Ukraine: First Three Acts Chosen for Vidbir 2018

Ukraine – In the first episode of this year’s Vidbir competition, 9 acts performed and three were chosen to go forward to the final which will take place on 24th February 2018. Semi-final 2 of Vidbir takes place next week on 17th February.The three qualifying acts and songs were:


  1. Laud – ‘Waiting’
  2. Vilna – ‘Forest song’
  3. The Erised – ‘Heroes’



20 comments on “Ukraine: First Three Acts Chosen for Vidbir 2018

  1. Boooooo

  2. No Kazka? I’m disappointed.

  3. Wow I love forest song. lol at juries trying to kill it though.

  4. Song 2 should have reached the final, but I guess it was too undertsated for the Ukrainain voters. Congratulations to the qualifiers.

  5. I am SO happy Vilna won televote, she really was the stand out of the night imo. The Erised were also good and Laud was very decent as well. I am not too mad about the results. Sergey’s performance was very good but I felt the gimmick was too much.

  6. I am still in tears that Sergey didn’t make it. He has the best song of the season (out of those I have listened to). I am perfectly fine with Vilna and LAUD qualifying, even though I don’t like Vilna’s presentation and LAUD’s verses. The Erised shouldn’t have qualified. I like the rhythms in the song but the melody is very thin and the lead singer’s English diction is atrocious.

  7. Laud – very professionally made but too much running after mainstream international sounds for Ukraine’s standards

    Vilna – Obvious televote winner, I can live without the shamanesque staging

    I think both of those can do very well in Lisbon

    The Erised – very interesting song, high quality entry as well.

    Too bad Sergei did not make it, but there is no great travesty here. Obviously a lo-fi song in ukrainian was thought to be a bigger risk, even though the staging (and him) was absolute perfection.

  8. I have watched live…
    I’m disappointed Constantine didn’t make it..and “N’ga n’ga” which was my fave after the show surprisingly.. :(
    The Erised who were my 3rd have made it…I really like how dark that song is…I’m not so fond of her outfit tbh, she should change it for the final..
    LAUD was my number 4 so I’m kinda all right with this..
    I’m so sad jury didn’t succeed with killing that fake ethno so called “forest song”..what an ugly structure that song has, her voice is also so ugly to me, when she shouts I seriously cringe :?..lyrics quite stupid, its all very fake to me, and early don’t know what ppl see in it..only drummers were smth I liked and her outfit wasn’t bad..

    With such an disappointing outcome, I more and more think Dillema should win..I hope their performance in the 2nd semi will knock me and Ukrainian ppl down..


    :D :D

  9. It was a nice SF which I wasn’t able to watch till the end. I am fine with Laud and Vilna through but not The Erised.

  10. I liked all the qualifiers but none of them were in my top 3. How is it possible for Pur:pur to not qualify ?? :(

  11. Ukraine – Semi 1

    1. Serhiy Babkin : There’s no doubt this was the best package of the night. It should have been jury’s gold and not silver. 9/10
    2. The Erised : I simply love the song’s arrangement and energy. She’s a gorgeous young lady although she tends to oversing and breathe too much during her songs. 8++/10
    3. Vilna : This played the ethnic card best ! Not completely convinced but I see its appeal and virtues in general. Good singer and performance. 7/10
    4. Kozak System : This would have scored SO MUCH higher in Ukrainian language. 6/10
    5. Laud : Extremely overrated (by jury of course) and americanised. 6/10
    6. Kazka : This song needed a more ethnic boost in its orchestration and a better chorus and live singer. 6/10
    7. Pur:Pur : I’m mostly indifferent to this. 5/10
    8. The VYO : Pretty basic, harmless, jolly reggae. 5/10
    9. Constantine : Was this jury’s 3rd place? Really? Weak singer, badly dressed. Pity cause the song is interesting. 4/10

  12. Watching Sergey’s performance again. This is poetry.
    Shame on you, Ukraine.

  13. They had stellar performance and song of the season with Sergey Babkin. Instead they chose to final

    1) Quasi contemporary Memphis soul impersonator

    2) Song that would make a perfect soundtrack to one of our leading cheese brands Polar back in the days when big budget commercial films where still in fashion. It was all about Lappland, shamans depicted in epic cinematograhic way. To make it miserable they brought in the set and staging from elementary school play.

    3) Repetitive song that was killed with marching band arrangement. Lazy, as they didn’t even bothered to come up with proper name.


    Illaria, it’s now all up to you.

  14. Televoting percentage:

    Vilna – 17.66%
    The Erised – 17.49%
    LAUD – 14.84%
    Pur:Pur – 11.91%
    Kazka – 11.42%
    Serhiy Babkin – 8.99%
    Kozak System – 8.30%
    Constantine – 5.05%
    The V’yo – 4.35%

  15. How the 3 members of the jury voted:

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