Estonia: 5 Acts Win Through to Eesti Laul Final

EstoniaEesti Laul 2018 began tonight with the first semi-final seeing ten acts compete for 5 places in the final. Stig Rasta, Iiris & Agoh, Elina Netšajeva and Sibyl Vane won direct tickets to the final, with Vajé winning the televote and the final spot. 

Here’s one of the favorites, Elina Netšajeva:

Semi-final 2 will take place next week and the grand final will be held on 3rd March 2018 at Saku Suurhallis.

41 comments on “Estonia: 5 Acts Win Through to Eesti Laul Final

  1. I would prefer Etnopatsy over Vajé with his given performance but overall good results. Thank god Tiiu x Okym x Semy and Miljardid are out. I still don’t understand what Aden Ray’s act is about. It seems not many in Estonia did either.

    Elina Netšajeva is stunning. I am standing at awe when she performs. This is a very strong moment and she NEEDS to come to esc.

    • She will be in Lisbon and take Estonia to the final again. If Il Volo won the televote with a worse song and performance, she will smash it there and the juries may well support it. We’ll see.

  2. No Etnoplasty?! Wrong move, Estonia. Anyway, Elina will win and she will be among the favourites in Lisbon with that performance, which managed to be powerful, elegant and classy. I still don’t get that ending, but, she is la forza herself on stage. Well done, Elina! Congratulations to all qualifiers!

  3. Estonia never supported folk entries, sad for “Kulm” which is a masterpiece of a song (but look at what they sent through the recent years… and qualified to the final)… but “La Forza” is by far the best popera ever in the esc realm and I think I could support it…

    However, what we forget is, “Misty” is the best song of the season and is waiting in the second semi ;)

    • I like ‘Sognu’ as well, but that live killed it.

    • If we look at the orchestration and melody it is more popmusical than popopera imo … Only the vocal technique points towards opera. That’s the reason it has such an appeal. Many people love musicals whereas opera is still a pretty elite thing. But just as Hjallis keeps saying: stuff like this gives many people the opportunity to believe that they support sth high brow for once. It’s a trick.

  4. Elina is really stunning!

  5. La Forza seem to be getting wind beneath it’s wings. No wonder, kitsch has always done and will be always doing well in ESC.
    She’s beautiful, she can sing. Song is just tacky popera from the moment synthetic bass and drums kick in to sell it to masses. Before that it is good school work in Music Academy when the task is to compose something in the vain of romantic Italian opera aria.
    Sarah Brightman has still large audiences, not probably known for they love or deep understanding of classical music, so will La Forza. Unfortunately.

  6. ‘Külm’ being left behind is a travesty, in particular if we look at the average songs who made it. Out of those that qualified, I only like ‘Thousand Worlds’, which at least has some life in it.

    And for all those who are still in denial I c/p my comment from the live thread:

    Elina Nechayeva – La Forza: Well, as everyone knows, I don’t like the song or this music style in general … but then I don’t like earthquakes either but can do nothing to stop them from happening. When you are faced with a force of nature, you are just a tiny and incompetent human being whose job is to step aside and let nature do her thing. This act is such a force of nature. It will win Eesti laul, travel to Lisbon and do very well there. There is absolutely nothing I can do about it. Since I am perfectly aware of the power this act has, I’ll give a generous 6/12.

  7. “Külm”! :(

    Out of the selected finalists, I wouldn’t mind having “La forza” flying the Estonian flag. It’s indeed one of the better popera entries we’ve heard in Eurovision, and reminds a lot of something Sarah Brightman could have done. But the best operatic Eurovision entry of all time is of course “I treni di Tozeur”. :p

  8. Copy-paste from the Super Saturday thread:

    Just checked all the qualifiers in Estonia.

    Elina had the performance of the evening and is sailing to Lisbon. I am not really behind this, but can’t fault her performance.

    Stig Rästa – indifferent

    Iiris – ridiculous

    Sibyl Vane – totally, 100% behind this. One of the best songs of 2018 no doubt! Do check this out if you haven’t!!!

    Vaje – much better than Stig and Iiris for sure

    In a nutshell – Etnopatsy not making it in Estonia is much more of a travesty than Sergei not making it in Ukraine. At least in Ukraine I an see the merits of all three qualifiers, whereas in Estonia two out of five are completely unjustified.

  9. I’d much prefer Sibly Vane to go to Lisbon than Elina, even though Elina would probably do better. On the other hand I don’t think it’s in any way better than il Volo that I adored (but Il Volo was simply bel canto singing, not “opera”)

  10. Ewwwwwwwww what an ugly kitsch that performance of “La forza” is..and structure of the song, it;s ugly Eurovisisonish tahat i eant to puke..with that RnB background and her high notes…YUCK, I thought I will like at least smth about it..

    Meeeh it seems again the year like Rybak, Emmely De Forest shite….well we had Jamala and Sobral two years in a row…it’s time for smth horrific again.. :( it seems i ask for to much LOL :D

    Maybe Bulgaria will surprise us, or Azerbaiajn..or Germany..or Portugal, Porto 2019! rofl

    At least I like many entries chosen till now..it’s not the first time by any mean I hate the winner. :D

  11. I wasn’t that big fan of Iiris’s entry this year in studio version and everybody knows that
    Astronaut” rom 2009 Eesti Laul is one of my all time NF faves..

    But IIRIS & AGOH – “Drop That Boogie” have bought me just now, after I watched that fantastic performance form the semi! :) :) :)

    I’d die to have this in Llsbon instead of that ugghhh better to stop here..

    SIBYL VANE – “Thousand Words” is also good…but Iiris! <3

  12. Pretty awful results here, the best songs didn’t qualify imo, especially Külm!!

  13. Eesti Laul – Semi 1 (#Travesty)

    1. Etnopatsy : Besides that acrobat and some minor issues in vocal harmonies, I don’t see ANY reason why the E.L final should be deprived of this. The best 2018 EL song imo. 9/10
    2. Elina Nechayeva : As Toggie said, a force of nature, though extremely camp and what one would expect to experience only through esc. It is probably the early OGAE favorite (to flop?). I doubt it will do as great as betting agencies currently suggest… 8/10
    3. Sibyl Vane : Biggest grower of the night. Still it gets very repetitive. 7.5/10
    4. Stig Rästa : Sweet but as already mentioned, an album filler. 7/10
    5. Aden Ray : Oddly enough, i liked it. Very good vocals but the tub was a horrible idea 7/10
    6. Iiris & Agoh : Weak song she sings it well though 5/10
    7. Vaje : Painful to listen to live. The song suddenly lost much of its charm. 4.5/10
    8. Miljardid : Quirky performer, this is indie, awful and interesting at the same time. 4/10
    9. TIIU x OKYM x SEMY : Another bad song with competent live saving it from total disaster 4/10
    10. Desiree : Awful in every aspect ! 2/10

  14. Got to watch this on delay.

    My brothers and sisters in Estonia are actually going to make the final this year, breaking the streak! Estonia is born again with Elina.

    I got Aliona Moon flashbacks. That’s high praise indeed.

    My brothers and sisters better gimmick the hell out of this. Make that dress glow, make it spin, make it inflate, the whole nine.

    Odds are she will have no voice left by May though. She may have to perform via sign language.

  15. Credit where credit’s due: a great stage show, great camera work, great gimmick with the dress, and most importantly, a great voice.

    Elina will win EL and be an OGAE fav, with tons of hype leading up to the contest. Persobally, I find the song devoid of any meaning or message, pompous, and an act in vocal ability. It will be popular among the masses just like “ La Voix” and “It’s My Life”, but will be buried by the juries come May 12.

  16. Vajé – Laura (Walk with me)

    He seems really uncomfortable on stage. Maybe it’s the completely unneeded and uncomfortable to watch choreography that involves a lot of restraining and unexpected touching (and I’m a touchy person). This is definitely a song that is let down by the inability of the singer to bring it to life, because while I doubt I’d love this song if it was performed regularly, it seems to have some intrinsic charm.

  17. Iiris & Agoh – Drop that boogie

    I love the styling on Iiris. She looks like I imagine I would try to look as a woman. The song is just harmless fun with little substance, but it is well performed and has a consistent stage aesthetic that works with it.

  18. Etnopatsy – Külm

    I hate when songs use cloth dancers to point out that the song has mystical elements. And while I think the stage looks wonderful otherwise, with the muted colors and the bold, colorful costumes, that dancer really sours this for me. Vocals were great though.

  19. Sibyl Vane – Thousand words

    This is appealing to the 16 year old in me. This is exactly what I listened to at that time, and her outfit is awesome! The camera tricks they use throughout the performance are fun and easy to get behind, and they aren’t overused to the point that they become tiresome (although they do get close). I like the balance between the traditional performance choices and the attempt to flair it up.

  20. Aden Ray – Everybody’s dressed

    Why are you in a bathtub? He’s a really good vocalist, and I like the backing track. But the performance is so confusing that it overshadows everything else. And the lyrics don’t really make sense to me either.

  21. Tiiu x Okym x Semy – Näita oma energiat

    I don’t dislike the song, but the frenetic energy of the first two singers mixed with the light show and the speed at which half the song goes… it becomes very overwhelming.

  22. Stig Rästa – Home

    I didn’t expect Stig to come back with a song that played over the end credits to a made-for-tv romantic comedy movie. His vocals seem to have taken a bit of a hit since he performed with Elina a few years back too.

  23. Miljardid – Pseudoprobleem

    From the first note, I was done with this. It never really improved from there, and I’m still wishing that I didn’t have the sense that I needed to watch it all the way through at least once. This was bad. It’s the kind of indie that is pretending to be deep and meaningful without actually saying anything. I hate this.

  24. Desiree – On my mind

    Her vocals are awful. It sounds like listening to the sound of whining in song form.

  25. Elina Netšayeva – La forza

    The light up elevated dress and silver-painted hand are both very kitsch and unappreciated. I’m actually a huge fan of this kind of ridiculous over the top popera (loved both Sweden 2009 and Slovenia 2007, for example). But this one doesn’t really do anything for me. I appreciate her voice though.

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