FYR Macedonia: It’s Eye Cue to Lisbon!

FYR Macedonia – Macedonian Radio and Television (MRT) has announced that Eye Cue will represent the country in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest with the song ‘Lost and found‘. The song is produced by Darko Dimitrov and was chosen out of 382 songs submitted. Eye Cue is made up of Marija Ivanovska and Bojan Trajkovski.

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243 comments on “FYR Macedonia: It’s Eye Cue to Lisbon!

  1. Υanna Terzi’s song (the only artist whose company submitted what ERT asked) has been leaked:


  2. The snippet of Gianna Terzi’s song for the Greek final.She may end up being the Greek representative by default:

  3. Gianna Terzi’s song song sounds better than This Is Loooooooooooooove, Argo and One Last Breath.

  4. I liked the leaked Greek song.

  5. Areti Ketime reacted to her disqualification stating that it wasn’t fair that ERT hadn’t informed them about the huge costs they’d have to shoulder right from the beginning.She says that she may try again at some point and wishes Gianna Terzi good luck.

    • So, it’s kinda over?

      • If ERT officially confirms that they internally picked Terzi yes.But i guess the corrupt institution will not do it immediately but instead will make the announcements at a later date saying how they came up with this emergency solution.

  6. Terzi’s song in full but with extremely low sound:

  7. Greek song is OK…it is not bad but not strong enough to get a final ticket in a semi full of successful countries
    Good luck

  8. I ve just heard the full version of Terzi’s song and I really liked it! I will be extremely proud if this is finally our participation… Go Greece!

  9. In more pleasant news the official video for “I let you run away”:

  10. Jamala’s new video released on Valentine’s day is actually the video of her marriage to Bekir.I really like the song:

  11. On the MF snippets: I think the 3rd semi will be fun to watch.I don’t think the winner is here but there are some songs i like.

  12. Now they mention the 4th person who may represent Greece in Lisbon is Stavros Siolas:

    This agony will never end..

  13. I’ve just came here to find there’s a big commotion about the Greek NF. I’ll read my way through it. :)

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