Bulgaria: Listen to Equinox’s “Bones”

bulgariaBulgaria – The Bulgarian entry for this year, to be sung by Equinox is now online. The song is called ‘Bones’. It was hinted at us all night long, with plenty of guesses along the way but it is now officially on Eurovision’s YouTube. Equinox will perform in the first semi-final (first half) in Lisbon on the 8th of May. 

What do you think of this entry? And what do you think of its chances in the contest? Share your comments with us!

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432 comments on “Bulgaria: Listen to Equinox’s “Bones”

  1. on my mp^3 player I miss: Georgia (obviously), Portugal (audio version not yet released), Albania (revamp)

  2. updated list *for now* (not lives etc)

    01 Israel
    02 Sweden
    03 France
    04 Italy
    05 Belgium

    06 Ukraine
    07 Portugal
    08 Czech Republic
    09 Greece
    10 Netherlands

    11 Bulgaria
    12 Estonia
    13 Croatia
    14 Montenegro
    15 Austria
    16 Switzerland
    17 Norway
    18 Latvia
    19 Cyprus
    20 Armenia
    21 Belarus
    22 Finland
    23 Macedonia
    24 Albania
    25 Azerbaijan
    26 Germany
    27 Lithuania
    28 Ireland
    29 Denmark
    30 Romania

    31 Russia
    32 Hungary
    33 Poland
    34 United-Kingdom
    35 Serbia
    36 San Marino
    37 Moldova
    38 Slovenia
    39 Australia

    40 Iceland
    41 Spain
    42 Malta

    • Top 9 is our common ground with the exception of Sweden which I find a very lame repetition of the 2017 formula/genre and stage approach.
      While I can appreciate Waylon as a live performer, the Dutch entry is not among my favorites cause I really miss some inspiration both in the song and in the genre.
      And then we have Azerbaijan which I would include in the bad category personally, just above AUS :D
      Slovenia is my 6th and I genuinely like IRL and RUS more than you do :)

      Other than that, total agreement !

      • I don’t really get that. The fact both are slick and use a big gimmick flashy live doesn’t mean the songs have anything in common actually.

        • They do have as the genre is pop (with retro touches), lyrics are in English, the vanity is prominent, the posing is identical when they tilt their heads etc

      • and yes, besides quirks from personal taste, there are still 8-9 songs everyone agrees, so people saying “it’s more open than last year” are, imho, wrong


      YES!!! : BEL, PRT, ISR, ITA, UKR
      NO : ALB, LTU, ROU, ARM, UK, AZE

  3. Austrian song only gets better and better…I may escalate him to #2 from #3 any minute

  4. NLD is now ahead of SWE in betting odds.

  5. ok still my top five is the next
    1 SPAIN
    4 FRANCE
    5 GREECE
    maybe next days i can have top 10 , go to be dificult, because i find this year sooo cliche and cheap , last year i have a top 20 , but this year dont happen

  6. Azerbaijan (slightly altered)

  7. My complete list looks like this now:

    Gods and Goddesses: –
    Kings and Queens: HUN, ISR
    Nobility: FRA, GRC, ITA, PRT
    Citizens: BEL, BGR, CZE, LTU, MNE, NDL
    Prostitutes: CYP, UKR
    Crocheting Circle: EST
    Craftspeople: ALB, ARM, AUT, CHE, GEO, HRV, NOR, RUS, SRB
    Peasants: DEU, MAK, MDA, POL, ROU, SVN
    Cruise Sip Singers (under the patronage of Donny Montell and Anja Nissen): AUS, BLR, FIN, LVA
    In the beauty parlor: SWE
    Beggars: AZE, ESP, IRL, UKD
    Convicts: DNK, ISL, MLT, SMR
    Waiting on the Scaffold: –

  8. I’ve missed the Georgian song…they took down the video

  9. GEO is back:

  10. On Georgia: I don’t know how georgian polyphonic music is supposed to sound. This sounds like something quite appropriate for Christmas. I don’t mind it, it gives me a homely feeling of warm melodiousness. Better than buying some trashy pop song for abroad like Azerbaijan f.i.

    Whether one likes it or not, it adds to the diversity of the contest this year.

  11. I am surprised that GEO18 has been quite well received by the Wiwi crowd so far.

  12. On Georgia: I do like the melody and their voices obviously work together. The problem is I feel like there’s this huge build to nowhere, and it leaves me feeling quite empty. Good on them gor sending something different though, but still is a likely NQ even from Semi 2

  13. Such ends another NF season, and my rankings list. I’ve only changed my Number 1 once after the contest since 2010 (that was in 2013), so it looks like Italy will be my Number 1 for the second year in a row!

    2010: 🇹🇷
    2011: 🇧🇦
    2012: 🇸🇪
    2013: 🇳🇴
    2014: 🇬🇧
    2015: 🇧🇪
    2016: 🇸🇪
    2017: 🇮🇹
    2018: 🇮🇹

  14. Infe gr. posted a very interesting article on least liked entries on the official esc channel (Based on the percentage of likes)

    Here are the results :
    1. RUS 40%
    2. GEO 54%
    3. SMR 56%
    4. ISL 59%
    5. NOR 67%

  15. Semi 1 recap:

    • And the 2nd.I can’t find 10 songs i like:

      • Second semi seems weaker imo but still some good entries that I am drawn to. Overall I like this years crop of songs. A fine ESC edition for sure and plenty of variation. I hope the lives and stagings do what they have to. I am looking forward to it very much :)

    • This is a very strong semi final studio version wise. I missed nearly all of the NF season (thank goodness, didn’t need the usual unnecessary drama that entails). Not easy to say with any conviction who will make it on this. Lives and staging will make or break some of these for sure.

  16. This is Bulgaria trying to forcefully drag the coolness of the 2016 and 2017 entries they seemingly were greatly successful with thanks to “right place right time”. It therefore ain’t cool anymore.
    Moreover with Russia out and a very weak Ukraine if there was a year they ever could have won, it was 2017. But history wanted something slightly more eventful in its lines ;)

    • Russia and Ukraine 2018 are both quite weak in any case so I would be surprised if Bulgaria didn’t trounce both of them this year.

      • indeed, I fear Russia will get trounced once again due to current events, apart from the fact the song is kind of weak to begin with, feel sorry for that disabled girl in the end..

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