Latvia: MADARA and Ritvars Qualify to Supernova Final

Latvia – Supernova 2018 continued this evening with the second semi-final. Seven acts took part but only 2 could win an automatic ticket to the final on 24th February 2018. Tonight’s qualifiers were MADARA and Ritvars and they join Edgars Kreilis and Liene Greifane in the final. 

Two more acts will automatically qualify from next week’s third semi-final. The jury will then award a wild card lace to one of the unsuccessful semi-finalists. Here’s tonight’s qualifiers:


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82 comments on “Latvia: MADARA and Ritvars Qualify to Supernova Final

  1. 7. Stop The War U2 : Supernova seriously didn’t need this in its fine line-up of hopefuls.

  2. Deserved qualifiers here! I must say Ritvars were pretty great, more effective live than In My Head (who I liked more in studio version).
    I feel only 2 qualifiers is a bit low though, there should’ve been 3 from each semi imo, the quality is there, more deserved to be in the final here.

  3. So the videos are on finally. About Madara (whose name means “total mess” in greek, lol): On the plus side I really like the climax in the last minute and the Northern Lights. My main issues is that she is looking quite worried throughout and audiences subliminally pick these facial clues. Also I disagree with the cello being everpresent both in the arrangement and the imagery: It serves as a very convenient “quality” marker (“look, we are doing classical music here”) and therefore may come across as calculated. Whether this will be another “Rändajad” or another “Blackbird” remains to be seen in my opinion.

    Ritvars: This is too lo-fi for its own good and frankly, a very long three minutes. I much preferred M. Riva who does have a lot of stage presence (even though his vocals could have been more convincing in the chorus).

  4. Comment on moderation. I don’t know what I shouldn’t have written, lol.

  5. Hypnotic – Pray

    From the first note, the vocals were incredibly and embarrassingly flat, and it’s hard to care about the song at all when the vocals don’t hit a single note. On top of that, they are wearing the ugliest poofy prom dresses that make them look like human bubble bath. The worst part is that minus the stupid lyrics, I like the music that underlies the entry.

  6. Madara – Esamība

    Her vocals are very pitchy, and she lacks vocal control. I know that a lot of people were looking forward to this song, but she failed to deliver something spectacular. Her dress is almost as bad as those from Hypnotic. It is just hidden by a cello. I’m glad that she chose to follow a fairly minimalistic approach, but that just means that all the flaws in her performance are magnified.

  7. Markus Riva – This time

    Once again, Markus failed because everything about his stage performance to his song selection is fake. He clearly doesn’t connect to the songs he’s presented in the past few years, and he’s just trying to present what he thinks the Supernova audience wants to hear. “Should have learned from the last time” indeed!

  8. In My Head – Sunset

    I actually really like this song. What I don’t like is that her vocals are either constantly flat or her vocal tone is strange and doesn’t fit with the melody of the song. On staging, I liked that there was a band on stage, and I enjoyed the color scheme and light show. With the song’s build and tone, I thought it matched very well.

  9. Ritvars – Who’s counting?

    Maybe its just that I’m hypersensitive right now, but this song made me cry. The minimalistic presentation creates a warm intimacy for the song and gives a very safe atmosphere. It also makes the three minutes seem so much longer than they actually are. This might be my favorite song of the nf season so far.

  10. Monta – 1000 roses

    This was a cute version of the girlish, romantic pop song that has a very strong audience but doesn’t do well outside that audience. I am a fan of this very niche genre of pop, but the downfall is that Monta was consistently flat, and the backing singers were off as well. I really want to like it though. Her vocals were actually pretty okay in the verses, and she could almost call one of the choruses in tune, but the vocals were definitely the weakest part of this entry.

  11. Riga Reggae – Stop the war U2

    This is a really poor attempt at a genre I don’t really like. It has way too many Scottish sounds to be reggae, and I’m so confused by that. Watching the performance and listening to the song, it almost sounds like an improv session by a drunk band.

  12. Wiwi reports that Marcus Riva is going to the final after all, as organisers discovered a glitch (an erroneous picture showing another contestant) that they suspect may have led to extra online votes for Ritvars and led them to annul all online voting. Riva ranked second based on televote, Spotify listens and jury votes, however Supernova will allow Ritvars to be in the final as well.

  13. Hypnotic – “Pray” : Definitely does not prepare you for something good with this disastrous presentation. Things did not become better when they started singing. Very pool vocals abilities from all 3, vocal harmonies that almost made uncomfortable with how bad they are. The song is cringy as well. There is no redeeming quality here. None literally – 2/10

  14. MADARA – “Esamība” : I don’t like the dress but other than that the presentation is as it should be. Focused on her, cohesive and ethereal. This has all the elements that should make me not just like it but adore it literally but I just can’t get excited about it…it feels forced and a bit superficial. And in the live performance she is trying too hard to convey the emotion she wants to convey and she looks uncomfortable. Her low notes are not great either. It’s ok, I recognize the qualities of course but I just don’t feel it. – 7/10

  15. Markus Riva – “This Time” : What’s with the groom at the wedding look ? Other than that well staged and he just has charisma on stage. Vocal performance is ok, a bit uncertain at times. I prefer the chorus to the verses and I think he does as well as his singing is much better there overall. It’s a decent effort and we can expect nothing less from Markus at this point – 7/10

  16. In My Head – “Sunset” : Diction issues, quite off-putting ones. I like the tune but she is just not up to the task to deliver it. Her vocals sound low, a bit off and dull. They needed a better performer with some edge and some proper vocal and diction skills. Very dissapointing cause the song has potential – 4/10

  17. Monta – “1000 Roses” : Well directed and she just knows how to handle the stage, quite a theatrical performance. A sweet song and seems like such a nice girl as well, I get a very positive vibe from this act as a whole. Her vocals are a bit weak though and that drags the act down a bit. It’s nothing innovative but it’s charming – 6-/10

  18. RITVARS – “Who’s Counting?” : The choice of clothing is horrendous but let’s get past that. I don’t know why but this just reminded me of Lithuania 13 and that’s not a good thing. It’s a very heartfelt performance and the orchestration is very classy but something feels off with his performance. Overperformed to the point it becomes a bit weird ? Probably. I just think I have an issue with the way the lyrics flow at certain parts, they seem..congested. But the orchestration is a big redeeming quality here – 6.5/10

  19. RIGA Reggae – “Stop The War U2” : This is the embodiment of what I detest in esc. It is a mockery of a genre, a cringy gimmicky bunch of..ugh. There is no singing, no song, nothing. One of the worst things of the season alongside Edward in MF – 1/10

    Overall a surprisingly meh semi..I think I preferred the first. I am glad if Markus made it after all, he is probably my favourite of the semi to be honest, something I did not expect.

    The production value of Supernova is excellent this year by the way – props to Latvia.

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