TEKO 2018: Group 13 Results

teko-2018 logo-icon-sizeTEKO 2018 – Voting in group 13 is closed! See the results of the group with Armenia, Finland, and the Netherlands!

After three days, people cast 145 votes in our poll! Remind yourself of the entries:

Armenia ARMENIA Qami – Sevak Khanagyan

Finland FINLAND Monsters – Saara Aalto

Netherlands THE NETHERLANDS Outlaw in ‘Em – Waylon

Without further ado, the winner is:


“Monsters” was written by Eurovision 2015 winners Joy and Linnea Deb, along with Ki Fitzgerald and Saara Aalto herself. After winning UMK 2018 on 3 March, it will be performed by Saara in Lisbon! The percentages of the results are listed below.

1st place: Finland – 55 votes (38%)

2nd place: the Netherlands – 54 votes (37%)

3rd place: Armenia – 36 votes (25%)

This means that Finland has moved onto the duel stages and that the Netherlands are eligible for the second chance group. Come back tomorrow for the results of group 14!


9 comments on “TEKO 2018: Group 13 Results

  1. Oh! Nice to see my vote counted here!

  2. Sevak (Armenia) was in Grândola for his postcard

  3. That one vote..Congrats to Saara !

  4. Damn, one vote difference! :o

  5. I voted for Finland :P

  6. Yay Finland! ^^

    Off topic: If you haven’t yet voted in the ET Premath (ET official pre-chart) you can still do so until the 25th of April! You can find all of the updates and the info on how to send your personal top 10 this season here: https://eurovisiontimes.wordpress.com/2018/03/27/et-premath-2018/

    Remember all votes count and with now 31 voters it is getting really tight in the top! KEEP ON VOTING!

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