Germany: Songs Released Tonight

Germany – German broadcaster, NDR, has revealed the songs for Unser Lied für Lissabon. There were 4000 entrants, and the 100 members of the Eurovision panel and 20-strong international jury picked only 6 finalists. They will perform in Berlin on 22nd February 2018. Check out the 6 finalists now… 

The snippets are available here: http://blog.prinz.de/grand-prix/unser-song-fuer-lissabon-die-songs-sind-da/

This is the line-up for the German national final:

  1. Xavier Darcy – Jonah (Xavier Darcy, Loren Nine Geerts, Axel Ehnström, Thomas Stengaard)
  2. Ivy Quainoo – House on fire (Jörgen Elofsson and Ali Tamposi)
  3. Ryk – You and I (Rick Jurthe)
  4. Michael Schulte – You let me walk alone (Michael Schulte, Thomas Stengaard, Nisse Ingwersen, Nina Müller)
  5. Natia Todua – My own way (Loren Nine Geerts, Ricardo Bettiol, Martin Gallop, Jaro Omar)
  6. voXXclub – I mog Di so (Merty Bert, Mike Busse, Philipp Klemz, Lennard Oestmann, Joe Walter, Martin Simma)

The final will take place on the 22nd of February 2018 at the Studio Berlin Adlershof. The show will be hosted by Linda Zervakis and Elton. So, who do you think should win?

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207 comments on “Germany: Songs Released Tonight

  1. Michael couldn’t resist and just had to take those soundbank drums to spoil it in the end. It was pretty ok until that.

  2. Well Natia Todua – “My Own Way” is by far the best for me..it’s fresh and different.. I read one comment her voice reminds of mixture of Cindy Lauper and Shania Twain, and I agree with that. :)

  3. Ryk – You and I (Rick Jurthe). Great stuff! I hope the live is equally great.

  4. The songs are available on spotify here.Here’s Jonah:

  5. After elimination of Gata band and quite disappointing German NF..one more bad thing for me..i have just checked Monika Marija’s performance from Saturday. and I prefer her first outfit BY FAR..and they have changed the arrangement of the entry a bit now, I liked it more earlier, now if she wins Lithuania will not be my number 1 ! :'( But “Saulės kliošas“ – „Įkvėpk ir Nepaleisk“ is FASCINATING..if they win Lithuania will be my number 1!

  6. Michael and Ryk are the best…

  7. Off-topic – this is how yesterday performances are faring on YT:

    1.º “(sem título)” – Janeiro – 62 359 visualizações
    2.º “Só Por Ela” – Peu Madureira – 44 396 visualizações
    3.º “Para Sorrir Eu Não Preciso de Nada” – Catarina Miranda – 42 552 visualizações
    4.º “A Mesma Canção” – Maria Amaral – 24 153 visualizações
    5.º “Eu Te Amo” – Beatriz Pessoa – 22 860 visualizações
    6.º “Para Te Dar Abrigo” – Anabela – 18 803 visualizações
    7.º “Alvoroço” – JP Simões – 18 078 visualizações
    8.º “Zero a Zero” – Joana Espadinha – 17 975 visualizações
    9.º “Anda Estragar-me os Planos” – Joana Barra Vaz – 15 964 visualizações
    10.º “Sem Medo” – Rui David – 15 073 visualizações
    11.º “O Som da Guitarra é a Alma de um Povo” – José Cid – 11 668 visualizações
    12.º “Com Gosto Amigo” – Rita Dias – 8 744 visualizações
    13.º “Austrália” – Bruno Vasconcelos – 6 165 visualizações

  8. Ok so here the lowdown on all the various selections:

    Sweden: Martin, Jessica and Moncho at least served their songs with conviction, even though vocally she was (almost) as ridiculously weak as Mendez was. Jessica’s was the only song that I found somewhat “catchy” in this lineup. I am not surprised that Dotter did not pass. Her style of singing was weird (as if she was spitting out the words) and her performance was perhaps way too animated for the swedish audience. I am glad that the one obvious remake of a recent hit got left out, even though the Despacito clone was sent to AC. Very uninteresting selection of songs.

    Ukraine: I found Tayanna’s and Kadnay’s performances much more interesting than their respective rock ‘n’ roll and punk/indie bangers. As for Melovin I see no appeal in his style or this sort of “ooo-ooo-ooo-oooh” pop-rock songs in this day and age. If they are so intent on sending him, let them do that and watch him falter in Lisbon. Illaria probably had the best song but did not serve it well in terms of singing and diction; I have to say that Vilna were sadly more convincing in the New Age department. All in all, as far as I am concerned they had much better qualifiers in the previous semi.

    Iceland: I expect Dagur Sigurðsson to easily win the whole thing and perhaps have a lot of juries in May rewarding that “big voice” of his. Aron did what he did last year but in a more embarassing way. I don’t know what that dreadful school-play duet of Áttan is doing in the final – perhaps they mixed up the votes with the “Brosa” duet which was actually quite charming. The disco housewives probably deserved to be in the final as well.

    Latvia: Laura plays well the part of a sultry blonde doing a predictably sultry James Bondesque ballad in a horrid dress. Lauris have a ingratiating and repetitive song that they sold with a lot of energy. I much preferred Mionia who had a great song and some great staging but, for the accent she was doing, needed a costume much grittier and street-cred than red gown and sensible hair. Kris & Oz was cool while it lasted but I see how it would not make anyone pick up their phones.

    Estonia: Among the qualifiers the only thing that I found somewhat interesting was Frankie Animal. I have to say though that their staging was more probably more intriguing than a song that I would gladly listen to in the early evening hours drinking cocktails in some island bar. Among the rest of the qualifiers I see there is also a Disney ballad, a boy band and a punk WTF number. My favourite qualifier of theirs remains Sybil Vane from the first semi, but I see nothing threatening Elina for the win.

    Slovenia: Completely up the BQL bandwagon again this year as they ooze charisma and summertime vibes. Also can’t wait to listen to the english version of the song. Lea Sirk reminds me a lot of “My Słowianie”. Nuška Drašček sold her dated disco banger quite well. Indigo and Proper were as well-intentioned and dull as their snippets. As for Nika Zorjan I don’t know what she was thinking with this staging of her waking up in her underwear on a messed-up bed after having sex with two guys. She should have known better.

    Portugal: Peu Madureira’ song was the obvious stand-out among the snippets and I see that he predictably won this semi. I have to say I applaud his guts to look and sound like something out of a ’70s time capsule without even selling it as “quirkiness” – one can only find something like that in the portuguese selection. Catarina Miranda and Rui David also had nice songs. Janeiro and JP Simoes were interesting but obviously can’t hold the audience’s attention for three minutes.

    I still haven’t done anyhting from Lithuania and I am expecting the videos from Armenia to come out. We already know that Tamar’s and Gata band’ rehearsals were quite bad, so nothing unexpected regarding their non-qualification.

  9. Listened to the German songs and they have the same problem they’ve been having in recent years. Everything is just so mediocre and average.

    Here’s a suggestion: instead of doing this complicated “let’s match songs to artists” bs, just have the artists apply with their own Eurovision entry. Or better yet, do an internal selection. Probably would be better entries that way anyways.

    My favorite is probably Natia, but I’m not extremely impressed. I also like Michael. The others all go straight to the bin, although voXXclub is at least a little bit fun (although it gets annoying fast).

  10. I like ‘You let me walk alone”. A very personal and emotional song with lyrics I can relate to. So that’s my favourite.

  11. Listening to the songs in full i fear Germans may go for Natia Todua.I suppose there’s going to be a superfinal and i hope Michael will reach it.

  12. Daniel Levi made a mash-up with all the Eesti Laul finalists.lol!

  13. I have listened snippets from the 2nd semi and again I LOVE many…just lie the first semi, I just hope on the night of the semi I will like them equally cause the first semi didn’t deliver that GREAT in the end as i expected..

    What I LOVE from the second semi based on snippets, in this order:

    1. Minnie & Phayra
    2. Tamin
    3. Lili
    4. Claudia Pascoal
    5. Susana Tavassos
    6. Peter Serrado
    7. Daniela Onis

    I see Diogo Picara is huge fave, but I didn’t fall for snippet, it was kinda boring and non inspiring

    I see Claudia is quite popular too, I liked her, hope she does well..

  14. One more bad news today.. :(
    Aisel from Azerbaijan works in Greece with the “dream team”….now I think i won’t like her entry that much! :(
    Tomorrow must win smth GREAT at Beovizija and I give it 10/10 to compensate for today! :P

    • Marko did you like Nika’s entry in EMA?

    • “dream team” LOL some people know how to promote themselves
      If this self claimed “dream team” are the ones responsible for Demi’s song then I am not impressed either

      • Well, they certainly don’t call themselves “Dream Team”; that’s a “title” given to them by some eurofans :)
        But both Fokas and Kontopoulos are kinda “worn out” imho, so I share Marko’s concern about the Azeri entry and I am a bit skeptical :)

    • She will be singing a ballad 100%…I can’t imagine her singing a disco tune!

  15. I caught up with the Slovenian preselection (EMA) this year. To my disappointment, songs only scored from 5 to 7/10. There was only a 4/10 and it is a qualifier to my surprise (Lara Kadis).

    However, they STILL had a great opportunity (in such a bland EMA year) to spice things up in Lisbon and yet they decided to eliminate THIS?!!!
    I need Hjallis and his opinion on this matter :P

  16. Michael Schulte or Ryk here! Theoretically it seems Armenian and German entries may have common/close titles. Asmik’s song “You and I” and Ryk’s one, Lusine’s “If You Don’t Walk Me Home” and Michael “You let me walk alone”. Usually girls hate when someone else wears identical dress on the party :D
    Goodluck to both my favorites here!

  17. What a festival of bad stagings. Proper throw back Monday 😃

    • Bad stagings, dated song and dated ideas for esc, averagy vocals (not helped by an awful sound production, just like esc 2008 which we watched last night with my bf and was horrendous)

      • I really enjoyed my top 5 as songs. Don’t really know are they dated or not or just Serbian. For me ESC is kind of dated to begin with so I really don’t mind. It lives in it’s very own time zone and dimension 😃

  18. I hope Natia Todua will win gmrna NF.
    Natia’s color of voice (especially in the chorus) reminds me of Poli Genova in this song, A LOT:

  19. Since some of my requests have been considered and satisfied I will resume some commenting on here as a sign of good will.

    On the german hopefuls it is Michael all the way for me, I loved this song on first listen ! Ryk is pretty too.

  20. Pictures of German rehearsals (updated as the rehearsals continue):


  21. Ryk can’t sing live in the rehearsal because he has caught a cold …

  22. The official video for Michael’s “You Let Me Walk Alone”.Natia’s video is the one with most views(however looking at the amount of likes/dislikes tells a different story:

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