Italy: It’s Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro to Lisbon!

Italy – Last night saw the climax of the annual Sanremo Music Festival in Italy with the winner being crowned as Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro. With the title comes the chance to represent their country at Eurovision and RAI, the national broadcaster, has confirmed that Ermal & Fabrizio have said they will go to Lisbon. 

Over 12 million watched the lengthy climax of the 68th annual show. This is their highest viewing figures since 2002.

Lo Stato Sociale singing ‘Una vita in vacanza‘ came in 2nd place and  Annalisa singing ‘Il mondo prima di te‘  came 3rd.


Ermal & Fabrizio won with over 50% of the vote despite nearly being disqualified earlier in the week as the song was a revised version of a previous entry by the same composer. Here’s the winning song, ‘Non mi avete fatto niente‘:



60 comments on “Italy: It’s Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro to Lisbon!

  1. Total from televote + expert jury + press jury

    Meta/Moro 45%
    Lo Stato Sociale 28%
    Annalisa 27%

    Televote only

    Meta/Moro 56%
    Annalisa 23%
    Lo Stato Sociale 21%

    Who would have thought that the juries would have pushed Lo SS instead of Meta/Moro!

  2. Am not sure what to make of it. I kinda like it and it may grow on me. Apparently there’s a message in the lyrics perhaps someone can elaborate. Will see how the shortened version comes across.
    In other news.
    It’s an extended Afternoon Delight show this week on this rather wintery day here.With tracks from Shirley Bassey, Michael Jackson, Bay City Rollers, Peggy Lee and much, much more. There’s One Hit Wonder (1976 classic Disco), Cover Me (from Duffy), and the Oscar goes to…. (1953) and Eurovision Intermision (1988). Am on from 12.30pm-3pm + 1 hour CET time. You can catch me on donegalsounds.com or the Tune in app Hope to have you along for some of the ride. Cheers sweet peeps :)

      • Thank you PJ :)
        I put a wee shout out to as many of our ET/VFoS collective I could remember. Hope you liked.
        I must play something of The Beatles or their solo stuff for you in future. Any special requests? ;)

        • :-) Let me think… mmmm…. How about this:

          • This is great! I would quite happily play this for you next week. I think quite a few locals would recognise and appreciate it :) Good call. If you think of others feel free to let me know.
            This goes for Anyone reading on here. Am happy to play requests for folk :)

        • On one other topic, I shouted the name of ELO-Jeff Lynne’s last album, the one you were not able to remember… LOL (Alone in the universe – a fantastic album, btw)
          PS: as you can imagine, all ELO/Lynne music is really appreciated here :)

  3. Great news! I like it. Italy rulz!

  4. Nothing but a word salad😖
    Now I see I was a bit unfair to their 2017 entry!
    Good luck Italy

  5. As they are onboard with recycled song, I wish they had recycled Fabrizio Moro’s Andiamo.
    Professional, highly Italian, great live – I like it.
    Was it the best choice for ESC. Don’t think so. Still it’s hands down best song selected this year and happy to wave the flag,

    Was it my favorite to win San Remo? No it wasn’t. I wish the the trophy went to Lo Stato Sociale or Ornella Vanoni & Bungaro & Pacifico.

    Claudio Baglioni really got on my nerves, but if he’s the one to take credit for early release of studio version and YT clips, everything is forgotten.

    Most likely to be my favorite NF again this season.

    San Remo live broadcast from music Festival, not a tv program. In a world of instant everything that’s why I love this beautiful, chaotic marathon more and more year after year.

  6. I had my bouquet ready for Annalisa…

  7. I feel for you PJ

  8. 1. FRANCE (really like)
    2. ALBANIA* (really like)
    3. ITALY* (like-really like)
    4. SWITZERLAND (grower)
    5. DENMARK (ok)
    6. UNITED KINGDOM (okish)
    7. CZECHIA (annoying-trying to find some positive elements here)
    8. MALTA (mediocre at best)
    9. SPAIN (no comment)

  9. This is a very Italian song that will not please the bubble and the ready to eat and wear world we live in, but I like it very much.

    Good choice, Italy! Good luck!

    • Yes the world that listens to bubblegum 50s ditties from mediocre vocalists with overinflated egos is unlikely to appreciate that. Not to mention the world that cheers for gorilla dancing on stage with “namaste” and other such nonsense. The rest of us can appreciate it.

  10. Hm, OK song, but the composition is a bit unimaginative. Unsure about how to judge it at this point, but it is clearly better than the song from last year which I never really liked.

  11. They weren’t my favourites but it is an above average entry for sure. I will have to wait for the ESC version in order to judge and score it properly but for now it is my 2nd place. :)

    • They’re my Top1 for the moment, I like it more than «Mercy». But I’m still waiting for a song that really wows me. So far just a few songs «above average», as you say, and the others on the «hope I don’t have to hear this again» category.

      • My “love” category is still empty too. But I have France and Italy higher than “above average”. They are in “good”. :)

  12. What a stunning turnaround for Italy.

    Last year it provided one of the most embarassing acts of the last decade that incorporated almost every negative stereotype associated with esc (kitsch stage presentation and a wanna be pseudo intellectual message to accompany it in the steps of many such scary “satirical predecessors”, the lowest of the low for an once great esc nation.

    And now they provide what is probably their best entry since 2012 ! This is emotive, very well delivered, it has strength both in the delivery and the lyrics and expresses all this anger and defiance in the face of fear and terror but with a global outreach, without targeting anyone in terms of race or religion. Truly stunning. Welcome back Italy, we missed you.

    9.2/10 and first place on my list. Good luck !

  13. This is a better and more emotional performance than the French one, however I do prefer Mercy, song-wise. It’s ITA and FRA on top for me, followed by CZE, ESP, CHE,DNK and ALB.
    MLT and UK are currently tied last.
    Still not a song I love for Lisbon (like Kulm, Esamiba, Just fine, Azt mondtad, Kriz tvoyi ochi = the gems of esc season so far)

  14. Love it, it was my second in SR behind The Kolors. It’s a very nice and well crafted song, lifted up by a very sincere and str8 forward performance… As for its result in May, we know the juries have always adored Italy (all the way to 2016 still getting some 12pts!) and I see juries having it low Top 10 for sure. The cute guys and the vey Italian sound should secure a low Top 20 televote result, so I can see Italy doing 8th-14th overall. It would be slightly unfair, but televote might not get “into” the Italian “talked” style.

    France, Italy and Czech Rep are three songs I can totally see in my Top 10 in the end of the season, whatever order based on their Lisbon lives. Switzerland and Albania have merits. The other 4 I don’t like for now.

    Your turn, Belarus :)

  15. One of the best chosen songs so far, it’s a song that needs a bit of time to grow on you though so I don’t see it doing very well in Lisbon.

  16. I don’t understand the language of this song. The rest of it is not as catchy as I’d wish it to be. So unfortunately my heart will not beat for Italy this season.

  17. I’m sorry but can’t catch the “kife” of the song is. Maybe lyrics or something else …. Anyways goodluck Italy! I read somethere that is sounded before September so it may be changed.

  18. This is of course my new #1.It’s a great song,very Italian,very emotive and sincere.And it wasn’t even my #1 in SR ,a festival that provides us with such joy every year.At first i thought it would be a weak year by SR standards but after a while it became clear that there were so many songs waiting to be discovered and listened to with attention.Because oftentimes that’s the thing with good music.It demands your time and attention and in return it unlocks so many emotions you didn’t even know you had inside or maybe you had forgotten about them.San Remo 2018,thank you for the memories.

  19. this “extra promo” that ermal&fabrizio had these days spoilt it all for me. and yes a “surprise winner” could have pulled it off for me. i expect an average result in esc for italy this time, considering the text-intensive nature of their song. i can still see the quality of this song and it certainly deserves credit.

    as of my overall impression of the festival, imo the older generation was significantly overrepresented and It would have been desirable to see some new faces on that stage. the nuove proposte section didn’t convince me either except for mirkoeilcane who was deservedly awarded with the renowned mia maritini prize.

  20. I am kind of surprised with the comments here. Personally, although I don’t think it will end up so, its’ the first entry that I’ve felt some winner vibes around. People say the general European public won’t appreciate the high-pace Italian singing here, I say quite the opposite. Not only do Italian-sung songs have done well in the televote since 2011, the juries also have been a big fan of Italy, bar 2015, since they came back.

    If people understood the simplistic love of Salvador Sobral despite being in Portuguese, people will understand the fear, determination, and hope of Meta and Moro despite being in Italian. In a global society that is facing the issues this song comments on, people will relate to the body language the duet exhibits; the fear of Meta on what is happening, and the determination of Moro to face this fear.

    This dominated the televote in Sanremo even more than Gabbani or Il Volo. Because its’ also modern in its’ melody and both have great vocals, I anticipate juries come May will love this. If there is hype surrounding this based on its’ message come May, which there very well could be, I could see this winning the televote too, and winning overall. Obviously there’s so many variables to come, but ignore this at your peril.

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