Sweden: Clips of Heat 4 Songs Available Online

Sweden – Melodifestivalen 2018 wraps up this weekend in Örnsköldsvik and the 1-minute song snippets of this heat’s acts have been released online by Swedish broadcaster SVT. As well as that, from 19:00 (CET) tonight SVT will also be showing some rehearsal footage

You can find the song snippets on SVT’s site HERE.

Heat 4 will consist of the following acts:

  1. Emmi Christensson – Icarus
  2. Elias Abbas – Mitt paradis
  3. Felicia Olsson – Break That Chain
  4. Rolandz – Fuldans
  5. Olivia Eliasson – Never Learn
  6. Felix Sandman – Every Single Day
  7. Mariette – For You

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231 comments on “Sweden: Clips of Heat 4 Songs Available Online

  1. Germany is 9th in the betting odds right now…uh what?!?!

  2. Don’t know if it’s been mentioned but all of the Polish songs have been released.

    Recap of all 10:

    My favorite is definitely “Love Is Stronger”, I love it.

  3. Waylon’s first potential esc entry will be released tonight.He invites fans to start the guessing game on which one is the song he has actually chosen for eurovision.He says that he has chosen it with his heart and inspired by his love for music.It’s also a clever promotional campaign for his album:

  4. Oh,here’s is Waylon

  5. Remember when I wrote on Wiwi that Waylon isn’t a country singer.
    The first song is definitely rooted in country.

  6. EBU has ruled that Alekseev will be able to sing the original version of his entry “Forever” in Lisbon.

  7. Well it would be nice to get to hear something from the Netherlands that is not country for once. Not that there is anything wrong with country (usually not so much my taste though, except for a few examples, e.g. “Calm After the Storm”), but I fear Netherlands will just be known as the country country.

    There must be other types of music there.

  8. I heard Waylon’s 1st song and i don’t think this is his esc entry.

  9. The final esc versions of the Sammarinese entries: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_f69AFJ448NOEFxujBaT7w/videos

  10. Songs i liked in San Marino:

  11. Running order in Iceland.Dagur and Heimilistonar will keep their songs in Icelandic and the remaining 4 will sing in English: http://www.ruv.is/frett/tvo-log-sungin-a-islensku-i-urslitum

  12. Result of the Melodifestivalen rehearsal voting. As I expected, Elias would grab a lot of the kid votes. I’m pretty sure now that he’ll be Top 4.

    Mariette – For you: 200 votes, 26,4%

    Elias Abbas – Mitt paradis: 152 votes, 20,1%

    Rolandz – Fuldans: 121 votes, 16%

    Emmi Christensson – Icarus: 94 votes, 12,4%

    Olivia Eliasson – Never learn: 75 votes, 9,9%

    Felix Sandman – Every single day: 65 votes, 8,6%

    Felicia Olsson – Break the chain: 50 votes, 6,6%

    • NO Felix?

    • It’s a cold outside. Brrr Felix so low?! Emmi 4th with the kids?! I am looking forward to listening to ‘Icarus’ tomorrow. The first thing I noticed about the known snippet was the orchestration and the clean vocals and that came as a surprise this being MF.

    • They haven’t always got it right, and I hardly think that Felix is that low in the SF tomorrow (he’ll steal most of the youth vote, not Elias because his song is a lot weaker than Mendez even!).

      • they even got it very wrong in the last heat…

      • No, they’re not always right. Maybe Felix could do an Anna Bergendahl, who also finished second last in the rehearsal poll but who eventually would win the entire MF. I’m still pretty sure that he will be Top 4 as well, and probably go “direkt till finalen”.

        Felix will get the young teen (girls) votes while Elias will get the kid votes. I’d guess that some kids who maybe originally would have voted for Felix will be disappointed to find him sing a piano ballad. Kinda like Markoolio – another kid favourite – in 2009 who disappointed his audience by entering with a ballad (even though it was a pretty hilarious Dima Bilan parody, the joke was above their heads) and thus failed. Again, not saying this will happen to Felix, just that I don’t think he’ll have the kids with him this time.

  13. Meh. LIAMOO is the only one that wouldn’t do badly on my list.

  14. Updated info on FdC snippets:

    Diogo Piçarra – 96 498 views
    Cláudia Pascoal – 46116 views

    No one else is close to these two. This did not happen with the first semi snippets.

    Meanwhile, Janeiro’s live rendition is very popular on yt: 238 604 views followed by Catarina’s, 153 375 and Peu’s, 135 535. Catarina Miranda’s song grew on me somewhat, but I love Emmy Curl, so it’ll be hard for me to see her sing this way.

  15. I just saw Sudden Lights qualified in the Supernova final in the end as the wildcard, how awesome! :D

  16. The top-3 money-wise in San Marino:

    Sara De Blue € 6212
    Jenifer Brening € 2922
    Jessika € 1968

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