Slovenia: Lea Sirk to Lisbon!

Slovenia – The famous Evrovizijska Melodija, known by esc fans as EMA, was back in Slovenia and it concluded tonight after the semifinal last week. 8 songs competed to represent Slovenia in Lisbon and Lea Sirk won with the song “Ne, hvala!“!

The hosts of the show were Vid Valič and the two-time participant Raiven. This was tonight’s line-up:

  1. Lea SirkNe, hvala!
  2. IndigoVesna
  3. Ina ShaiGlow
  4. BQLPromise
  5. Marina MartenssonBlizu 
  6. Lara KadisZdaj sem tu
  7. ProperUkraden cvet
  8. Nuška DraščekNe zapusti me zdaj

It was a 50% jury and 50% televote result. It was a close vote between BQL who won televote and Lea who won jury! In the end Lea Sirk, 3rd with televote, won with 116pts total against 106pts to BQL. Lara Kadis completes the podium.

Here’s the winning song:

What do you think of the winning entry? And what do you think of its chances in the contest? Share your comments with us!

29 comments on “Slovenia: Lea Sirk to Lisbon!

  1. Sounds very current…haven’t heard the others so I can’t compare but I am digging this music!

  2. Even though it’s far from my taste in music, I think there are some really good elements in the music here, especially in the verse. Unfortunately it’s a standard pop chorus with the 4 chord progression again again again. The world is drowning in 4 chord songs :(

  3. I listened to it once! It sounds current. performed well, girls are beautiful. But this is not my type of music . It seemed to me lengh of the song is 6 mins. Hard to rank it!

  4. Sort of enjoy it but that’s it. I feel Slovenia will struggle once again.

  5. YAY my number 2 won! :D

    This is “a killer” performance!

    I’d keep it in Slovenian language, but if she decides for English, I will understand..

  6. This was the best choice and it pains me since I love BQL and really thought they should have won last year..Eternally 2nd I guess lol. Anyway, this song is good and Lea is the bomb on stage. Nice attitude, confidence, vocals on point. It’s contemporary and catchy. I can totally see it in the final with a similarly strong performance. It is the best choice made tonight so far while we wait for Latvia

    This is a solid 8.2/10 and 5th out of 18 on my list. wow did not expect it so high lol !

    Good luck !

  7. It’s so terribly far off my radar, this kind of music. Yes, I’ve already made my confession that I liked Slovenia 2013, but that was an exception I reckon. It’s a hard song to rank, very modern. I don’t think it’s a bad song in its genre, it’s just not for me. (5/12)

  8. A modern song, what a show!
    Good luck Slovenia :)

  9. Sounds fresh and good for me. Good luck in Lissabon.

  10. I am starting to sort of like this one. Bold choice, Slovenia! Let’s see if it grows on me some more or not. Congratulations, Lea Sirk!

  11. I don’t mind this but it does remind me a lot of “My Słowianie”. I’d have preferred BQL…

  12. This was among my least favourites of this NF! Watching it again it’s not too bad, the live performance and show were good, but I find it pretty mediocre and not really modern, sounds more like a 2010 song.

  13. This was he biggest positive surprise LOL. I did not think juries would go that crazy for this, it is like the complete opposite of Omar’s song.And although ‘heart of gold’ is way better than promise, I feel bad for BQL. They should just get internally selected next year or something. Anyways, Hvala, ne is very well staged and performed and is a lot of fun. I am hoping it wont be changed to English.

  14. A so-so year for EMA, but the best act of the night proceeded to Lisbon. Surprisingly enough this is my favorite song coming from Yugos this year (still waiting for HRV and FYR). Still, Nika deserved the ticket :) <3

    Average of EMA 2018 : 5,56 (for detailed ranking see my profile)

  15. Kind of surprised this won the jury vote, but congrats to Lea! I like the verses here and the build-up is great, but the chorus falls so, so flat. The stageshow is tacky, although the camerawork really pushes this to its’ win. Too bad this in Semi 2, it could qualify from Semi 1. Right now I don’t see a way this will qualify.

    14th place for me so far.

  16. The videos of the final’s performances are being uploaded on youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/user/ESCSlovenia/videos?disable_polymer=1

  17. If we speak results-wise, bookies till now have it dead last out of 43 countries, keeping some company to CHE, MNE, ISL, MLT, GEO, SMR, FYR, ALB and SRB.

    Bookies are not much in favor of Balkans this year :P

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