Romania: Fourth Semi-final of Selecţia Naţională Tonight

Romania – Tonight sees the fourth semi-final in Romania’s Selecţia Naţională 2018 competition. You can watch from 20.00(CET) on the live webcast via tvrplus.ro. There will be 5 semi-finals of 60 acts. Only three acts will qualify from each semi-final for the national final on 25th February.  

The acts competing tonight are:

  1. Feli – ‘Bună de iubit
  2. Zoltan – ‘Dacă dragostea e oarbă
  3. Tiri – ‘Deşert de sentimente
  4. Paula Crişan – ‘I am here
  5. Cristian Siminonescu – ‘Nirvana
  6. Alice Jeckel – ‘Out of the dark
  7. Dan Manciulea – ‘Rază de soare
  8. Lion’s Roar – ‘Rekindle the flame
  9. Claudia Andas – ‘The one
  10. Ioana Ciornea – ‘Time after time
  11. Bernice Chiţiul – ‘Too busy for my heart
  12. Nicoleta Ţicală – ‘Una oportunidad

Three acts will be chosen to go through and join the following in the final:

Alexia & Matei – ‘Walking On Water’
Echoes –  ‘Mirror’
Eduard Santha – ‘Mesom Romales’
Jukebox & Bella Santiago – ‘Auzi cum bate’
Rafael & Friends – ‘We are one’
M I H A I – ‘Heaven’
Xandra – ‘Try’
Erminio Sinni & Tiziana Camelin – ‘All the love away’
VYROS – ‘La la la’

47 comments on “Romania: Fourth Semi-final of Selecţia Naţională Tonight

  1. OMG he stage in Salina Turda for tonight!
    I don’t believe this is happening actually! Somebody pinch me please! :D

  2. Don’t know most of these songs. I thought Feli had withdrawn.

    P.S. – I’ve just noticed that the last semi and FdC’s 1st semi will be aired at the same time. Dora Gaitanovici will be singing there and I must not miss her live rendition.

  3. Ms. Gaitanovici does not need prerecorded anything:

  4. Feli will easily win this semi, she has no competition.

  5. It started..
    Oh this really looks stunning in the Salt mine. :)

  6. Zoltan’s song is quite interesting, it’s among the best in this semi, I hope he makes it, but I don’t know.

  7. Lion’s Roar were the best so far, they stand out easy being a symphonic metal act, will probably qualify.

  8. Finally a song with an interesting sound, I hope Tiri will qualify.

  9. Claudia Andas was MESMERIZING!

  10. Por favor, corazón, sigue soñando despiertoooooo… They are enjoying a big party there :P

  11. Feli, Tiri and Claudia to the final

    • Good and fair call.

      • How powerful was Claudia Andas, she has blown me away! It was like an earthquake, full of emotion, we could see in the end when she almost cried…but what a powerful voice with that rock “snarling”, it was like a Romanian Bonnie Tyler at best days..
        Feli was brilliant live with great outfit and backings, and interesting color of the voice..
        Tiri was also brilliant, Romanian language gave some charm to that song..

        This NF is full of trash, but final looks quite promising now with..though they all say it’s between Feli and Jukebox & Bella Santiago- “Auzi Cum Bate”, two big, competing, music labels standing behind them..

        Waiting for Dora now to give me ballad in the final to support!! :)

        • The jurors are doing their job. The final is looking promising indeed. Dora seems to a complete unknown and she is only 17; let’s hope they agree with us and put her in the final.

  12. Tiri looks like Zlatan Ibrahimović and his song is very BGR 17 :)

  13. I’m recruiting bandwagon members

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