Portugal: It’s Cláudia Pascoal to Lisbon!

Portugal – Portugal’s national selection, Festival da Canção 2018, concluded in the early hours of this morning and the winner, and this year’s Portugese representative in Lisbon on the 12th May is Cláudia Pascoal singing ‘O jardim’. 

Here’s the winning song:

57 comments on “Portugal: It’s Cláudia Pascoal to Lisbon!

  1. Who is this cute South Korean/Japanese girl singing in Portuguese I asked to myself😊
    She is so adorable..has a very delicate voice but the song does nothing to me😬

  2. Copy-paste from previous thread:

    There were songs I liked more in their final, but this combines the portuguese ESC approach with a very modern sound that envelops the listener in an atmosphere of nocturnal soul-searching and wandering on empty streets. It’s something I could definitely listen to if it came up on the radio.

    When it comes to her interpretation, I wish it becomes less personal in terms of manifest emotionality. We already have the german contestant singing about his late father in much the same way (choking, voice breaking etc), not to mention other charged emotional performances this year. The whole thing risks becoming another cliché or turning the contest into a reality show.

  3. After 2nd listening started to grow bit but still would prefer Anabela waving Portuguese flag at home.

  4. Its female Sobral singing dated Sobral-like song with a more (excessively) emotional performance – to the point it takes a toll on her vocals. The message is nice and I resonate personally since I had the same thing happen to my family a month and a half ago. Still this song does nothing for me and with a 4.3/10 it ranks 31st and last on my list.

    Good luck !

    P.S. Lili thank you for the haunting song. One of the best of the season and the only spark of light in yesterday’s final.

    • I’m sorry for your loss however i don’t see any similarities between “Amar pelos dois” and “O Jardim”.I’d thought this was much more up your alley.

      • I find it equally not memorable, maybe a tad more musically relevant but still kind of dated and we have the on-stage manneurisms as well that make me uncomfortable with all these hand movements where she seems like she wants to choke herself or something…It’s just not my thing as a package.

  5. I like it very much but it needs a revamp in order to stay interesting until the end. Luckily I read that Isaura seems to be aware of this issue. With a good revamp I can see Portugal doing well again come May. Boa sorte.

  6. This is very boring, yet elegantly produced song. Such a shame it came on top. Portugal joined now the ranks of Ukraine, Hungary and Latvia.

  7. Very nice fan video for «O jardim»:

  8. A lovely and haunting song. The melody is beautiful, the lyrics are deep, and you feel the raw emotions of Claudia. I think this will get a good result again for Portugal, whether low Top 10 or high Top 15. 8th on my list so far!!

  9. And just I was thinking the song was familiar

  10. Fine song, but not entirely my taste. But since the year is so bad (at least so far), it is in my top 3. There was another song I liked better.

    Again, it reminds me a bit of some Nordic stuff from the last 10 years, f.e. Marie-Louise Munck and maybe Agnes Obel, but it is not quite on that level.

  11. Portugal is my #2 for now and could be my #1 in a while.This is so up my alley.It could be the soundtrack of an independent movie about loss and how to cope with it.It’s about all those silent nights you may find yourself wandering out in the streets and a random smell or a look may bring back memories that fill your eyes with tears just like Claudia’s.

  12. I found this translation of the lyrics.It seems quite accurate from what i can tell.I don’t know what Shevek and PJ have to say:

  13. I have 2 comments waiting moderation. One for Mermaid this morning and one for Togravus and Anders this afternoon.

  14. I’ve had a hectic day and listening to ‘O Jardim’ is really soothing. It’s sad, I know, but it’s very emotional and I suddenly noticed how it made forget about the busy day and focus on the song itself. I have no idea about how it will fare, but it stands out among the known songs so far. Have you read the reactions to it, PJ? Or anyone else?

  15. I’ve been catching up with the songs chosen in the last week or so (before tonight), finally I hear a really good song, well done Portugal! :)

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