TEKO 2018: Group 14 Results

teko-2018 logo-icon-sizeTEKO 2018 – Voting in group 14 is closed! See the results of the group with Australia, France, and Lithuania!

After three days, people cast 117 votes in our poll! Remind yourself of the entries:

australia AUSTRALIA We Got Love – Jessica Mauboy

France FRANCE Mercy – Madame Monsieur

Lithuania LITHUANIA When We’re Old – Ieva Zasimauskaitė

Without further ado, the winner is:


“Mercy” was written by Émilie Satt and Jean-Karl Lucas, who are Madame Monsieur. After winning Destination Eurovision on 27 January, it will be performed by Madame Monsieur in Lisbon! The percentages of the results are listed below.

1st place: France – 74 votes (63%)

2nd place: Australia – 26 votes (22%)

3rd place: Lithuania – 17 votes (15%)

This means that France has moved onto the duel stages and that Australia is eligible for the second chance group. Come back tomorrow for the results of group 15!

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163 comments on “TEKO 2018: Group 14 Results

  1. Quite a landslide. :)

  2. Apparently, there are only 4 of these in the world and they’re all here for ESC 2018…

    Elevating platforms?

  3. I don’t even remember voting here lol. Anyway I would vote for France anyway but I also really like Lithuania and quite like Australia.

  4. What a beautiful cover…
    No surprises (Radiohead), by Salvador

  5. No big surprises here. Unfortunately France is loosing a bit of it’s steam here. Let’s see if Gaultier designs can save that!
    Australia is still sending entries to Next Big Gay Icon talent show and failing miserably. Dreaded of habdbag house won’t start here and Jessica win’t be next big gay icon.
    Lithuania’s music for hipster coffee shops is not flat white, it’s just flat.

  6. Thank God !


    12 ISL !!!
    10 BLR?
    08 FRA
    07 GRC
    06 DEU
    05 IRL
    04 DNK
    03 AUT
    02 CZE
    01 ITA

  8. Wiwibloggs just sank San Marino at 4.11 :o (#Awkward)

    Current standings :
    1. Estonia 7.67
    2. Cyprus 7.61 NEW
    3. FYROM 7.58
    4. Ukraine 7.47
    5. Netherlands 7.28
    6. Azerbaijan 7.22
    7. Italy 7.17
    8. Germany 6.75
    9. Slovenia 6.58
    10. Serbia 6.50
    11. Switzerland 6.50
    12. Latvia 6.47
    13. Armenia 6.39
    14. Poland 6.36
    15. Belarus 6.36
    16. Malta 6.31
    17. Croatia 6.19
    18. Denmark 6.17
    19. Moldova 6.08
    20. UK 5.97
    21. Lithuania 5.83
    22. Ireland 5.67
    23. Norway 5.44
    24. Montenegro 5.19
    25. Romania 4.94
    26. Georgia 4.86
    27. San Marino 4.11 NEW

  9. The schedule for the rehearsals:

  10. The latest “to qualify from the 1st semi” odds with probabilities and comparisons as to 2 weeks ago:






  14. With almost 1/3 of OGAE clubs having voted, I’m quite surprised with Estonia’s (#9) and Sweden’s (#11) ranking. Belgium seems to be going up (#8) but still is low.
    Australia is doing much better than deserved (#6) and Greece much better than expected (#7).
    ISR, FRA, FIN, CZE, CYP all of them are delivering as expected, same as BGR (though I’m not sure if that’s paid too :P kidding)

    • Australia 18 is so very generic and VAPID. The lyrics, that totally anonymous and bland, are especially barren. I wish Jessica the very best, but her song is among the worst on offer.

    • Belgium is too sophisticated for the likes of OGAE people. It’s current ranking makes absolute sense IMO.

      • It still is considered low compared to the majority of fans’ polls where it is ranked 3rd!

        • Or 5th, which left me positively surprised, yet again I don’t think ”A matter of time” to be among the top telovote-wise. Overall now I see a lower top10 result.

          • I agree. It’s not as fan favorite as City Lights. I won’t be surprised if it fails to qualify too given the fact it appears just before the Czech televoting-friendly guy.
            Could Belgium be FIN of 2017?

            • I don’t know. I really like ”A matter of time”, whereas Finland was never a big with me last year, thought I included it in my top10 in the SF.

            • FIN 2017 was a 50-50 case in my prediction last year.

            • I really can’t believe Belgium not qualifying if Sennek can pull out okayish performance amidst wonderfully and elegantly distracting staging. It’s quality entry and with it’s Adele Bond leanings quite easy to take. Maybe think it other way round. It might make Mikolas look silly and childish twat with amateurish song.

      • I agree. Moreover, Sennek does not look obviously glamorous (just compare her video to the Australian one). The OGAEs tend to love big soaring vocals and plastic lyrics. There are exceptions of course – Isarel 18 is getting votes, because it can be read as a party song as well.

        • “The OGAEs tend to love big soaring vocals and plastic lyrics” indeed! I am totally confused about who will win ESC 18 to be honest, I’m guessing a country “by default”!
          What’s the buzz like there ? will you attending any of the euro events?!

          • The media are talking about it. I’ll attend the jury final on May 11th.

            • lucky you! sounds great, you could send us back your feedback directly via Lisbon!, even here Media is interested, despite the fact Spanish song is way down in the betting , due to the fact media outside TVE, continuously promotes them as lovely couple who will win the hearts of Europe /close the divide between Spain/Catalonia etc
              I would rather give them the benefit of the doubt and see how they perform in ESC

        • Not looking glamorous is one thing. But she can do with some better grooming, cut the grimaces, get some sun etc.

      • But it’s very ESC, a contemporary take on classy style.

    • What is surprising about Sweden ? I am surprised it received points at all. I expect Benjamin to have a very hard time with fans in Lisbon solely because of the country he is representing. Even worse when he scores the top 5 he is going to score. Israel will kee scoring – it’s typical old school esc joke entry – the safe place the bubble needs from a modernizing esc.

    • Don’t think so. Besides, UK’s approach to ESC has been a kiss of death recently.

      • would agree re UK’s approach recently, although have the feeling Surie will do better than expected for the UK, , it’s a kind of euro song that if you didn’t bother about the terrible lyrics, would be a great euro song

        • Actually I was referring to the fate of the Spanish song. UK media are distant from ESC years now so I don’t expect their predictions to be close to the outcome.

          • don’t worry , no te preocupes nobody expects either the UK nor the Spanish song to win :-( winner would be…a desperate country who wants to win ESC I guess

  15. Tess’s Eurovision 2018 Top 43 – Part 1 (43rd – 33rd):

    There are some surprising options here.

    • France? Sweden? Italy? I totally fail to understand where he is coming from. LOL

    • I appreciate his input here re ESC songs, though why just because he is speaking English in a certain accent means he is opinion is above every one else’s?.for me ,as a native speaker of English, I would say the following: He is an example of a UK of a real nerdy/kind of disguise your accent maybe/just crazily talk about yourself?

      • He has strong opinions, but he explains them; I just disagree with him in several cases.

        • Alas, he has a well-developped anti-Sweden bias imo which makes it hard for him to judge Swedish entries objectively. I always wonder why so many fans (on both sides) find it so hard to be objective when it comes to Sweden in ESC.

          • He has to outgrow it then. ‘Dance you off’ is not a bad song. Ths stage presentation is way over the top, but Sweden 18 should not be as low as he ranks it, objectively speaking, imo.

          • So very true. Even though I’m big fan of MF it has been always for me hit and miss affair. In 2010’s there’s now four hits and four misses. What I’m happy to admit is that I expect from them much more than from the other broadcasters. That’s why Robins, Sanna and Frans were all huge disappointments for me.

            • If we talk post 2010 disaster, Frans is in 2nd place on my Sweden list.

            • Plus, I really applaud broadcasters that have a recognizable approach to ESC. What I don’t like is broadcasters who seem to pick randomly (HRV, SVN, DNK, POL), those that have got lost in the woods (DEU, CHE f. e.) or those who show a condescending attitude towards the contest (BBC).
              Sweden: Polished pop with a slick show.
              Italy: We send what we like. If Europe doesn’t understand, our song was simply too good.
              Bulgaria: Let’s copy what Azerbaijan did several years ago.
              Malta: Please believe us. We are a tiny nation and we are sending the best we can. Do any jurors care for a week in the Hilton Malta? ;)
              Netherlands: Let’s try country music. ;)
              Belgium: Let’s be artsy and contemporary.
              France and Portugal seem to be getting there too. :)

            • We really should have more broadcasters like these. Basically it needs just a producer who is passionate about ESC and knows it inside out and understands the meaning of the word concept. How hard it really could be as both Bulgaria and Belgium turned their fortunes overnight? Same seem to go the opposite way. Azeris lost it with a blink of an eye. Shame really. Maybe they changed HoD.
              Ukrainians could start with changing the voting system. Now they are showcasing high end local talent with lots of potential and end up with high end meh. They do artsy extremely well, they win with artsy, they really should concentrate on that.
              My current top 4 is actually listed here, with one more song in top 10.
              Btw, I must say that your definitions are spot on. As for Malta I would just say, we love messy contemporary in everything.
              And yes, Italians do it better, and they know it 😃

            • And Portugal sort of stumbled upon victory by accident, but judging on this year’s FdC it seems that they have finally understood ESC after 60 years …

            • Some goes to Finland, but they didn’t learn anything 😃

        • you know what? I ended up realising I spoke as a native speaker the number 1 language which is English obviously, and thus I could end up manipulating certain nuances of the language, but in the end best comments are always from non-native speakers here :-)

  16. I’ve just watched Albania 18 live in Amsterdam. I am impressed – he’s great!

  17. Equinox feat. Kristian Kostov “Bones” from Amsterdam is MARVELOUS! I’m speechless…hat down to these artists!! :O

    If Kristian Kostov goes to Lisbon this will be my new number 1!

    This entry is fantastic.. what a dak composition and these Bulgaraian etyhic synths give me chills…also whe they sing in chorus with Bulgarian ethno singing elements (that Balkan yodel) in combination with modern music.. <3

    Their outfit is GREAT! Zhana had hair like in the video..this is unbeliavable entry!

    • Yes specially last 25 seconds is my favorite…kostov won’t be in Lisbon…they will have a folk artist as far as I know

  18. I loved ALEKSEEV – “Forever” in Amsterdam..what an improvement..

  19. OGAE | Letonya’nın oyları. #Latvia

    12 İsrail 🇮🇱
    10 Çek Cumhuriyeti 🇨🇿
    8 Avustralya 🇦🇺
    7 İsveç 🇸🇪
    6 Estonya 🇪🇪
    5 Avusturya 🇦🇹
    4 İrlanda 🇮🇪
    3 Beyaz Rusya 🇧🇾
    2 Litvanya 🇱🇹
    1 Bulgaristan 🇧🇬

  20. Good for France, since I don’t get the fuss on Australia at all. France will now face another huge OGAE favorite in Finland in the next TEKO round!

  21. lauging eyes are the ones you remember :-)

    so underated (see comments! :)

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