Tonight: Second Super Saturday of 2018

Just like last year, we will witness Super Saturdays with many shows happening all at once. Instead of opening all threads, hard to follow for everyone, we decided to have just one thread for all shows to follow live so we can all discuss them together. Tonight: 9 shows including two finals!

Hungary –  A Dal sees the first semifinal take place this evening and we’ll know which acts will go into Hungary’s national final. Nine acts are taking part tonight but only 4 can progress through to the grand finale.

The hosts of tonight’s show will be Kriszta Rátonyi and Eurovision 2016’s Freddie. So the line-up for tonight’s second heat are:

  1. Gergely Dánielfy – Azt mondtad
  2. Roland Gulyás – H Y P N O T I Z E D
  3. Ham ko Ham – Bármerre jársz
  4. Gábor Heincz Biga – Good vibez
  5. Gabi Knoll – Nobody to die for
  6. Leander Kills – Nem szól harang 
  7. Maszkura és a tücsökraj – Nagybetűs szavak
  8. SativuS – Lusta lány
  9. Zsolt Süle – Zöld a május

The rules from the former years apply. The nibe acts will present live their respective song and the jury members will comment and grade them. The juries are Judit Schell, Misi Mező, Károly Frenreisz and Miklós Both. A fifth grade from online apps will be added. The Top 3 from these grades qualify straight away to the semifinals. A fourth act is saved by 100% televote as a wildcard. Three heats, 18 semifinalists split in two sets of 9 and then 8 finalists at the very end of this long national final that’s now a classic of esc season!

The show starts at 20:30 (CET) and can be watched here.

Sweden – It’s the most anticipated National Final within the Eurovision Fandom and it resume tonight with their second of the four semi finals. Melodifestivalen is finally back!

Seven Acts will take to the stage at the Scandinavium in Gothenburg and will compete for the chance to make the grand final on March 10th. The top two will reach the grand final and the acts that come third and fourth will proceed onto the Second Chance round. This week we see the return of Samir & Viktor and Mimi Werner who all took part in MF before.

The semi-finalists for tonight are:

  1. Samir & Viktor – Shuffla
  2. Ida Redig – Allting som vi sa
  3. Jonas Gardell – Det finns en väg
  4. Margaret – In my cabana
  5. Stiko Per Larsson – Titta vi flyger
  6. Mimi Werner – Songburning
  7. Liamoo – Last breath

It’s 100% televote tonight. The first round eliminates the bottom 2 entries. The second round sees 5 entries battling for the four qualifying places, two “direkt til finalen” and two to “andra chasen”. How much do we learn Swedish in MF, really?

The show starts at 20:00 (CET) and can be watched here.

lithuaniaLithuania – This is week 5 of the impossible to follow Lithuanian National Final. So based on what we gathered online, we have 12 songs competing tonight with only 6 making it through. All of tonight’s entries have already performed before in the first four heats. Tuesday, with the juries having voted during that performance.

This is tonight’s line-up:

  1. Twosome – Hello
  2. Milda Rasilavičiūtė – I think about you
  3. Silvija Pankūnaitė & GeraiGerai – More than you know
  4. Lukas Norkūnas – Tegu
  5. Paula – 1 2 3
  6. Benas Malakauskas – My memories
  7. Godo – Fire fountain
  8. Germantė Kinderytė – Turn it up
  9. Vidas Bareikis – Pusvalanduko
  10. Juozas Martin – Don’t give up
  11. Kotryna Juodzevičiūtė – That girl
  12. Jurgis Brūzga – 4love

The show will be broadcasted on LRT tonight at 20:00 (CET) and can be watched here.

LatviaSupernova, the Latvian National Final, resumes tonight. It is now a Saturday show and it will  feature from now on three semis each with 7 songs. Only 2 songs will qualify to the Final, to be held on February the 24th. The show will be hosted by Dagmāra Legante and Justs Sirmais (Eurovision 2016).

This is tonight’s line-up:

  1. Hypnotic – Pray
  2. Madara – Esamība
  3. Markus Riva – This time
  4. In My Head – Sunset
  5. Ritvars – Who’s counting?
  6. Monta – 1000 roses
  7. Riga Reggae – Stop the war U2

It will be a 50% jury and 50% televote decision. The show starts at 20:25 (CET) and can be watched here.

Denmark – It’s the latest finale for the season! Melodi Grand Prix, the Danish National Final, will take place tonight. After the ten songs were released earlier this month, the show will already be aired live tonight. The show will be held in Gingantum in Aalborg and hosted by Annette Heick and Johannes Nymark.

This is tonight’s line-up:

  1. Ditte Marie – Riot
  2. Anna Ritsmar – Starlight
  3. Rasmussen – Higher ground
  4. Sannie – Boys on girls
  5. Sandra – Angels to my battlefield
  6. Lasse Meling – Unfound
  7. CARLSEN – Standing up for love
  8. KARUI – Signals
  9. Rikke Ganer-Tolsøe – Holder fast i ingenting
  10. Albin Fredy – Music for the road

Like it’s tradition now, there are two rounds in the Danish MGP. First a 50% jury and 50% televote first round will decide on the Top 3 of the edition. Then there’s a Superfinal for the Top 3 where televote choses the ultimate winner.

The show starts at 20:00 (CET) and can be watched here.

Italy – It’s the second song chosen tonight! San Remo, the very popular Italian competition that inspired our Eurovision Song Contest, winner of the Frida in 2017 for Best NF, will conclude tonight with the Grande Finale. After the twenty songs were presented last Tuesday with a first live performance, more shows with more performances took place for the rest of the week. Now it finally will feature the actual competition. It will be held at the Ariston Theatre and hosted by Claudio Baglioni, Pierfrancesco Favino and Michelle Hunziker.

This is tonight’s line-up:

  1. Roby Facchinetti e Riccardo Fogli – Il segreto del tempo
  2. Nina Zilli – Senza appartenere
  3. The Kolors – Frida
  4. Diodato & Roy Paci – Adesso
  5. Mario Biondi – Rivederti
  6. Luca Barbarossa – Passame er sale
  7. Lo Stato Sociale – Una vita in vacanza
  8. Annalisa – Il mondo prima di te
  9. Giovanni Caccamo – Eterno
  10. Enzo Avitabile & Peppe Servillo – Il coraggio di ogni giorno
  11. Ornella Vanoni with Bungaro & Pacifico – Imparare ad amarsi
  12. Renzo Rubino – Custodire
  13. Noemi – Smettere mai di cercarmi
  14. Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro – Non mi avete fatto niente
  15. Le Vibrazioni – Così sbagliato
  16. Ron – Almeno pensami
  17. Decibel – Lettera dal duca
  18. Max Gazzé – La leggenda di Cristalda e Pizzomunno
  19. Red Canzian – Ognuno ha il suo racconto
  20. Elio & le Storie Tese – Arrivederci

In the final, a mix of jury press, professional juries and televote will decide a Top 3 for a Superfinal and then ultimately the winner. The winner will be offered a chance to represent Italy in the upcoming Eurovision edition in Lisbon. If the winner declines, it’s up to the broadcaster, RAI, to decide who will represent the country.

The show starts at 20:40 (CET) and can be watched live here.

Estonia – The iconic Estonian national final, Eesti Laul, which won the Frida for Best NF in 2016, starts tonight. This is the first semifinal out of 2 and it will feature 10 songs with half of them winning a ticket for the Final, to be held on March the 3rd. The show will be hosted by Kristel Aaslaid and Martin Veisman.

This is tonight’s line-up:

  1. Vajé – Laura (Walk with me)
  2. Iiris & Agoh – Drop that boogie
  3. Etnopatsy – Külm
  4. Sibyl Vane – Thousand words
  5. Aden Ray – Everybody’s dressed
  6. Tiiu x Okym x Semy – Näita oma energiat
  7. Stig Rästa – Home
  8. Miljardid – Pseudoprobleem
  9. Desiree – On my mind
  10. Elina Netšayeva – La forza

As usual with Estonia, the two semifinals have all songs pre-recorded with artists doing playback. However, there is a live show with artists on all around discussing their performances and songs, with interviews with the hosts. All performances will be uploaded very quickly on ERR’s Youtube page. It will be a 50% jury and 50% televote decision.

The show starts at 20:35 (CET) and can be watched here.


Ukraine – More and more watched out for, especially since it lead to victory in 2016, Vidbir, the Ukrainian national final will start tonight. This is the first semifinal out of 2 and it will feature 9 songs with only a third winning a ticket for the Final, to be held on February the 24th.

This is tonight’s line-up:

  1. Constantine – Misto
  2. Serhiy Babkin – Kriz tvoyi ochi
  3. Laud – Waiting
  4. Kazka – Dyva
  5. The VYO – Ng’a-ng’a
  6. Kozak System – Mamai
  7. Vilna – Forest song
  8. Pur:Pur – Fire
  9. The Erised – Heroes

It will be a 50% jury and 50% televote decision. The show starts at 18:00 (CET) and can be watched here.


Iceland – The small and cozy Icelandic final, Songvakeppnin, will also start tonight. This is the first semifinal out of 2 and it will feature 6 songs with only half winning a ticket for the Final, to be held on the 10th of March. The semis will be held in the Háskólabíó conference hall whereas the final will be held in the Laugardalshöll arena of Reykjavik.

This is tonight’s line-up:

  1. Þórunn Antonía – Ég mun skína
  2. Tómas Helgi Wehmeier & Sólborg Guðbrandsdóttir – Ég og þú
  3. Ari Ólafsson – Heim
  4. Heimilistónar – Kúst og fæjó
  5. Fókus hópurinn – Aldrei gefast upp
  6. Þórir Geir Guðmundsson & Gyða Margrét Kristjánsdóttir – Brosa

In the semis, songs will be in Icelandic but many will change to English in the final if selected. It will be a 50% jury and 50% televote decision. The show starts at 20:45 (CET) and can be watched here.

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1,176 comments on “Tonight: Second Super Saturday of 2018

  1. And Latvia has left us without a single video for tonight..If I knew I’d watch Supernova over Eesti Laul.

  2. 1,089 comments… we’re crazy

  3. Ok since we have no confirmation I only have the addition of Denmark for now :

    1. Czech Republic – 9.0/10
    2. France – 8.5/10
    3. Switzerland – 7.9/10
    4. Denmark – 7.7/10
    5. United Kingdom – 7.2/10
    6. Malta – 7.1/10
    7. Spain – 7.0/10
    8. Albania – 6.1/10

    If it is Ermal and Fabrizio Italy goes 1st on my list with 9.2/10. We’ll see. Now I am off.

    I have the most important interview of my life on Monday for a PhD position I want and have to finish my preparations :) Goodnight !

  4. Whatever happens in Italy, France is still in first place on my list. :)

  5. CONFIRMED.They are going to Lisbon

  6. MF Heat 2 :
    1. Samir & Viktor : Who would have thought they would return with a mature dance track. There is nothing innovative here, but it was surprisingly enjoyable ! 7/10
    2. Liamoo. The chorus is extremely lame same as the cheesy lyrics but he is definitely charismatic and the stage approach is tasteful and very effective. 7-/10
    3. Mimi Werner. She is not the most capable live singer but the whole package worked. 6/10
    4. Ida Redig. Simple and inoffensive. 6/10
    5. Margaret. Silly still catchy. Pre-recorded vocals saved her @ss! 5/10
    6. Jonas Gardell. This is a nice song totally destroyed by that awful key change. 5/10
    7. Stiko Per Larsson. Not extremely bad overall , it was just not memorable enough. 4/10

  7. Eurovision.tv confirms “Non mi avete fatto niente” as the Italian entry so i suppose there’s no problem with the eligibility of the song(?).

  8. Ermal Meta e Fabrizio Moro – “Non mi avete fatto niente” has grown on me immensely since the first evening we have hard it…in the very end I’m really glad they won and if they go to ESC will be very high on my list..

    It’s such a great and sincere performance..

  9. Songvakeppnin – Semi 1 :

    1. Heimilistónar : Colourful and happy. Not flawless harmonies at parts and it gets quite repetititive towards the end but still a very worthy and distinctive qualifier. 7/10
    2. Fókus hópurinn : Good song, not as good as the duet’s below, but better vocals comparably and a convincing package overall 7/10
    3. Tómas & Sólborg : I just couldn’t take my eyes off that girl. I like the live rendition and the atmosphere it conveys, I mean aesthetically it’s good but their harmonies are inconsistent especially towards the end. My favorite song here. 6/10
    4. Þórunn Antonía : This was the most WTF 3min of the night. The stage extravaganza is so kitch it distracts so much from the rest which seemed to be the best vocals of the night and an ok song (loved the electrobridge). 5/10
    5. Ari Ólafsson : Cringe-worthy. And that’s without the English lyrics. He struggles a lot at the higher register. 4/10
    6. Guðmundur Þórarinsson : This was very painful to listen to. 3/10

  10. I updated my ranking. My Top 9:

    1. France
    2. Italy
    3. Czech Republic
    4. Switzerland
    5. Albania
    6. Denmark
    7. Malta
    8. UK
    9. Spain

  11. Ukraine aka “Jamala et al are hopeless as jury members”

    1. Serhiy Babkin : There’s no doubt this was the best package of the night. It should have been jury’s gold and not silver. 9/10
    2. The Erised : I simply love the song’s arrangement and energy. She’s a gorgeous young lady although she tends to oversing and breathe too much during her songs. 8++/10
    3. Vilna : This played the ethnic card best ! Not completely convinced but I see its appeal and virtues in general. Good singer and performance. 7/10
    4. Kozak System : This would have scored SO MUCH higher in Ukrainian language. 6/10
    5. Laud : Extremely overrated (by jury of course) and americanised. 6/10
    6. Kazka : This song needed a more ethnic boost in its orchestration and a better chorus and live singer. 6/10
    7. Pur:Pur : I’m mostly indifferent to this. 5/10
    8. The VYO : Pretty basic, harmless, jolly reggae. 5/10
    9. Constantine : Was this jury’s 3rd place? Really? Weak singer, badly dressed. Pity cause the song is interesting. 4/10

  12. Eesti Laul – Semi 1 (#Travesty)

    1. Etnopatsy : Besides that acrobat and some minor issues in vocal harmonies, I don’t see ANY reason why the E.L final should be deprived of this. The best 2018 EL song imo. 9/10
    2. Elina Nechayeva : As Toggie said, a force of nature, though extremely camp and what one would expect to experience only through esc. It is probably the early OGAE favorite (to flop?). I doubt it will do as great as betting agencies currently suggest… 8/10
    3. Sibyl Vane : Biggest grower of the night. Still it gets very repetitive. 7.5/10
    4. Stig Rästa : Sweet but as already mentioned, an album filler. 7/10
    5. Aden Ray : Oddly enough, i liked it. Very good vocals but the tub was a horrible idea 7/10
    6. Iiris & Agoh : Weak song she sings it well though 5/10
    7. Vaje : Painful to listen to live. The song suddenly lost much of its charm. 4.5/10
    8. Miljardid : Quirky performer, this is indie, awful and interesting at the same time. 4/10
    9. TIIU x OKYM x SEMY : Another bad song with competent live saving it from total disaster 4/10
    10. Desiree : Awful in every aspect ! 2/10

  13. I listened and ranked the first semi in Ukraine. I must say this was a great semifinal imo, I liked all songs except 2 who weren’t too bad either, I’m quite impressed! :o

    1. Pur:Pur – Fire
    2. Serhiy Babkin – Kriz tvoyi ochi
    3. Constantine – Misto
    4. Laud – Waiting
    5. Kazka – Dyva
    6. The Erised – Heroes
    7. Vilna – Forest song
    8. Kozak System – Mamai
    9. The VYO – Ng’a-ng’a

  14. I finished the first Icelandic semi. I found it pretty weak overall, here is my ranking:
    1. Þórunn Antonía – Ég mun skína
    2. Fókus hópurinn – Aldrei gefast upp
    3. Guðmundur Þórarinsson – Litir
    4. Ari Ólafsson – Heim
    5. Tómas og Sólborg – Ég og þú
    6. Heimilistónar – Kúst og fæjó

    My last qualified instead of my 1st I saw…

  15. And finally DMGP (I didn’t watch live, for some reason the links didn’t work with my browser, same as last year, strange :\)

    10. Sandra – Angels to My Battlefield : I like the song but it’s another one that didn’t live up to the expectations. Probably the worst vocal performance tonight. Still, I will be generous and give it a 5/10 :)
    9. Carlsen – Standing up for love : I was expecting much more from this, both performance and results-wise cause it’s the usual DMGP-friiendly song like “In a moment like this”. There were some unfortunate elements here, like some bum notes especially after the notorious key change, the styling, the flower approach. Not hateful but one of the weakest links tonight for sure. 5/10
    8. Sannie – Boys and girls : Soulless and flat. Not sexy at all. So much opportunity wasted. 5.5/10
    7. Ditte Marie – Riot : Personally, I enjoyed Ditte’s “Overflow” but this time her vocal performance left a lot to be desired. The energy was good though. 6/10
    6. Rikke Garner – Holder fast i ingenting : As much as I like the visual approach the song leaves me completely cold and the vocals were shaky too. 6/10
    5. Lasse Meling – Unfound : Catchiest chorus, and best choreography by backing dancers. Pity cause the singer is stiff and his shaky vocals ruin the whole experience. A solid pop song nevertheless (a la Yes man) 6+/10
    4. Anna Ritsmar – Starlight : This came 2nd, right? It’s a bit corny and repetitive. At least it felt warm and organic.6+/10
    3. Rasmussen – Higher Ground : This is ultra kitch and epic at the same time. Welcome to esc ! :P I’m totally clueless on how to rank it or when it comes to its esc fate. For the moment a 6.5/10
    2. Karui – Signals – I song I don’t care much about, lifted up by a very good performance. 8/10
    1. Albin Fredy – Music for the Road : It sounds like the most DMGP entry of all (together with Standing up for love). The verses are pretty good, the chorus is a bit underwhelming. however I think this could be their best chance in Lisbon, results-wise. 8/10

    DMGP 2018 :
    Average of all entries : 6.30 (as usual, when it comes to these harmless and not polarising national pre-selections)
    Currently 4th behind Destination Eurovision, A Dal and San Remo

  16. I finished ranking the first Eesti Laul semi. I liked most of the songs, it’s a good semifinal overall.

    1. Etnopatsy – Külm
    2. Aden Ray – Everybody’s dressed
    3. Sibyl Vane – Thousand words
    4. Iiris & Agoh – Drop that boogie
    5. Elina Netšayeva – La forza
    6. Miljardid – Pseudoprobleem
    7. Stig Rästa – Home
    8. Desiree – On my mind
    9. Vajé – Laura
    10. Tiiu x Okym x Semy – Näita oma energiat

    Külm was by far the best imo, can’t believe it didn’t qualify, I saw my 2nd favourite didn’t make it either. I think neither of my favourites qualified from the semis that I checked, what’s up with these results ?

  17. So far:


  18. I managed to caught up with Hungary too and ranked the first semi.

    1. Gergely Dánielfy – Azt mondtad
    2. Leander Kills – Nem szól harang
    3. Gábor Heincz Biga – Good vibez
    4. Zsolt Süle – Zöld a május
    5. Gabi Knoll – Nobody to die for
    6. Ham ko Ham – Bármerre jársz
    7. Roland Gulyás – H Y P N O T I Z E D
    8. SativuS – Lusta lány
    9. Maszkura és a tücsökraj – Nagybetűs szavak

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