Portugal: Festival da Canção Final Tonight

Portugal – The grand final in Portugal’s national selection, Festival da Canção 2018, takes place tonight. There are 14 acts in the final and you can watch the Grand Final of Festival Da Cançao 2018  from 22:00 (CET) on the RTP webcast

The final will be held at the Pavilhão Multiusos de Guimarãein Guimarães and hosted by Filomena Cautela and Pedro Fernandes. The voting will be 50/50  regional jury / public televoting . The regional jury will consist of 7 administrative regions, with 3 jury members in each area: Northern, Central, Lisbon and Tagus Valley, Alentejo, Algarve, Azores and Madeira.

The interval act will pay tribute to  Simone de Oliveira (Portugal 1956, 1969) & girlband, Doce (Portugal 1982).

Tonight’s line-up for the Festival da Canção 2018 final is:



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704 comments on “Portugal: Festival da Canção Final Tonight

  1. No surprise…The shape of Water gets the best picture!I’ll never understand Oscars😑

    • Sigh !
      At least Blade Runner won best cinematography and visual effects !
      Get Out : Original Screenplay
      Call Me by Your Name : Adapted Screenplay.
      Those are winners I agree (same as female supporting role)

  2. Just reviewed the 6 songs in the Lithuanian Final. Wow is it bad.

    2 mediocre songs, and 4 trash songs imo. Why do they go through such a drawn out process if they usually end up with shit in the end (save for Donny lol)

  3. There were songs I liked more in their final, but this combines the portuguese ESC approach with a very modern sound that envelops the listener in an atmosphere of nocturnal soul-searching and wandering on empty streets. It’s something I could definitely listen to if it came up on the radio.

    When it comes to her interpretation, I wish it becomes less personal in terms of manifest emotionality. We already have the german contestant singing about his late father in much the same way (choking, voice breaking etc), not to mention other charged emotional performances this year. The whole thing risks becoming another cliché or turning the contest into a reality show.

  4. Mixed feelings about this. I mean, it’s a nice song. Yet…

    My top 10 so far:

    01. HUNGARY
    02. FRANCE
    03. ALBANIA*
    04. ITALY
    05. BELGIUM
    06. GREECE
    07. ARMENIA
    08. PORTUGAL
    09. LATVIA
    10. ROMANIA

    …and the bin:
    27. ICELAND
    28. CYPRUS
    29. SAN MARINO
    31. SPAIN

  5. Betting odds :

    1. EST
    2. BGR
    3. CZE
    4. FIN (losing ground)
    5. ESP !
    6. SWE (losing ground, Personally I never remember SWE at odds of as low as 19/1 recently, sums pretty much the very weak MF line-up)
    7. AUS
    8. RUS
    9. NDL
    10. DEU
    11. BEL
    12. ITA
    13. ISR
    14. BLR
    15. FRA
    16. HRV (Divaesque snippet helped a lot I guess)
    17. AZE (Dream Team expectations, AHAHAHAHAHAH)
    18. GRC
    19. NOR (Rybak effect?)
    20. UKR

    • I don’t have high expectations for AUS and ISR.
      HRV might turn out good same as BGR although I’m a bit tired of their attention seeking and overhype they create…
      I expect AZE to rank worse than many countries listed below them (f.e Ukraine)

    • And FIN screams FFF for now!

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