Poll: What’s Your Favourite Song Chosen for ESC2018 So Far?

pollPoll – We now know 9 of this year’s entries for Lisbon, but which is your favourite so far? Have a watch of all nine videos and vote for your favourite song so far in our latest poll… 

Here’s the 9 songs chosen so far:

Albania – Eugent BushpepaMall

Czech Republic – Mikolas Josef – ‘Lie to me

Denmark – Rasmussen – ‘Higher Ground

France – Madame Monsieur – ‘Mercy

Italy – Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro – ‘Non mi avete fatto niente

Malta  – Christabelle Borg  – ‘Taboo

Spain – Alfred and Amaia – ‘Tu Canción

Switzerland – Zibbz – ‘Stones

United Kngdom – SuRie – ‘Storm

Which do you like best? Vote now in our poll

520 comments on “Poll: What’s Your Favourite Song Chosen for ESC2018 So Far?

  1. “A Mesma Canção”: Singer/songwriter ballad which would benefit from a more interesting melody and a little more edge. As it is, it is very much to the soft side.

  2. “Com Gosto Amigo”: More bossa nova. It does get a lot of character by some of the additional instruments, f.e. the flute.

    Overall impression, and based on snippets only: a mixed experience with some fine songs and some not so interesting ones. There is one clear stand-out song, namely “Alvoroço”.

    A lot of the songs sounds like they are more or less in the same genre (as is often the case in f.e. DMGP, or the Maltese finals). There are some fine examples of that genre, but there is a risk that they might drown out each other. In many of the national finals I miss the opportunity to see the true width of the country’s music scene, and while there are a few notable examples, I feel this edition is much less diverse than f.e. the Portuguese preselection last year. But of course, this is only the snippets, and we are yet to discover the ones from semi 2.

    • Snippets can be misleading, but I see what you and most people mean. The other side of the coin is that, in May, I bet that any of these songs will stand out. Anyway, we still have not heard the lives and the full songs.

    • Thanks for the thoughts Anders. I will strive away from this bunch which seems to be about what I expected. Waiting for Sequin.

  3. One more Ukrainian song from the 2nd semi:

  4. JP Simões with his song ‘I like to do drugs’:

    The lyrics are very witty.

  5. Markus Riva got the wildcard in Latvia and will compete in the final.

  6. Pointless data: ‘Zero a Zero’ and ‘Só por ela’ seem to be the most popular snippets on YT.

  7. Allow me to quote Pavel’s post from Wiwi :

    “Portugal is the Green Party of the modern Eurovision ”parliament””

    LOL It sort of makes sense; after all most of these names are not widely known here and they come from the independent music scene; Antena 3 (state-owned radio station, jus like RTP is) is pretty much the only radio station that airs their songs.

  8. The Croatian hopeful who has tried to represent the country to esc before will be revealed tomorrow.Fans believe it could be Franka Batelic.

  9. Dagur Sigurdsson one of the favorites of the Icelandic selection performs Iceland 2009.He’s very good live: http://www.ruv.is/frett/haskolarokk-sem-endadi-i-rokkballodu

  10. I have listened to all snippets of 1st semi of FdC..I can’t say much based on snippets only…I need full entries, but quality is quite high it seems..

    I can already say that Joana Barra Voz sounds FABULOUS! :O <3 I can't top listening to that snippet..
    Almost the same goes for Janeiro! <3

    The next ones that caught my attention and seem extremely promising are:

    Catarina Miranda
    Peu Madureira
    Beatriz Pessoa

  11. It seems that the Danish song was first submitted to MF but was rejected.This is the original Swedish demo version by Dennis Bengtsson:

  12. Hi guys,

    regarding rumours from Croatia about Franka…..

    HRT posted two photos of Croatian representative earlier today (part of the neck and part of the hand).
    Some fans imidiately “recognized” Franka.
    Apparently, they recognized her white shirt (one that she wore some weeks ago).

    However, if you look closely, you can clearly see that buttons on the photo are at the right side, while buttons on the Franka’s shirt are on the left side.

    I am not saying that it is not Franka who will go to Lisbon (rumors were there for some months now), but today, the only “proof” which started the rumour (and was spread via some sites) was the shirt.
    And that “proof“ simply does not stand! 

    Moreover, both the person’s neck and the person’s hand look more masculine rather then feminine.
    If I would guess, I’d say that person on the photo is Damir Kedzo (who himself is not very masculine, but surely more then Franka).

    About Damir Kedzo…..

    I used to be his fan number 1 for many many years, and I was advocating that he should be going to ESC (not just here, but also on the old esctoday…)
    He is an excellent vocalist, great charisma, and mindset totally different then most other Croatian singers.

    Last 2-3 years his popularity increased a lot.
    I think that fame got in his head a bit. His mindest changed, and now, honestly, I am not sure that I’d like to see him going to Lisbon. Never thought I’d said that….

    I am posting his 2017 summer hit „Not a crime“, just so you could get to know him a bit.
    In case that’s really him on the photo.

    • “I’d say that person on the photo is Damir Kedzo (who himself is not very masculine, but surely more then Franka)”

    • Right…Buttons on men shirts are on the right whereas women’s are on the left…It is indeed a guy unless Franka did not wear her boyfriends shirt😀

      • UPDATE:

        White shirt that fans recognized as being Franka’s, is not the shirt from Franka’s photo at wiwiblogs.
        She has another white shirt, that she wore in the live video made some weeks ago.
        And that shirt really looks like the one worn by person on the HRT photo.

        So, it may be Franka after all…
        Anyway, we will know soon enough.

        Good night, everyone!

  13. If Joana Barra Voz – “Anda Estragar-me os Planos” is as good in full as the snippet is and if she is good live…it can be my favorite NF entry for 2018! It’s beyond AMAZING snippet.. :O

    • Romania’s heat on the weekend was held in Salina Turda. :) <3
      The first decent songs qualified there too. :)

      • Yes, I watched the whole semi yesterday dear Toggie.. :) It was fantastic, the best venue for NF ever! Acoustic too.. :) It’s funny how these three which qualified were only normal acts in the semi actually and 3 best in the all NF till now…but next week Dora Gaitanovici will atake part, huge Shevek’s prelive fave.. :D I love it too.. next week is in Sighishoara (born place of Dracula) :D

    • Sei por onde vou
      É o melhor caminho
      Não deixo nada ao acaso
      Por favor, anda trocar-me o passo

      Tenho uma rotina
      Para todos os dias
      Há de durar muitos anos
      Por favor, anda estragar-me os planos

  14. One of my favourite carnival-related songs:

  15. Spekaing of carnival. Here in Germany we have 2 totally different carnivals.

    1. The Rhineland Carnival, which is held along the Rhine Valley (from Mainz to Düsseldorf), in Westfalia and in some neraby places like Aachen. It goes back to the Middle Ages, when the social and political order was suspended for a couple of days. It used to be a free space of local anarchy. Today the processions are very satirical and political. You can see some procession carriages from D’dorf in this clip:

    2. The Swabian-Alemmanic Carnival, which isn’t even called Carnival but Fasnet (Fasnacht in High German). It is all about traditional masks, jesters and chasing away winter and bad spirits … and has no political dimension. It is less frolic and more high-brow. It is celabrated everywhere in Ba-Wü where you can find towns and villages with the Alemannic -ingen ending. F. e., the only village ending on -ingen and forming part of my home town is Neckarweihingen, and it is the only place in LuBu where we have a traditional carnival. Just like in all Protestant areas Carnival died in most places after the Reformation. Therefore, you can still tell by carnival celebrations which parts of Ba-Wü are traditionally Catholic and which are traditionally Protestant. (Neckarweihingen is one of only very few Protestant villages in Germany that kept the Carnival tradition. The most famous Swabian-Alemannic Carnival procession is the Rottweiler Narrensprung:

    • We have similar parades here; Merkel was featured as a ballet dancer in the 2018 Loulé Parade, that is among the most famous here. This is how the same parade presented her in 2014:

    • We don’t really celebrate Carnival here in New York, but I really wish we would as everything I’ve ever seen from it looks so cool. Louisiana is the only state to my knowledge that makes it a big deal, and Louisiana is known for having such an odd culture compared to the rest of the country.

      • I love Lousiana … except for their unfortunate tendency to vote Republican. LOL

        • lmaooo yeah i have the same feelings

        • They voted Republican even in 2008 despite the Obama sweep in almost all the rest of the country, and despite having suffered the disastrous mishandling of the Katrina aftermath by the Bush administration. I remember I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the results in Louisiana back in November 2008.

          • The white majority in the Deep South has been uniformly republican for decades just like it was uniformly democrat until the 1960’s. There was no Obama sweep in any of those Deep South states -this was hardly a Louisiana phenomenon.

            • You are right about the Deep South in 2008 (they swam against the stream :) ), but I was not refering to those states in particular regarding the “Obama sweep”, but to the entire country. F.e. Obama won in 2008 in states like Indiana, Virginia and North Carolina which the Dems would not dare dream winning even in their wildest dreams (at least 1972 onwards). Tbh, Louisiana was the only Deep South state (apart from Florida that is, which is not considered Deep South anyway) that I could see Obama winning. New Orleans is considered a Dem stronghold f.i. But that’s the case in many southern states: the big cities voting for Dems (New Orleans, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Raleigh, Charleston), but the respective states go usually for the Republicans.

            • Because that’s the areas with large minority populations. Indiana, Virginia etc are not comparable since they are on the old North-South line. In fact in Louisiana the percentage for democrats was even lower in 2008 than in 2004 (the effect of having a black candidate?)

            • Exactly. Obama was beaten in Louisiana by McCain with a widder margin of votes than Kerry was beaten by Bush in 2004.

            • We should become talking heads on CNN :-P

            • lol ;)

            • Εurovision analysis, election analysis, the only thing I don’t do is sport :-P

            • Togravus and Dimitri could replace us on that :D

            • Perfect. We should start a betting agency :-P

            • *wider :P

            • *1976 onwards actually. 1976 is a special case. Carter won the entire south back then due to his southern origins (Georgian) :)

  16. I’ve just heard this version of ‘Amar pelos dois’ in Icelandic:

    I did not catch this one last Saturday. It’s a good one.

  17. It’s time to write some long mails, now.

    Before I go, the YT views are leaning towards these FdC snippets:

    1. Joana Espadinha
    2. Peu Madureira
    3. Janeiro

  18. The winner of televoting In Vidbir’s 1st semi singing a live acoustic version of her song:

  19. It’s Franka Batelic for Croatia!

  20. Off topic: It’s Franka Batelić for Croatia, with a song called “Crazy”.

  21. German songtitles and songwriters revealed:

    Xavier Darcy – Jonah
    Music and lyrics: Xavier Darcy, Loren Nine Geerts, Axel Ehnström, Thomas Stengaard

    Ivy Quainoo – House on fire
    Music and lyrics: Jörgen Elofsson and Ali Tamposi

    Ryk – You and I
    Music and lyrics: Rick Jurthe

    Michael Schulte – You let me walk alone
    Music and lyrics: Michael Schulte, Thomas Stengaard, Nisse Ingwersen, Nina Müller

    Natia Todua – My own way
    Music and lyrics: Loren Nine Geerts, Ricardo Bettiol, Martin Gallop, Jaro Omar

    • voXXclub – I mog di so
      Music: Merty Bert, Mike Busse, Philipp Klemz, Lennard Oestmann
      Lyrics: Joe Walter, Philipp Klemz, Martin Simma, Merty Bert, Mike Busse

  22. The final version of the Kirkorov song for Moldova:

  23. Tonight at 20:00 CET the Israeli hopeful will be selected.I fear it will be Chen Aharoni. :(

  24. Final version of Doredos :

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