Latvia: It’s Laura Rizzotto to Lisbon!

LatviaSupernova, the Latvian National Final, concluded tonight. 8 songs competed for a chance to represent the country in Lisbon and Laura Rizzoto won with “Funny girl“!

The show was hosted by Dagmāra Legante and Justs Sirmais (Eurovision 2016). This was tonight’s line-up:

  1. Sudden Lights – Just fine
  2. Lauris Valters  – Lovers bliss
  3. MADARA – Esamība
  4. Ritvars – Who’s counting?
  5. Liene Greifane – Walk the talk
  6. Edgars Kreilis – Younger days
  7. Laura Rizzotto – Funny girl
  8. Markus Riva – This time

We had some lovely interval acts by Instrumentii (ETSC 1) and Brainstorm (Eurovision 2000). Also a great duet between Justs (Eurovision 2016) and Ralph of PeR (Eurovision 2013) doing a funny take on Latvian medley. Then they revealed the results. It was a 50% jury and 50% televote decision which was never going to be good to Sudden Lights, who won their semi’s televote but didn’t even qualify because of the juries. However, they got a wildcard for tonight’s show! Madara was 3rd leaving Sudden Lights and Laura battle it out! In the end it was revealed that Laura won!

This is the winning performance!

What do you think of the winning entry? And what do you think of its chances in the contest? Share your comments with us!

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145 comments on “Latvia: It’s Laura Rizzotto to Lisbon!

  1. Offtopic, the audio version of Montenegro:

  2. Who will decide tomorrow? Armenia, Romania and that’s it, correct?

  3. Back from theatre where I had been… waiting for Godot…
    No comments on tonight’s results seriously.

    So far:

    like/really like
    01. HUNGARY
    02. FRANCE
    03. ALBANIA*
    04. ITALY
    05. GREECE
    06. LATVIA
    07. GERMANY

    so and so
    08. SERBIA
    10. DENMARK

    don’t like
    12. CZECHIA
    13. BELARUS
    15. MOLDOVA
    16. MALTA
    17. UKRAINE
    18. SLOVENIA
    19. SPAIN

  4. Excellent choice Latvia!
    This is a song to watch out – visually, vocally and vibe-wise.
    This goes straight to my Top 5.

  5. 1)France
    7)Czech Republic

  6. This is quite a good entry for Latvia, but I’m disappointed with the winner as they had much better options…

  7. Holy shit you guys :|
    This night just made sure ESC 2018 is gonna be amazing. :)
    Four out of Five NF winners went as I wanted, only Madara couldn’t make it. Laura was a distant second, but it was my guess on who was gonna win, so I won in a way.

    I was bracing all day for a horribly boring Gergely win, but when AWS took it I literally yelled. I was dying for a quality hard rock entry for a while and I got it! My most liked song from Hungary since 2014.

    Melovin made it easy, and he gave us one of the best camera angles in a long time. That endless flight of stairs was excellent. And it’s one of the few songs I’d consider flawless.

    Moldova had one job and they made it. Slovenia was a pleasant surprise (I still think BQL should go for them, but this wasn’t the song. Lea’s song was much more unique).

    Overall, this was an excellent Eurovision day and I’m over the moon :)

  8. For tomorrow:

    -Asmik is a nice choice if you want the modern pop. I am more open to Sevak since the horrible Gergely destiny was avoided in Hungary. Kamil… it’s so bad it’s good, but still, better chose a better song.

    1) Feli
    2) Feli
    3) Feli

  9. Approximately,but still not definite:
    1) Czech Republic
    2) Ukraine
    3) France
    4) Denmark
    5) Belarus
    6) Hungary
    7) Italy
    8) Slovenia
    9) Greece
    10) Moldova
    11) Switzerland
    12) Spain
    13) Serbia
    14) Germany
    15) Malta
    16) Albania
    17) Latvia
    18) Montenegro
    19) UK

  10. Congrats to Laura! I was cheering for Esamiba, however, I fell in love with Laura’s live tonight. I think its’ incredibly irresistible, she sells the song well and enchants you. Although the studio version kind of lacks oomph, the song itself was built for the stage and works great live. The stage show/camera work worked really well here. I actually think this has a chance to get a really good result for Latvia, especially since juries will eat this up.

    Since this is the final article for tonight, here are my full rankings:

    1. Italy
    2. France
    3. Czech Republic
    4. Ukraine
    5. Albania
    6. Switzerland
    7. Latvia
    8. Denmark
    9. Serbia
    10. Moldova
    11. Montenegro
    12. Greece
    13. Germany
    14. Slovenia
    15. Spain
    16. Belarus
    17. Hungary
    18. United Kingdom
    19. Malta

  11. My top 5 at the moment looks like this:

    1. France
    2. Italy
    3. Czech Republic
    4. Ukraine
    5. Greece

    I’ll sort out tomorrow the rest of my ranking.

  12. Since we pretty much know every song competing in nfs this year I can safely say that by far my nf winner of the season has been decided :

    Nobody could beat this class, lyrics and raw emotion delivered. Thank you Sarah.

  13. Random post of the day: Bambi reduced to one page:

  14. “Funny Girl” screams a very good placement in Lisbon imo and though I preferred both Esamiba and Just fine, song-wise, this is definitely a performance to watch out in May. It oozes confidence and engages you till the end.

    So far :
    1. ITA
    2. LVA (NEW)
    3. FRA
    4. UKR (NEW)
    5. CZE
    6. SVN (NEW)
    7. ESP
    8. CHE
    9. SRB
    10. DNK
    11. DEU
    12. BLR
    13. HUN (NEW)
    14, ALB
    15. MNE
    16. MLT
    17. UK
    18. MDA (NEW)

  15. I hope for Kamil Show, Lusine or Nemra in Armenia tomorrow..

    I hope for Dora Gaitanovici in Romania…

    I hope fr good semi in FdC!

    • I’ll post those articles in a few! I’m hungry now, I’ve just ranked MF 2018 :o

      • GREAT, I have just rad your ranking.. :D

        I have listened to Polsih hopefuls…quite weak lineup..there is one that is huge fave..you will see when check them..

        • Poland first hearing:
          01 Gromee feat. Lukas Meijer – “Light Me Up”: mef, unoriginal pol that’ll sound bad live I fear
          02 Isabell Otrębus – “Delirium”: It’s a decent song, it needs a strong vocal live though, and it could be a bit repetitious
          03 Monika Urlik – “Momentum”: swedish team, a MF reject? no momentum, cruel irony :p
          04 Ifi Ude – “Love Is Stronger”: it’s a strong melody with a slightly boring production and everything is meh (lol lyrics)
          05 Saszan – “Nie chcę ciebie mniej”: not unpleasant but totally anonymous
          06 Happy Prince – “Don’t Let Go”: sounds like the most professionally done, enjoyable
          07 Pablosson – “Sunflower”: awful, a floral “cake to bake”
          08 Marta Gałuszewska – “Why Don’t We Go”: a cute teen effort, irrelevant
          09 Maja Hyży – “Błysk (Skin)”: see above (a bit better though)
          10 Future Folk – “Krakowiacy i górale”: irritating as hell
          I dont think poland will trouble my top 10 or the scorebaord in may…

  16. Now that I’ve finally ranked MF (link: https://eurovisiontimes.wordpress.com/2018/02/24/sweden-melodifestivalen-heat-4-results/comment-page-1/#comment-345868), all that’s left for me to do is: Lithuania 50 songs and listen to the Polish songs… did anyone listen to them?

  17. Having heard some of tonight’s selected songs for the first time (Hungary) and for the 100th time (Latvia), here is my official Top 19 so far:

    ===QUALITY (10-12)===
    1. Italy (10/12)

    ===VERY GOOD (8-9)===
    2. France (9/12)
    3. Latvia – NEW ENTRY (9/12)
    4. Czech Republic (8/12)
    5. Greece (8/12)

    =====GOOD (5-7)=====
    6. Spain (7/12)
    7. Serbia (7/12)
    8. Ukraine (6/12)
    9. Germany – NEW ENTRY (6/12)
    10. Switzerland (6/12)
    11. Denmark (6/12)
    12. Belarus (6/12)

    ===AVERAGE (3-4)===
    13. Malta (4/12)
    14. Slovenia – NEW ENTRY (4/12)
    15. Montenegro (3/12)
    16. United Kingdom (3/12)
    17. Moldova – NEW ENTRY (3/12)

    =====BAD (0-2)=====
    18. Albania (2/12)
    19. Hungary – NEW ENTRY (2/12)

    I believe that next week’s Andra Chansen will be very interesting and with some favourites of mine being stuck in there now (Margaret and Felix). :D

    • Finally someone who agrees with me on Slovenia, Moldova and Hungary (though Moldova is my last)

      • I just really dislike Hungary and will not qualify in my opinion, unless it’s the only rock song of the contest alongside Albania. Moldova is trying to be as fun as last year’s entry, but ending up looking like a crew of accountants doing a karaoke show. Slovenia is solid, but very repetitive and doesn’t keep my attention as I turn off by 1:00 into the song.

  18. Split results:

    1.Laura Rizzotto

    2.Sudden Lights



    5.Edgar Kreilis

    6.Lauris Valters

    7.Markus Riva

    8.Liene Greifane

    1. Laura Rizzotto

    2. Sudden Lights

    3. Markus Riva

    4. MADARA

    5. Liene Greifāne

    6. RITVARS

    7. Edgars Kreilis

    8. Lauris Valters

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