Serbia: Beovizija 2018 Tonight!

Serbia – Serbia’s National Broadcaster, RTS, will host tonight this year’s Beovizija contest. The final will take place in Belgrade and will see 17 acts compete to win the chance to represent the country at this year’s Eurovision in Lisbon.

The show will be hosted at the Sava Center in Belgrade. This is tonight’s line-up:

  1. SevdahBABYHajde da igramo sada 
  2. Rambo Amadeus and Beti ĐorđevićNema te
  3. Maja NikolićZemlja čuda
  4. Srđan Marijanović and EmilBar da znam
  5. Ivan KurtićNi sunca, ni meseca 
  6. Sanja Ilić and BalkanikaNova deca
  7. Koktel BalkanZato
  8. Boris RežakVila
  9. Lana and AldoJača sam od svih
  10. Dušan SvilarPod krošnjom bagrema
  11. Igor LazarevićBeži od mene
  12. Saška JankovićPesma za tebe
  13. LordSamo nek se okreće
  14. Danijel PavlovićRuža sudbine
  15. RaybassUmoran
  16. Osmi Vazduh and FriendsProbudi se
  17. Biber and DJ Niko BravoSvatovi

The show starts at 21:00 (CET) and can be watched here or here. So who should win and represent Serbia in Lisbon? Let’s find out the 1th song for this year Eurovision Song Contest!

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672 comments on “Serbia: Beovizija 2018 Tonight!

  1. So this is my top 13!

    1. Czechia
    2. Italy
    3. Greece
    4. Spain
    5. Belarus
    6. France
    >>>7. Serbia
    8. UK
    9. Switzerland
    10. Denmark
    11. Albania
    12. Montenegro
    13. Malta

  2. 2nd time and I find it even worse…

  3. Good luck, Serbia!

    Goo night, everyone!

    P.S. Sevak FTW!

  4. Good night everyone!

  5. Yay! I enjoyed the studio and just watched the live, it looks solid. The vocals are great and despite being a bit dated, I like the feel of the melody. The only thing is that the song is flat after s couple of listens, and feels like something that would get lost in the running order, especially in Semi 2 with Montenegro and Slovenia the only friends they have.

    1. Italy
    2. France
    3. Czech Republic
    4. Albania
    5. Switzerland
    6. Denmark
    7. Serbia
    8. Montenegro
    9. Greece
    10. Spain
    11. Belarus
    12. United Kingdom
    13. Malta

  6. Dear all

    Just your annual reminder about the rules of the forum. I have deleted some posts on this thread and other threads which I felt crossed the line and in response to several complaints I have received over the last week or so from different people.

    The only person responsible for what you post on here is YOU. You are responsible for your behaviour. Please think about how what you say may come across as and keep it friendly and civil as ESC season heats up and passions flare. Please avoid personal attacks.

    In order to make ET a place people want to contribute and be part of a community, please keep the following in mind.

    – Respect Your Counterpart: The discussion should be founded on mutual respect. You can disagree, but never get personal! Disagree without being disagreeable.

    – Respect Your Fellow Participants: Read everything in the discussion thread before replying. This will help you avoid repeating something someone else has already contributed. Acknowledge the points made with which you agree and suggest alternatives for those with which you don’t. Be thoughtful and generous in your response to other people’s messages – try to consider what might be useful in what they are trying to say even if you disagree with it. Some would say this is the most important guideline of all!

    – No Flaming: Criticism must be constructive, well-meaning, and well articulated. Please, no tantrums. Rants directed at or about any of your classmates or other Eurovision sites are simply unacceptable and will not be tolerated. The same goes for profanity! (Expressions that are frequent in oral English are exempted from this rule)

    – Respect Diversity: It’s a multicultural world in which we live. Use no language that is offensive—or could be construed as such— toward others. Racist, sexist, and heterosexist comments are unacceptable, as are derogatory and/or sarcastic jokes directed at religious beliefs, disabilities, and age.

    If I feel posts need to be removed I will do so as soon as I’m aware of them and able to. Anyone continuing to break the rules could be placed on moderation. I hate doing that so please please let’s all get along.

    Let’s all enjoy discussing music and Eurovision in the run up to Lisbon.

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