OGAE: Latest votes

OGAE – The latest votes from the Eurovision international fan clubs, OGAE International, are in. The most recent clubs  to reveal their votes are Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Iceland, Australia and Slovakia… will Israel continue to take the twelve points? Check out the latest votes:

The Hungary OGAE voting was as follows:

  • 1 point went to Austria
  • 2 points went to France
  • 3 points went to Ukraine
  • 4 points went to the Czech Republic
  • 5 points went to Belarus
  • 6 points went to Italy
  • 7 points went to Greece
  • 8 points went to… Finland
  • 10 points went to… Estonia
  • 12 points went to… Israel

The Ireland OGAE voting was as follows:

  • 1 point went to Estonia
  • 2 points went to Germany
  • 3 points went to Cyprus
  • 4 points went to the Czech Republic
  • 5 points went to Bulgaria
  • 6 points went to Austria
  • 7 points went to Finland
  • 8 points went to… Australia
  • 10 points went to… France
  • 12 points went to… Israel

The Italy OGAE voting was as follows:

  • 1 point went to Bulgaria
  • 2 points went to Estonia
  • 3 points went to Belgium
  • 4 points went to Finland
  • 5 points went to Denmark
  • 6 points went to Austria
  • 7 points went to Australia
  • 8 points went to… Greece
  • 10 points went to… Israel
  • 12 points went to… France!

The Iceland OGAE voting was as follows:

  • 1 point went to Estonia
  • 2 points went to Australia
  • 3 points went to Cyprus
  • 4 points went to Greece
  • 5 points went to the Czech Republic
  • 6 points went to Sweden
  • 7 points went to Denmark
  • 8 points went to… France
  • 10 points went to… Finland
  • 12 points went to… Israel

The Australian OGAE voting was as follows:


  • 1 point went to FYR Macedonia
  • 2 points went to Bulgaria
  • 3 points went to Sweden
  • 4 points went to Belgium
  • 5 points went to Cyprus
  • 6 points went to the Czech Republic
  • 7 points went to France
  • 8 points went to… Estonia
  • 10 points went to… Finland
  • 12 points went to… Israel

The Slovakian OGAE voting was as follows:



  • 1 point went to Denmark
  • 2 points went to Norway
  • 3 points went to Poland
  • 4 points went to Cyprus
  • 5 points went to Finland
  • 6 points went to Bulgaria
  • 7 points went to Ukraine
  • 8 points went to… Greece
  • 10 points went to… Israel
  • 12 points went to… the Czech Republic


Netta from Israel has had the top mark from 9 of the 11 OGAE clubs that have voted so far so is out in the lead. The up to date scoreboard can be found here. Here’s the current leaders:


43 comments on “OGAE: Latest votes

  1. ISR, FRA, FIN, CZE and CYP get a very predictable support given their songs.
    On the other hand EST, SWE and BEL are not scoring that well.
    Italy is doing much better than expected same as GRC!
    Australia is Australia, Bulgaria might win the whole esc from #9 in OGAEs ranking

    • Let’s hope you’re wrong! :)

      • Unfortunately, Bulgaria is very desperate to win as was Azerbaijan during the 2009-2011 period…

      • Why not? I don’t see any reason why Bulgaria shouldn’t win.

        • Don’t like the song… Pretty dull to me…

          • But it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t win. Do you see what I mean?

            • Well… I see what you mean. But I don’t think a dull almost irritating song deserves to win. I wouldn’t even qualify it…

            • I don’t think you do, PJ. You are still putting forward your own subjective opinions regarding to who deserves to qualify or win. Food for thought ;)

            • Yes, it’s just my opinion😊 of course, in theory everyone deserves to win! But I’d rather pass the trophy to a song I like… 😋

        • Neither do I. Song is epic, anthem like big stage fair. Production of the track is stellar. The sound is big and very dynamic. And it will look stellar too. They will win easily televoters’ backing just like last year. Juries of course are already in the bag.

        • I don’t understand your reasoning.I don’t want a song i don’t really like to win.It’s simple.All 43 songs are eligible to win and they all have their chance but it doesn’t mean that i,PJ or anyone else should be happy about it.Plus,i begin to dislike Bulgaria’s approach to the contest.I prefer winning songs coming from the heart of the singer and the songwriters because they have a story they want to share with people.Bulgaria follows Azerbaijan’s path to victory,hiring songwriters with the explicit aim to write a song that will win esc,using certain techniques as hyping every little peace of news around their entry,not showing sportmanship by voting down all the other contenders last year etc.They’re not breaking the esc rules(except maybe if there’s a recommendation to their jury to vote down their rivals) but i won’t support it.

          • Again it is your own subjective opinion…also last year the Portuguese national jury marked down it’s nearer contender as well. I don’t see you protesting against them.

            • Did they? Tsk tsk
              Seems like every country is desperate to win 😁

            • Yeah, they did as well.

            • BGR and POR didn’t give points to each other in the jury voting. Tactics? :p

            • Sure tactics..both were good songs so they could have voted for each other instead of humiliating themselves by shady voting!
              Juries suck big time…eurovision needs another jury solution

            • We all express here our very subjective opinions.Your question “why it shouldn’t win” makes no sense,imo.I mentioned Bulgaria because it didn’t vote for any of their other rivals and there was an investigation by EBU which was inconclusive in the end.And if you check the analytical results you see things are different when it comes to how the 2 juries-Bulgarian and Portuguese-voted.My opinion about Bulgaria is what it is for every country.I have an opinion on the song which i currently rank 12th among the other entries and i also have an opinion about the country’s approach to esc which is perfectly fine.

            • As long as your are so prejudice (that also could apply to anyone) about Bulgaria, yes, it wan’t make sense to you if someone mentions that they deserve to win it. In fact it does makes sense, but you should leave your biases aside first. I have Bulgaria 9th in my ranking and though I don’t think it is a masterpiece, I perfectly understand why several people think it will do well, even win.

            • Again,you are being super rude to people because it’s your norm.I never said that it’s not among the favorites or that other people shouldn’t like it.I just called your question “why it shouldn’t win” irrelevant.I also don’t like France which is considered by many people a contender and i don’t want it to win.I recognise other people like it and may vote for it but i won’t be happy if it wins.Why should i say that France or Bulgaria deserve to win this year when i don’t like their songs?It’s one thing recognizing a song as as a possible winner and a totally different one saying that it deserves to win.

            • Rude lol. Exactly what did I say that was rude. I wish you were more balanced with your opinions and step in when other people where rude round here. Really, you can’t make any sensible discussion. Do you? And I will leave it here.

            • If you feel that Bulgaria deserves to win it’s totally fine by me or anyone else here i suppose.Forcing other people to say that it deserves to win and calling them prejudiced and biased because they won’t call “Bones” a song that deserves to win esc makes no sense but it comes from you so i should expect it.
              Calling other people prejudiced and biased is rude so no lol here.

            • Excuse me, wasn’t you throwing in 4-5 reasons against Bulgaria (irrelevant to music? If you gonna start arguing that ”Bones” do not deserve to do well because of the tactical voting of the juries, or because BNT is obsessed with winning it, yes that’s prejudice and and bias.

              And to be more precise I am referring to you exclusively not to people in general.

            • The first thing i said was that it’s obvious when you don’t like a song that you won’t say it deserves to win.My opinion on Bulgaria’s approach is a plus.I would be biased if i loved the song and didn’t want it to win because it’s Bulgaria.Again,i’m saying i don’t want France to win esc even though,i’m fine with their esc approach.I follow preselections and delegations closely so it’s inevitable that i will have an opinion on their esc approach as well.And their esc approach reflects on the type of songs that represents them in the end.So which are the qualities of “Bones” that make you say it deserves to win eurovision?

            • ”So which are the qualities of “Bones” that make you say it deserves to win eurovision?”

              It comes across as very dynamic and current and within the ESC context that hardly ticks the boxes of excellence in general, it is a well deserved contender IMO. Whether it should win or not I will leave once I get to see the live version. And even if it doesn’t I will not complain either…

              Also Bulgaria isn’t the only country trying to win this. Belgium does so, and Sweden wants to break Ireland’s record as well…so it isn’t just Bulgaria.

            • Good for you then that you’ve found a deserving esc winner in Bulgaria.

            • It wasn’t about pleasing me anyway….

            • “why it shouldn’t win” irrelevant”

              Shall start calling your reasoning about Bulgaria irrelevant and unfair?

              Who is being judgmental and rude in this instance, I wonder…

          • By the way your opinion abut Bulgaria is being lost among issues irrelevant than music…it’s fine if you don’t want it to win (personally I don’t have it near my top3 atm) but it is a different thing to disapprove? its potential to win just because you don’t like it.

            • Actually I have to agree with Dimitris here. It is not irrelevant at all what sort of approach a country follows when it comes to the contest. Personally I don’t approve of the mercenary singer/songwriter approach or the angst-to-win mentality that the EBU encourages for its own reasons every time it sees it. We have seen it before among other eastern countries like Russia and Azerbaijan and in my opinion it leads to entries that are usually pompous and without character. Imo that’s the case with the bulgarian entries both this year and last. I am fine with people liking them and wanting them to win (in fact I have them 13th in my list so I do see some merit) but they wouldn’t be my personal choice to win.

            • But that wasn’t my point (whether Bulgaria’s approach to ESC is relevant or not) though but in fact what you wrote towards the end. The fact it doesn’t do it for me or you for example it doesn’t mean they aren’t deserved winners…since last year in ET Bulgaria is being given a harsh feedback just because they want desperately to win it. Don’t you think this is too much and irrelevant if we look it exclusively from a music perspective alone? What’s wrong if a country wants to win at last for once? It is a competition after all.

            • Nothing is wrong with it but I do find it relevant as criticism from a strictly musical perspective. Because in my view the artistic result is totally different when you let an artist risk it with their vision (eg Salvador or Jamala) compared to doing things by committee and subcontract simply to m*ximise results based on some formula. The second is more like business than art.

              If they win fair and square, then that means nobody else came up who could convince people of their artistic vision, therefore by definition they will deserve it.

            • But as I said already, if that is an important part of your evaluation I am fine with it as long as that affects only your own ranking. Implying it shouldn’t win or it is a less worthy winner because it falls outside ones personal package of a worthy winner enters a totally different territory.

            • The problem is usually the opposite though. That is, rewarding packages that have been subcontracted to international teams simply because they are seen (erroneously for the most part) as more commercially “viable”.

            • Think is the average viewer might not be aware of those things so I am not quite sure they ”consciously rewarding commercially viable songs”. Public votes is honest and reflects what people enjoy on that Saturday night.

            • Indeed, but what I referred to seems to be an element in the jury vote at least.

            • Jury vote, yes, has its issues when it comes to that element, but last year the rewarded both approaches.

  2. This goes to Israel 🤗

  3. 2 sexy AWS members react to all 43 songs:

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