Tonight: First French Semifinal

France – Nine acts taking part in the French national final called Destination Eurovision will part in the first semi-final, which was recorded earlier this week. A 100% jury deicision will pick the four that will qualify to the final! The show starts at 9 pm.

The show will be presented by Franco-canadian singer Garou. The French jury is composed by Franco-canadian singer Isabelle Boulay, French Idol winner Christophe Wilem and the French artist at Eurovision 2016 Amir! They will all sing an Eurovision entry to begin the semi. An interval act will also feature Amir’s new song.

Each artist gets a short presentation video, then sings a snippet of a cult classic (we’ll hear songs by Michael Jackson, France Gall, Johnny Halliday, Patrice Bruel, Cyndi Lauper or London Grammar), then we get a second video to present the writing team behind the song (or in some cases when the artist also wrote the song, the story behind the writing) and then finally the full song! The songs are all performed in the live condition. However, the final, on January 27th will be 100% live and televote will replace the French jury. The semifinals, pre-recorded earlier this week, are 100% jury. With the French jury, the head of delegations of Sweden, Belarus and Italy will also vote. They give 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12pts to their Top 6 out of the 9 songs. The top 4 qualifies.

Tonight line-up is:

  1. Masoe – “Paradis” (You Rock My Mind)” (Dany Synthé, Jonah & Masoé / Hope)
  2. Noée – “L’Un Près De l’Autre(Jules Jaconelli & Mélanie Di Petrantonio / Barbara Pravi & Tomislav Matosin)
  3. Lisandro Cuxi – “Eva(Felipe Saldivia, Fred Savio & Tristan Salvati)
  4. Malo – “Ciao(Malory Legardinier)
  5. Emmy Liyana – “OK ou KO(Zazie, Olivier Schultheis, Jean-Pierre Pilot & William Rousseau)
  6. Enea – “I’ll Be There(Emilie Satt & Sonia Boraso / Allyson Ezell & High P)
  7. Pheno Men – “Jamais Sans Toi(Gabin Lesieur & Pheno Men / Kim Worthy)
  8. Louka – “Mamma Mia(Maître Gims, Vitaa, Renaud Rebillaud & Louka)
  9. Ehla – “J’ai Cru(Ehla & High P / Ehla, Grand Corps Malade & High P)

635 comments on “Tonight: First French Semifinal

  1. Good luck to Sweem next Saturday!

  2. French i-tunes chart:


  3. Masoe – Paradis

    While the song itself wasn’t bad (though not really memorable either), his wide eyes and awkward body language and off-tune falsetto were memorable for the wrong reasons. He looked like he was making the best of a parachute not deploying after jumping out of a plane. It was… sad.

  4. Noée – “L’Un Près De l’Autre”

    While I find these songs very easy to listen to and support, I can see why it might not be a big hit. It’s got quirky French chanson down to a stereotype, and they are not exciting to listen to. Unfortunately, this song would have had to be magical to make an impact, and it was just pleasant.

  5. Lisandro Cuxi – “Eva”

    The song is certainly on trend, and he has charisma (even if his dancing makes no sense in the context of the song being sung). My boyfriend would probably really like this song, but for me, it seems a bit like an empty package. A charismatic performer singing a pop song that is currently in favor with no connection to the song.

  6. Malo – “Ciao”

    I should like this song, but instead, I’m going to be really mean to it. This song sounds like the backing track to a scene in a hip independent film being made by an up-and-coming filmmaker with a low budget for licensed music. In other words, they make do with it and though it sounds good with visuals, it comes across rather weakly alone. I probably would still have some really nice things to say about this song except that the small stage highlights the fact that Malo so exceptionally over-performs the song that it becomes almost comical at times. There’s one part where he starts hopping backwards, butt extended, towards the camera, where I have to hold back laughter, which turns into annoyance because I’m supposed to be taking this seriously. And I cannot.

  7. Emmy Liyana – “OK ou KO”

    Now, this, is how you perform a song on a small stage. Her body language has a subtle confidence that avoids being boring by doing too little and comical by doing too much. So far, her big vocal moment has also been the most successful, not being screechy (like Lisandro) or eclipsed by what was going on stage (like Malo). You can tell by the audience reaction that her energy was electric and engaging. Loved this.

  8. Enea – “I’ll Be There”

    Poor girl looks as hurt by her performance as I was watching it. From the scrunched face to the leaning that looked like she was trying to find a good position to poop from. She had no idea what she was doing, and she knew how badly she was crashing.

  9. Pheno Men – “Jamais Sans Toi”

    Definitely weak vocally, and their movements were not a coordinated as they should have been for this type of performance. Some arm movements were limp and didn’t seem committed, and they seemed too afraid of making a mistake in choreography to actually do the choreography. Disappointing.

  10. Louka – “Mamma Mia”

    Frat boy that has had one too many drinks taking over the karaoke machine. Everything from his slightly disheveled appearance to his body movements to his voice screams that image.

  11. Ehla – “J’ai Cru”

    Ehla’s song gets the award for the catchiest chorus of the night. I was head-bopping along with the chorus before I knew it. I also like the cut from the verses to the chorus. It’s nothing new or exciting musically, but it’s a pleasure of mine. I like this song way more than I should.

  12. My personal ranking after one listening:
    1. Emmy Liyana
    2. Ehla
    3. Noée
    4. Lisandro Cuxi
    5. Malo
    6. Louka
    7. Pheno Men
    8. Masoe
    9. Enea

  13. Lisandro Cuxi came out first with Helsinki jury. Shame the song is not sequel to Danser. . Eva Isa bit generic and Lisandro really should have something to dance to. Very glad to get to know this young man, Danser, both song and video are great. This is how you make a pop star.

    Ciao is hands down best song of the evening. Studio version is great. It’s like Air, which I love, mixing something from Primal Scream’s Screamadelica, which is one of my all time favorite rock albums. Shame about horrendous live vocals. Also not a big fan of nerds in the middle of panic attack.

    Emmy Liyana started so well, but sing writers’ totally lost their swag when they came to chorus. It’s very generic and ok, but it’s totally disjointed after the promise verse made. Still third. Rest I rather forget.

    I only watched clips, but what I saw looked really good. Glad to see commitment. For judges I recommend tables. When you see too much of all that digging and swinging it starts to look really pretentious.

  14. After listening Lisandro’s album Ma Bonne Étoile, I’m getting a bit miffed about Eva. His record company is obviously playing it a bit too safe and ESC. They had a chance to deliver something very current and mainstream with this pop boy.

  15. This is the first French NF for me – with its own show, stage, host and jurors. I found out that my cable provider does have TV5 Monde (channel 247!!!) and I was able to rewatch the show in peace last night (very late). I liked the stage – they were able to make it simple and effective. There were also good singers on offer (most of them). The weak link were the songs, imo, though. ‘Ciao’ is the best one, but the live is not at the same level; Lisandro and Emmy were very good live, but they deserved better songs. Noée had an excellent live rendition that was ignored by the professional jury (the worst moment of this semi). Louka did not deserve to reach the final with that live (professional jury, I am looking at you, shame on your professionalism).

    For once I agree with the fans commenting on ESC Portugal: ‘Ciao’ is the best song, hurt by its live rendition; Lisandro and Emmy sung average songs at best. Noée deserved a place in the final.

    Let’s see and hear what the second semu will bring to the table.

  16. My favourite song in studio (from this semi) remains “Paradis”.
    Huge TV potential and stand out of the night : Lisandro.
    Best vocals : Noée
    Other songs I liked : “Mamma mia” and “J’ai cru”
    Most annoying performance : Malo, BY FAR!

  17. Overall (with emphasis given both on the songs and the live renditions)
    1.Lisandro Cuxi 8.25/10
    2.Noée 8/10
    3.Louka 7/10
    4.Ehla 6.75/10
    5.Masoe :( 6.5/10
    6.Malo 6/10
    7.Emmy Liyana 6/10
    8.Pheno Men 6/10
    9.Enea 5/10

  18. So,some of the rumors were true.It seems that the popular band DoReDoS has submitted a song written by Philip Kirkorov at the national preselection.Songtitle: My Lucky Day.

    • You mean in Moldova’s pre-selection. I am sure they have sent a song to the bulgarian one as well.

      • Yes,i omitted the country’s name.lol
        How can you be sure about Bulgaria?

        • I think the list the bulgarians gave with some former participants’ names crossed off (including Conchita’s, Sergei’s etc.) only makes sense if they were referring to songwriters. And if the team has started doing national pre-selections, it makes sense not to put all their eggs in one basket. On the other hand I remember he did refer to “one friendly country”, not several.

    • Aisel is free to sing the stuff she loves, one hopes!

  19. Rumor mill in full swing.InfeGreece reports that the Belarusian national broadcaster has already informed Alekseev that in case he wins he will have to change his song for Lisbon.

  20. Polish national final Krajowe Eliminacje to be held in March.

  21. Main guests of San Remo 2018 will be Laura Pausini,Sting and Liam Gallagher.
    This year the new artistic director Claudio Ballini stressed that they chose to enhance the Italian character of the songs and the chosen artists represent different shades of the Italian color of the music scene.
    The new rule that allows the songs to be up to 4 minutes in length was implemented in order to allow singers to more freely express themselves.

  22. My ra
    1. Emmy Liyana 9/12
    2. Noée 8.5/12
    3. Pheno Men 8/12
    4. Lisandro 7/12
    5. Ehla 7/12
    6. Louka 6.5 /12 (could be higher with better live performance)
    7. Malo 6/12
    8. Enea 5/12
    9. Masoe 5/12

  23. Lisandro has almost double the views of the runner-up Emmy.Winner alert.

    • For their sake, I hope they have something better up their sleeves next Saturday.

      • His enormous charisma could secure them a top-10 come May.I mean if Australia did it in Kyiv.

        • Australia didn’t do it because of any charisma. Their problem was lack of it as witnessed by their two televoting points…

          • My point is that they’re not doomed with Lisandro.It’s an average song lifted by his charisma so a good placing is not out of reach in case they pick him.

            • It’s so average it hurts and the kind of song other countries can do 100 times better. It really is a step backwards after trying to bring hits with a distinctive french sound in the previous couple of years. The only thing they have is his cuteness coupled with precocious confidence on the stage.

            • Yeah he seems like a rather safer bet than what most people seem to think.

            • I see your point. He could do much better with a different song that truly showcased his stage charisma.

            • I agree. Not even the Wiwi crowd seems particularly taken with this song and they would be the natural target group for this kind of thing. It is the kind of thing that would have probably suffered if it ever participated in MF for example. There is also the particular problem of perceived inauthenticity in case the french choose this.

              I think the lack of anything very worthwhile last night is making his “package” look like winner material. Let’s hope it will be remedied next Saturday.

            • MF would know how to showcase him and he would do very well there, even with that app thing.

          • Robin Bengtsson did extremely well with mediocre song, charisma of dirty vacuum cleaner and conveyor belt. It’s just one gimmicky stage prop they needed. Being Sweden helped of course, but acting as being the kings of ESC helped too.

  24. Schedule for this week: VFoS 5 big (big reveal); A Dal 18 and Destination Eurovision 18 semis. The season is nearly in full swing and I have to get things organized. There will be plenty of deabtes ahead, I suspect. Polarizing songs will show up here and there: ‘Ciao’ in France and ‘La Forza’ in Estonia just came to mind.

  25. Noée is being very gracious about what happened last evening. Social media are not happy at all with the 3 French juries.

    Has the press reacted in some way to the 1st semi, Morgan?

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