Hungary: First Four Acts Qualify for A Dal Final

Hungary – Hungary’s A Dal 2018 competition started tonight with semi-final 1, and four acts were chosen to go through to the grand final in two week’s time. Nine acts were taking part tonight but only 4 could progress through to the grand finale. 

A jury made up of Judit Schell, Misi Mező, Károly Frenreisz and Miklós Both combined with a televote picked three acts. A fourth act was then saved by televote only from the remaining six songs.

The four qualifying performers and songs were:

  • Dánielfy Gergely – ‘Azt mondtad’
  • Heincz Gábor (BIGA) – ‘Good vibez’
  • Leander Kills – ‘Not szól harang’ (public voted to save)
  • Süle Zsolt – ‘Zöld a május

8 comments on “Hungary: First Four Acts Qualify for A Dal Final

  1. Expected results. Süle Zsolt is extremely overrated imo. I would prefer Ham ko Ham over him but I admit there was a gap between the top 4 here and the rest in terms of score.

  2. Glad for Dánielfy Gergely and Leander Kills. Sad for Maszkura és a tücsökraj.

  3. Danielfy and Leander Kills are in. Good. The other two are much less interesting.

  4. I still haven’t checked all songs, only a live performance recommended to me here and there. I am very happy that both Dánielfy Gergely and Leander Kills made it. I would have liked to see Ham ko Ham in the final to.

  5. I’m really plesaed with these 3 qualifiers:

    Dánielfy Gergely – ‘Azt mondtad’
    Leander Kills – ‘Not szól harang’ (public voted to save)
    Süle Zsolt – ‘Zöld a május‘

    The 4th one should be Gabi Knoll.. :(

    I hope and pray Dánielfy Gergely – ‘Azt mondtad’ will go to Lisbon..
    And Hungary will skip Horváth Tamás – “Meggyfa”

  6. They should really send Dánielfy Gergely, it’s their best song on offer by a HUGE margin !!!

  7. Finally a NF semi where all my favourites made it!

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