Sweden: Melodifestivalen Heat 2 Results

Sweden – The second heat of Melodifestivalen from Gothenburg has just finished and the acts going direct through to the final are Samir & Viktor and LIAMOO. The acts through to the Andra Chansen 2nd chance show are Margaret and Mimi Werner.

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80 comments on “Sweden: Melodifestivalen Heat 2 Results

  1. Margaret – In my cabana

    The chorus and verses have nothing to do with each other. The chorus sounds like it is trying to cash in on the “Latin American” trend in pop music, while the verses are… something. She cannot sing, and she has no substance. I absolutely hated this, and I’m mad that it exists. It’s been a while since a nf song has actually upset me.

  2. Stiko Per Larsson – Titta vi flyger

    I found this enjoyable but empty. Before I realized it, I had stopped paying attention to the song and was checking my phone, ignoring the performance. It wasn’t a bad performance or song, but it lacked substance.

  3. Mimi Werner – Songburning

    Her voice is kinda annoying, but I can get over it. The song is one of those anthemic songs that wants to build and build and build until it explodes, and this one delivers in that aspect. I wouldn’t listen to this on my own, but I found it enjoyable, and I thought they did a good job at crafting a stage presentation that highlighted the essence of the song.

  4. Liamoo – Last breath

    The song felt very talent show. Like, this is something that I would hear people cover to try to get further on an Idol show, and on top of that, it’s got such a dated melody that it bothers me. While there was some cool tricks with the camera and lights that I very much enjoyed, but purely when it comes to a song contest, this song was very… bad.

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