Georgia: Listen to Iriao’s Entry!

Georgia – The Georgian entry for this year is the last to be revealed! It’s going to be sung by Iriao and it is called ‘For You’. It was leaked earlier today, then taken down after a complaint. It’s now up again! Iriao will perform in the second semi-final (second half) in Lisbon on the 10th of May. 


What do you think of this entry? And what do you think of its chances in the contest? Share your comments with us!

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354 comments on “Georgia: Listen to Iriao’s Entry!

  1. Betting news (eurovision world) :
    Greece enters top 10
    Sweden falls at #9 while Norway climbs at #7 !!!

    1. ISR
    2. EST
    3. CZE
    4. BGR
    5. AUS WTF?!
    6. BEL
    7. NOR
    8. NLD
    9. SWE
    10. GRC
    11. ESR
    12. FRA
    13. FIN
    14. ITA
    15. BLR
    16. AUT

  2. Hmmm I posted a comment as an answer to Donnie in his comment above and I am not sure if they are censored or there is some kind of bug..It would be really dissapointing if they are censored..

    • Hi guitar, I’ve looked and checked and can’t see anything from you. No-one has deleted it, so maybe there was a problem with wordpress?

      • Yeah I thought so because it happened a few days before as well with some comments that I did not consider controversial by any standards. I also find me unable to be able to answer comments through the notifications tab, I have to find the comment in the thread and click the “reply” button to answer…

  3. Thankfully Albania revamp is finally out! The revamp for once was actually not bad. Removing the slower build up to the first chorus kind of sucks but it had to be done given how long the original song was. They kept the magical transition to the 2nd chorus which is great.

    I think it really stands out in an unfortunately tough first half of Semi 1. I am really hoping we can qualify, because not doing so with our best song since 2012 would be incredibly discouraging. Still will remain 7th on my rankings!

  4. Qami will be released on the 21st of March.

  5. Ok so here are my final ESC 2018 rankings before rehearsals:

    1. Italy
    2. Belgium
    3. France
    4. Czech Republic
    5. Bulgaria
    6. Ukraine
    7. Albania
    8. Sweden
    9. Netherlands
    10. Israel
    11. Portugal

    12. Switzerland
    13. Latvia
    14. Denmark
    15. Serbia
    16. Austria

    17. Finland
    18. Cyprus
    19. FYR Macedonia
    20. Russia
    21. Croatia
    22. Montenegro
    23. Greece
    24. Norway
    25. Australia
    26. Azerbaijan
    27. Poland
    28. Moldova
    29. Lithuania
    30. Ireland
    31. Germany
    32. Armenia
    33. Belarus

    34. San Marino
    35. Slovenia
    36. Spain
    37. Romania
    38. Hungary
    39. United Kingdom
    40. Georgia

    41. Iceland
    42. Estonia
    43. Malta

  6. Apparently Ari received online abuse for crying in the Icelandici national final and that made even the official eurovision channel step in and make a video to support him :

  7. Slightly off topic…Oh my!

  8. Portugal 2018 performed live:

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