Eurovision 2018 Rehearsals: Day 4

Eurovision 2018 – With two weeks to go to the contest, daily rehearsals start this Sunday and of course the Eurovision Times will do its best to cover them; here’s for the first rehearsals to the first half of semifinal 1: pics and vids will be officially released and we get to discuss, debate, analyze, predict…

So this is how it’ll work for the next 10 days or so: we will resume the system from the last three years. There is an article for the day’s rehearsals published in the morning (or the night before) with the calendar (this year, the new style and format of the official site don’t seem to help look for rehearsals, so on this article you can see a recap). You can comment all day on it, based on all the info you can gather around and as soon as I can, I’ll get working on a recap article with links to pictures, videos, etc. However, I do work (even if both 1st of May and 8th of May are days off in France, which will help) so I’ll do that at the latest in the evening, sooner if possible, depending. Usually, the girls are down there and as you know, this year the girls couldn’t make it to Lisbon.

So we’re all counting on you guys to post in the comment section all the links you find and discuss all material out there. Hope it works out great for everyone, and already a big cheers to all the sites who will post their own made materials.

Here’s tomorrow’s schedule: Semifinal 2 – Half 2 – First rehearsal

  • 11:00-11:30 Georgia
  • 11:40-12:10 Poland
  • 12:20-12:50 Malta
  • 13:00-13:30 Hungary
  • 14:40-15:10 Latvia
  • 15:20-15:50 Sweden
  • 16:00-16:30 Montenegro
  • 7:00-17:30 Slovenia
  • 7:40-18:10 Ukraine

There will therefore be 9 countries getting their first taste of the stage and first impression from it. The first rehearsal is 30 minutes long.

This is how it works. As usual, in first go, countries rarely reveal everything from their staging, definitely not the clothes. But the fans get an idea of what direction the performance is heading towards. This is mostly a rehearsal for delegations: in-ear monitoring, checking the dressing room, etc. Then the delegations check the recordings and adjust if necessarily. After this, they work on the make-up, and then the Press Meet & Greet takes place.

Usually, the official site publishes photo sets from rehearsals and a short clip (around 90 seconds) about the artist’s impressions around 40 minutes later. Last year it was not possible for any fan sites to record anything else, so you’ll have to just read what everyone there thought about it without seeing more with your own eyes (and of course hear with your own ears).

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342 comments on “Eurovision 2018 Rehearsals: Day 4

  1. Montenegro: Classic Balkan type of staging. Why do the backing singers have to look like bridemaids? The lead singer’s outfit is quite kitsch according to my personal taste, but fortunately it’s still an OK song.

  2. Australia is on a slide, while Cyprus is a head of Sweden shortening also the gap from Estonia.

  3. Slovenia. I quite like the song musically. Nothing to put on the vocals either, but again I am not a fan of that dancing (though I know it probably belongs to the genre). Also the quite demonstrative exposure of buttocks puts me off. Am I suppose to focus on the song or…

  4. Ukraine: Not particularly fond of the song, but the vocals are OK. He just needs a pair of flamboyant glasses, and we have an Elton John ;) But what is that burning staircase about? Shouldn’t it rather be a ladder?

  5. I am finally home and jave just gone over the snippets. It’s so hard to say something valid based on 40 seconds!

  6. Ukraine : They may have gone a bit over the top with the addition of the coffin. But overall Melovin is probably the second best performer of this semi afte Benjamin. He commands the stage and he is vocally a powerhouse – if only he did not have the diction issues. I have grown to like the song as well. A very competent rehearsal that should easily see Ukraine in the final.

  7. The Wiwis say that Poland was great whereas PB reports that the vocals were atrocious. I think I know whom to believe …

  8. Georgia sounded very good live, but the televoters will kill it.
    Poland did not sound like a car crash live.
    Malta brought some leds, because that song needs everything it can get its hands on to hide its weaknesses.
    Hungary sound very good live (will they be wearing that?).
    Latvia sounded like it alwys did so far – the juries will push it through (Australia over this? Those jurors must have some shame)
    Sweden cames across as cold and life less as usual (one can hear the difference now that there are no backing vocals to help them; where are the very sexY shoulders? LOL).
    Montenegro – ditch the suit NOW! The rest is fine.
    Slovenia was fine and I like the song.
    Ukraine was also fine, the song is average, he’s a good live performer.

  9. Overall today Sweden was so far ahead on every level, its kind of embarassing for everyone else I would say. On the actual night the comparison will be almost chaotic.

    That said, Ukraine and Malta also delivered good stagings and very solid performances. Hungary and Latvia stayed true to themselves as well.

  10. Why i don’t like the Dutch song and everybody else like it ? :/ Btw Latvia kick out Russia from top ten in vetting odds . Julia’s voice is very good but the song reminds me some previous years Azerbaijani songs. General from second semi i have only 2 Countries in my top 15. This is my top 15 after first rehearsal ( not in order ):

    1. Bulgaria
    2. Estonia
    3. Norway
    4. Albania
    5. Greece
    6. Israel
    7. France
    8. Cyprus
    9. Italy
    10. Austria
    11. Czech Republic
    12. Lithuania
    13. Belgium
    14. Croatia ( took Belarus place in my top 15 )
    15. Australia

    Also Moldova and Ireland goes up to my list ( 16 & 17 Place )

  11. It seems that Vanja wants a prize to be taken home – unfortunatly he understands that it can’t be the ESC trophy so he tries to claim Barbra Dex. Can’t he see that costume ruins quite nice Balkan Ballad he sings? Wonder what he thinks! Meh!

    • On the other hand, his song is called ‘Frost’ and the suit’s colour matches this perfectly. :)

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