TEKO 2018: Vote in Group 16!

teko-2018 logo-icon-sizeTEKO 2018 – It’s time to vote in group 16 of TEKO 2018; a knockout format (like the World Cup) tournament for Eurovision 2018. Today, you can start voting in the second chance group!

Finally, at the end of the group stage, the 13 runners up of the three-country groups have been arranged to give the top three another shot at progressing through the competition. This year, the top three runners up are:

TEKO 2018 – Group 16

Please listen to the three competing entries:

Ireland IRELAND Together – Ryan O’Shaughnessy

Netherlands THE NETHERLANDS Outlaw in ‘Em – Waylon

Sweden SWEDEN Dance You Off- Benjamin Ingrosso

To hear the song, click on the respective flag!

The voting:

After listening to the three songs, it’s time for you to vote! Please vote for your favorite out of the three.

Europe (…and Australia…and the rest of the world), start voting now!


P.S. If you were interested, the runners-up were ranked as follows:

Group 6: Sweden Sweden – 39%

[Group 15: Spain Spain – 38%]

Group 13: Netherlands the Netherlands – 37%

Group 10: Ireland Ireland – 36% (56 votes)

— — —

Group 5: Macedonia F.Y.R. Macedonia – 36% (53 votes)

Group 1: Ukraine Ukraine – 34%

Group 3: Switzerland Switzerland – 32%

Group 11: Poland Poland – 30%

[Group 7:  Belarus – 29% (41 votes)]

Group 12: Latvia Latvia – 29% (39 votes)

Group 8: Israel Israel – 26% (60 votes)

Group 9: Malta Malta – 26% (30 votes)

Group 2: UK United Kingdom – 22% (37 votes)

Group 14: australia Australia – 22% (26 votes)

Group 4: Moldova Moldova – 17%


UPDATE: The results for this group are out now!

12 comments on “TEKO 2018: Vote in Group 16!

  1. So tough…Sweden is my 8th and Netherlands 9th. Gotta go with Sweden then!

  2. What is Ireland doing here? LOL

  3. My #1 and #3 in same heat, but I don’t mind. Greece is going to win no matter what.

  4. Sweden #3
    The Netherlands #4

  5. No Ukraine? :(
    My vote goes to the least pretentious song out of those 3

  6. 1. Sweden 8/10 (9th in my Top 43)
    2. The Netherlands 7/10 (12th)
    3. Ireland 7/10 (20th)

    Voted for Sweden.

  7. No Ukraine or Israel. What a crazy setting.

    Benny, love ya really do, but one of my top 10 for me is in here. Vote’s for Waylon

  8. Sweden for me, but I would have liked Israel or Ukraine indeed!

  9. Easy choice for me, Sweden! But I like Netherlands too. Some very good ones are out already it seems..

  10. BoNF’s semifinal results are in and they’re shocking! at least 2 or 3 upsets I reckon! Stay tune for the reveal of the Top 15!

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