is you just admire their vocal abilities but there is a “distance” from the audience they never bridge. I love the collars on these suits but costume-wise I would prefer something with more local touches.

    Poland: No improvement here, it looks and sounds dull and lifeless. Not an invitation to a party, that’s for sure.

    Malta: Ominous colors (red/purple), distracting props, off-putting expressions and an outfit worthy of BD consideration. And this was voted as the second best rehearsal of the day by the press corps. Yes today was that bad…

    Hungary: We know it will stand out for being loud in such a semi, but personally I find it comical seeing a chubby guy running around the catwalk barefoot and screaming. The guitarist will be doing some crowd-surfing – apparently they did not risk it with the lead singer.

    Latvia: We know what the deal is, girl-next-door in her living-room (or should I say dorm) doing her sultry affectations in front of a mirror. I think she should leave the hair-toss trick to Foureira. Very unflattering outfit.

    Sweden: Simulation of the recordings’ vocals is not there yet and that’s apparent in the short video as well. It’s a good thing they got him a tighter jacket and that he will stop playing with it so much.

    Montenegro: Another BD-worthy costume. Doesn’t take any originality awards for staging a balkan ballad that one.

    Slovenia: I felt the energy of the national final’s performance was missing. The lack of LEDs is hurting them and those thongs are a mark of desperation…

    Ukaraine: I don’t know what he was thinking getting out of a coffin and having his backing vocals pretending to be zombies. Does he want to be classified in the same joke entry category as DJ Bobo and Cezar? This semi was his chance to stand out and he blew it…

    • After raeding this, I assume I did not miss much.

      P.S. – as far as shampoo commercial aesthetics go, Laura is much more sexier, imo. :)

        • Fair enough. However, Laura’s is there all alone and owns the stage – there’s nothing wrong in being sexy and sultry. Ingrosso’s problem stems from the fact that he is not sexy at all doing that routine.

            • We disagree – she looks sexy, imo. Both Cyprus and Latvia go for the shampoo commercial aesthetics as I said above. Laura makes the best ot it though. It does help that she has a face that is expressive and being sexy, for me, depends on that factor as well.

            • Imo you need some artifice to make this sexually convincing and more than a shampoo commercial. Also a sense of wildness and menace. That’s what Foureira provides in my view compared to Tessoro who looks to me too much the girl on her way to her piano lessons :)

            • You mean Rizzotto? I suppose you do. Well we have to disagree on this issue. Foureira is not a very sexy lady, but I am sure that many disagree. Laura, Lea, Franka, Netta… all fare better than her in that departament.

  5. From what I saw I really liked Laura Rizzotto’s performance! Vanja needs ordinary black costume as soon as it is possible! Ukraine was ok! I LOVE the Georgian song, ive performance was grreat but noticed some lacking with stage presence of guys! Still hope will get a chance ti vote for them!

  6. Georgia: Not bad at all (in my top 10 of this semi actually) but not impactful either. It’s irrelevant for the time being but it kinda reminds me of an entry on hungarian nf this season, “eletre kel”. That song was heavily boosted by a dal jury, hmmm..
    Poland: THAT should stay in semi imo.
    Malta: Not hateful, still below average.Not a fan of what she’s doing on stage
    Hungary: It is my biggest grower but I wasn’t convinced by what I saw from the clip.
    Latvia: Harmless; she isn’t qualifying imo
    Sweden: Probably the only competent entry this evening. Slick, great looking! Loving those orange led lines.
    Montenegro: Um, No.
    Slovenia: Such a beat needs english imo..Televoters will go wtf for all the wrong reasons I reckon..
    Ukraine: An annoyance that I don’t care to bear..

    • I must say, this song is not a masterpiece and definitely not up to Benjamin, Måns or Saade levels of pop/edgy songs but Malta is convincing me that they stand a chance of qualifying in this semi-final. If either Latvia or Poland fail to qualify on the night, then Malta could slip in as the 10th finalist. Her LED’s aren’t as effective as they could be, and her expressions and outfit isn’t worth mentioning either, but with some tweaks this could gain the tele-vote support it needs. This is a grower in my opinion, while Poland and Georgia are falling deep down in the rankings of mine personally…

  7. YT views for the first semi finalists.

    ISR 508k
    CYP 474k
    GRC 375k
    FIN 304k
    CZE 277k
    HRV 233k
    EST 203k
    AZE 181k
    LTU 164k
    BEL 162k
    BGR 156k
    BLR 154k
    MKD 128k
    ALB 118k
    ISL 101k
    IRL and AUT 92k
    ARM 82k
    CHE 71k

            • I don’t think so. I crunched the data last year and YT views of the rehearsals largely agreed with the televote result. Saying that it doesn’t mean Armenia will be last but it’s appeal atm isn’t widespread.

            • If what you say about YT views and televoting is true, Bulgaria is in big trouble. Armenia’s low views don’t surprise me; with this rehearsal we ‘ve seen his qualification is in trouble.

            • I have written already that I wouldn’t even have them as Q if they weren’t considered as a favourite. This doesn’t work in any level.

              On the other hand, Azerbaijan and Croatia have non-existent songs but views reflect how good their rehearsals were. Saara might not be as hopeless as people think as well.

            • Saara might not be hopeless but she is out most probably. Azerbaijan has won the battle. I am waiting to see Armenia live as this one works better on TV rather on a big stage.

            • She looks more confident as a performer even though the song still doesn’t suit her and the prop looks kitschy. I think it’s more probable she does a Blanche than Sennek.

              Sevak looks too dour and austere and that was marginal in the first place.

            • ”I think it’s more probable she does a Blanche than Sennek.”


          • ‘Qami’ could still become the anthem of this movement. After all, it means ‘Wind’ … Wind of change. :)

            • Everything from public television is rejected for not covering the events as it is needed! So I doubt! The anthem is “Make a step, you are not alone”!

            • It worked and made students get out! 10 years people prefered to moan in kitchens and 30 days ago nobody would imagine that they will get out to stop the reprodtuction of this oligarchic systeme . Now people stoped Serj Sarkissian’s attempt for 3th period of rule, didn’t let deputy PM to be chosen as candidate and now are very close to make minority liberal leader to become temporary PM. I admit liberals never were strong recent 20 years.

        • Only one deputee from ruling party voted for him (7 were needed to be elected) and the candidature got rejected. Strikes got stronger today and airport, metro, railways joined strikes and country got paralised. All the streets were blocked by people again and ruling party announced that they will vote for any candidat that will be offered during next session. According to constitution another party may offer his candidature for PM once again (all other except ruling party announced that they will do it). If his candidature will be rejected one more time than parliament will be dismissed but people and oposition demands to make changes in election legislation and oppositional PM and government before next elections. Hopefully ruling party doesn’t lie. right now in Armenia only army is not disstabilised – nearly state is paralised! But – there is no victim (during all revolution), Police is not seen any more. Just people close streets, play ball in the streets, play music, make barbecue….
          Students of Conservatoria:

        • No. Wasn’t it on the Portuguese news? It was on the German news, which extensively cover the developments in Armenia.

      • Agreed! Don’t like Maltas motive at all this year of having completely generic lyrics and then out of the blue say it is about mental health issues. It is so obvious that they are fishing for votes and I find it pretty disgusting tbh.

  8. Cant wait for Sennek tomorrow and to see the actual on camera footage :-) She is even more resilient than Blanche and I am sure she will shine on stage despite the hardships she’s been through :-)

  9. Georgia: Nice harmonies, juries could prop this up a bit, televote will be liw though. Not Qualifying.

    Poland: Vocals seem better but still suffering. Lukas is placed kinda weirdly on the side to Gromee. Energetic though, will qualify and open the final I think.

    Malta: The staging is so tacky. At least Belarus’ relates to the song, this is just random. Bad vocaks. Not going through.

    Hungary: Fiery and energetic, looks great between Malta and Latvia. Kinda wish the lead singer would stay close to the band at all times like at A Dal. High televote incoming gor this one, its going through.

    Latvia: Always been convinced this is qualifying. Sexy and professional, great vocals, juries will love this.

    Sweden: Not much to say as its’ the same as MF. Backing vocalists need to mix better with Benji though. Potential Semi winner.

    Montenegro: What the hell is that suit?? Otherwise, good vocals, the backing vocals are nice, but I feel like the static chorus will draw people off. If they get everything roght, could be a surprise Q.

    Slovenia: Lacks a bit of professionalism, good vocals though, and the dancing is good. Chorus lets this down and it seems easily forgotten after Ukraine.

    Ukraine: Looks great as in Vidbir. Heard about a coffin at the start, which is interesting. Definitely going through.

    I feel like Poland/Hungary/Latvia/Sweden/Ukraine are defs gonna be the 5 qualifying out if this half. The only potential surprise Q could be Montenegro.

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