Finland: YLE Unable to Pay for Songwriters’ Trip to Lisbon

Finland –  According to a story in the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, Finnish broadcaster YLE is unable to pay for the songwriters of this year’s track, Monsters, to travel to Lisbon. Most delegations always give accreditation passes and travel costs to the songwriters, but Linnea and Joy Deb have been told there are no spaces for them this year as part of the Finnish delegation. 

YLE television producer Anssi Autio said,

“We already pay for so many and it’s not entirely up to us to decide who to include in the delegation. I want to emphasise that we would very much have liked to have them with us. Songwriters should  be there more than managers and PR agents, absolutely, who are also still necessary. But this is also a collaboration with the record company and Saara’s team. Therefore, we must take them into account when we decide who should be included in the delegation.”

Linnea Deb said

“It is really sad. Imagine a film festival without the director or screenwriter there. It was important in Finland, but now they have catapulted us out. I feel it is so sad that composers have zero weight in a competition based on just our work. It is skewed. We probably will not work with YLE again.”

There has been no comment from Saara Aalto or her record company as yet on the matter.

21 comments on “Finland: YLE Unable to Pay for Songwriters’ Trip to Lisbon

  1. ……this is really sad and beyond words. In 1981 the composers were filmed together with the artists in the postcard to give them a place in the spotlight. In 1983 the names of composers were told by the presenter at the announcement of the song. ….

    No SONGcontest without them………

  2. YLE and Warner Finland have officially now thrown the towel in the ring. What a bunch of sad loosers!

  3. Very rude…how come a TV channel can’t afford plane tickets for 2?🤔

  4. That’s totally rude coming from YLE or any broadcaster.

  5. LOL!This is close to ERT’s low.They should do it the ERT way.It pays only for the tickets and hotel of its employees.The singer/songwriters,stage directors,backing vocalists etc have to find their own funding i suppose through the record company.

  6. Messy affair, I see. :(

  7. Awful ways to handle things. Me no likes…

  8. They made a large portion of this song and now they can’t come? Lol that’s just wrong

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