Israel: Final Four Contestants Battle Tonight in The Next Star

Israel – HaKokhav HaBa  (The Next Star) comes to an end tonight as the four remaining acts battle for a ticket to the Eurovision Song Contest. National broadcaster IPBC is running the show in partnership with Keshet and Tedy Productions. You can watch from 20:00 (CET) via the Live webcast via mako.co.il. 

The four finalists are:

  • Chen Aharoni
  • Netta Barzilai
  • Riki Ben Ari
  • Jonathan Mergui

68 comments on “Israel: Final Four Contestants Battle Tonight in The Next Star

  1. Chen Aharoni is a… usual suspect, right?

  2. Jonathan Mergui: a great live performance!He’s a star who showed he’s ready for esc. 90%

  3. I do not know anything about this NF; good luck to all 4 hopefuls!

  4. Netta Barzilai to Lisbon!

  5. What a brilliant choice! I’m speechless…..I hope she will have a weird song as hell…

  6. It says 20:00 CET in the article, so I would have thought the NF was over by now (?)

  7. Anyway, the link just goes to web page, and all information is in Hebrew.

  8. Israel seems to have made an interesting choice. I’ll wait for the song.
    Good luck!

  9. On the israeli representative, I dont know what she is doing. Was that singing, noise muffling, I am not sure. I hope her esc song sounds less enervating than what she sang in the rising star final. Good luck.

  10. The Israeli selection wasn’t even active on my radar until I saw Twitter abuzz last night about the selection. So I checked out some of the stuff she’d done:

    All I can say is HELL YEAH, and that it just got very easy for Israel to take my #1 spot this year. Live sampling and mixing is so interesting to me, and a lot of music I’ve been listening to outside the ESC sphere has been similar to what Netta’s been doing on stage. Suffice it to say, I’m excited to see where they go; I’ll be absolutely devastated if they don’t let her unique artistry shine, but considering they let her do it during the competition, I feel like she’ll get what she wants. Good luck!

    P.S. IDK if it’s been posted already, but Netta’s band did a live performance last summer and it’s so good.

  11. Quite a bold choice from Israel. I hope she does bring her unique quirkiness to the contest.

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