Tonight: First French Semifinal

France – Nine acts taking part in the French national final called Destination Eurovision will part in the first semi-final, which was recorded earlier this week. A 100% jury deicision will pick the four that will qualify to the final! The show starts at 9 pm.

The show will be presented by Franco-canadian singer Garou. The French jury is composed by Franco-canadian singer Isabelle Boulay, French Idol winner Christophe Wilem and the French artist at Eurovision 2016 Amir! They will all sing an Eurovision entry to begin the semi. An interval act will also feature Amir’s new song.

Each artist gets a short presentation video, then sings a snippet of a cult classic (we’ll hear songs by Michael Jackson, France Gall, Johnny Halliday, Patrice Bruel, Cyndi Lauper or London Grammar), then we get a second video to present the writing team behind the song (or in some cases when the artist also wrote the song, the story behind the writing) and then finally the full song! The songs are all performed in the live condition. However, the final, on January 27th will be 100% live and televote will replace the French jury. The semifinals, pre-recorded earlier this week, are 100% jury. With the French jury, the head of delegations of Sweden, Belarus and Italy will also vote. They give 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12pts to their Top 6 out of the 9 songs. The top 4 qualifies.

Tonight line-up is:

  1. Masoe – “Paradis” (You Rock My Mind)” (Dany Synthé, Jonah & Masoé / Hope)
  2. Noée – “L’Un Près De l’Autre(Jules Jaconelli & Mélanie Di Petrantonio / Barbara Pravi & Tomislav Matosin)
  3. Lisandro Cuxi – “Eva(Felipe Saldivia, Fred Savio & Tristan Salvati)
  4. Malo – “Ciao(Malory Legardinier)
  5. Emmy Liyana – “OK ou KO(Zazie, Olivier Schultheis, Jean-Pierre Pilot & William Rousseau)
  6. Enea – “I’ll Be There(Emilie Satt & Sonia Boraso / Allyson Ezell & High P)
  7. Pheno Men – “Jamais Sans Toi(Gabin Lesieur & Pheno Men / Kim Worthy)
  8. Louka – “Mamma Mia(Maître Gims, Vitaa, Renaud Rebillaud & Louka)
  9. Ehla – “J’ai Cru(Ehla & High P / Ehla, Grand Corps Malade & High P)

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635 comments on “Tonight: First French Semifinal

  1. Greek hopeful Areti Ketime on Skai tv right now. Couldn’t she find a more decent tv show? Ugh :o

  2. Allow me to post this link.

    Dora Gaitanovici sings at 16min20sec. I am here to find new talented voices and this singer and songwriter is one of the highlights of the season so far, imo. Good luck, Dora!

  3. Dora sings her song live here as well:

    Marko has posted this link as well.

  4. Oh no, there’s a Despacito in Armenia as well!!! I am getting angry!

  5. I’ve been though the available Armenian hopefuls and I did not like any of them. What is the matter with this year’s composers?! Stale songs coming from almost every direction!

  6. Have been off this forum for a while but a friend made me listen through the Norwegian hopefuls and hence I thought I’d just show up here and say what I think.

    And what do I think? That the line-up is ba-a-ad, that’s what I think. A bunch of formula written pop products, made for hopeful amateur musicians to conquer Spotify. Yeah, one of the songs is even called “That’s how you write a song”. Meta humour.

    1. That’s how you write a song – Alexander Rybak (7/12)
    2. You got me – Stella & Alexandra (6/12)
    3. Who we are – Rebecca (6/12)
    4. Talk to the hand – Aleksander Walmann (5/12)
    5. Tengo otra – Alejandro Fuentes (4/12)
    6. Light me up – Nicoline (4/12)
    7. Stop the music – Charla K (3/12)
    8. I like, I like, I like – Tom Hugo (3/12)
    9. Moren din – Vidar Villa (2/12)
    10. Scandilove – Ida Maria (2/12)

    Rybak is my 1st right now because it’s a funny and funky song that doesn’t take itself seriously. I also like that he’s returning with something different than “Fairytale”, even though I do think (and maybe I’m completely out of sync for thinking this) that both songs have some echoes from Fools Garden’s “Lemon tree” in different ways…

    A bit funny that Per Gessle shows up as well in Norway, even if his song is really dull. I can imagine Christer Björkman’s annoyance that Gessle turned to MGP instead of MF. You can bet he’s tried several times to get him there.

    And finally, Vidar Villa’s lyrics are awful. Milf songs should be kept to a real minimum and this is a proof of why.

    Lykke til, søta bror!

    • I was especially disappointed by Tom Hugo. I am waiting for the lives to upgrade Rybak’s song.

    • I speak like very elementary Swedish, so as I was listening to “Moren din” I thought I heard something along the lines of “I want your mother”. Thanks for the confirmation lol, that’s hilarious.

  7. Rybak’s video is out. Hmmm, this is definitely growing on me :)

  8. Got a bit of time today so MGP it is.

    (Part 1)

    Alexander Rybak – “That’s how you write a song” : I can see this stealing the show live with the proper staging and Alexander has stage charism. I think the melody is a bit basic especially at the instrumental parts but I can see this not embarassing Norway or Alexander as a come back entry in esc results-wise – 7.5+/10

    Rebecca – “Who we are” : Her voice is enticing, it has substance. I have no true negatives here, I quite like this one. I may have liked a stronger chorus. Lyrics are good, melody is good. A contemporary, well made entry – 7.5/10

    Stella & Alexandra – “You got me ” : Stella definitely grew up musically. I slightly prefer her parts and her vocals over Alexandra’s, I don’t quite feel the voice mix and chemistry here to be honest. But this is another well written entry overall that needs some balance between the elements it tries to combine – 7/10

    Vidar Villa – “Moren din” : This is quite dated imo and not even in a nostalgic way..Just..irrelevant. Pleasant and I enjoyed listening to it for a bit but I don’t think it stands a chance (and damn if the lyrics indeed talk about the stuff I read above…no.) – 5/10

    Tom Huge – “I like I like I like” : This guy has such an annoying voice and damn that chorus does not help much. I like the verses but I cannot stand the chorus here, it just sounds..obnoxious. No I am sorry. – 3.5/10

  9. (Part 2)

    Alejandro Fuentes – “Tengo otra”: And the “Despacito” of this selection. I like this better than “Despacito” tbh, it feels more sensual and his voice is very..seductive I must admit. Damn those spanish-speaking guys..My only issue is that it is relatively flat for a reggaeton, it does not build up, it stays low key throughout. I did enjoy it though – 6.5+/10

    Charla K – “Stop the music”: Liked this quite a bit. Again, I would prefer more of a build-up but I would listen to this again. It may be tricky to deliver though, those backing vocals are quite elaborate. Nice effort – 7/10

    Nicoline – “Light me up”: She looks like Nina Kraljic’s long lost sister, they are almost identical lol ! I did not really feel the song tbh, it felt too repetitive and it showed a lack of inspiration – gets tiring 2 minutes in. The verses try to lift it but I am not feeling it – 4/10

    Aleksander Walmann – “Talk to the hand”: Well well look who is back and without JOWST this time. He is such a nice, and talented, guy. I like this one quite a bit, it made me smile through out and it’s so damn catchy in a good way, so groovy. I can see it in my playlist for a morning I need a cheer up for sure. I can see it in esc for sure, great job 2nd year in a row Aleksander ! – 7.5/10

    Ida Maria – “Scandilove”: This can go either way and be super cool and quirky or end up as a joke entry on stage. It walks on a thin line on studio version already. Not sure if I enjoy it or not. It can win this for sure if the stars align properly. – ?/10

    Overall it’s a decent selection. I think the 2 Alexander’s are a bit ahead of the pack along with Rebecca and, along with Stella and Ida, these are the 5 entries that have a winning chance. I’d definately give an edge to Rybak and Wallmann though, I think they can retain Norway’s top 10 position next year.

    Still #teamMicholas though so far overall :) !

    • I feel like I didnt hate any of them but didn’t care for any either, which is weird there’s usually one or two songs I despise in MGP while there’s often one or two I really love! As it is, since a LOT are on the same level, I’d rather Norway make a pass on Alexanders and Stella to give a shot to someone new.

      • Oh, “I like, I like, I like” gave me some strong feelings of frustration definately.

        Well I do not have a big opinion on returning artists but other than Rebecca, it is the esc veterans that provide the songs imo. Everyone else would drown in 16-ish places in the semi mostly imo..

  10. The first minipop icon of the season is here:

  11. Off-topic : With the years passing the possibility becomes more and more distant but damn Australia would so win esc with Troye Sivan :

  12. I’m here like a week later but I like to read different opinions so I’ll share mine.
    About the French NF, all the snippets were great for me, and probably all the songs are great in studio version, sadly the live performances were disappointing. The quality of the sound was great (at least in the videos) and thanks to all the people involved for singing live :)
    For me the good ones were Noée followed by Malo’; then my ranking of the “bad”, in order, is Masoe, Emmy, Ehla, Enea, Louka, Phéno-Men and Lisandro.
    Looking forward to the 2nd semi!

  13. I finally got the chance to listen to the 4 qualifiers at least..My overall impression is that they are ok.

    Lisandro Cuxi – “Eva” : Worthy winner, out of the 4 qualifiers at least, I really like the verses and the chorus BUT I am not sure about how they fit in the same song at points. He is a good performer and, overall, this could be a good next step for France in esc – 8/10

    Malo’ – “Ciao” : It’s a bit left field. I am not too fond of his voice to be honest, I find it a tad irritating and if you ask me to remember one thing about this song I cannot really, just that it gets very chaotic towards the end – 5/10

    Louka – “Mamma Mia” : The song is nice, playful and summer-y. But he cannot sing I m afraid. Or he was just anxious. I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. The faster parts are good. It is an earworm – 6.5+/10

    Emmy Liyana – “OK ou KO” : I am afraid this is another voice I do not find very appealing in terms of colour but this entry has very obvious qualities. Edge, interesting progression and an interesting artist to take it on, even if I am not super fond of her voice. Good things have to be recognized – 7.5/10

    2 promising qualifiers here. Let’s see what will happen this Saturday.

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