Sweden: Melodifestivalen Running Orders for Semi-finals Released

Sweden – Swedish broadcaster SVT has revealed the running order of the four semi-finals in Melodifestivalen 2018. The first one is to be held in Karstad on 3rd February 2018, followed each week by further semi-fina in Gothenburg, Malmö and Örnsköldsvik


  1. 1. Sigrid Bernson – “Patrick Swayze”
  2. John Lundvik – “My Turn”
  3. Renaida – “All the Feels”
  4. Edward Blom – “Livet på en pinne”
  5. Kikki Danielsson – “Osby Tennessee”
  6. Kamferdrops – “Solen lever kvar hos dig”
  7. Benjamin Ingrosso – “Dance You Off”


  1. Samir & Viktor – “Shuffla”
  2. Ida Redig – “Allting som vi sa”
  3. Jonas Gardell – “Det finns en väg”
  4. Margaret – “In My Cabana”
  5. Stiko Per Larsson – “Titta vi flyger”
  6. Mimi Werner – “Songburning”
  7. LIAMOO – “Last Breath”


  1. Martin Almgren – “A Bitter Lullaby”
  2. Barbi Escobar – “Stark”
  3. Moncho – “Cuba Libre”
  4. Jessica Andersson – “Party Voice”
  5. Kalle Moraeus & Orsa Spelmän – “Min dröm”
  6. Dotter – “Cry”
  7. Méndez – “Everyday”


  1. Emmi Christensson – “Icarus”
  2. Elias Abbas – “Mitt paradis”
  3. Felicia Olsson – “Break That Chain”
  4. Rolandz – “Fuldans”
  5. Olivia Eliasson – “Never Learn”
  6. Felix Sandman – “Every Single Day”
  7. Mariette – “For You”

72 comments on “Sweden: Melodifestivalen Running Orders for Semi-finals Released

  1. The annual predictable routine of MF starts yet again … :)
    Good luck!

  2. And already the betting agencies think it’s among Mariette, LIAMOO and Benjamin :)

  3. Salvador has left the hospital! Good news!

    • Yes it makes perfect sense to put the Netherlands and Belgium in one pot with the Baltics.

      • Bloody Balkan voters ! :P

      • Well after you finish with the nordic balkan and ex soviet pots and let’s say that the pot with Greece/Cyprus/Bulgaria/Romania/Moldova kind of makes sense there isn’t much that can be done with the rest…Who else would you put the baltics with ? Maybe they thought about the high points to TCL in 2014 or Blanche to a degree this year ?

    • Australia, Austria, Czech Republic, Israel, Malta and San Marino in one pot. Is there some logic behind this?

      • They probably do them drunk

        • There were six countries left and they had to be put somewhere. Of course it would make sense to put Austria and Switzerland together, but Switzerland is already a donor of votes to the Balkans, and there is no place for another country in that pot, so let’s pretend that Austria has some thing to do with all those other left overs.

      • Plus the supposedly friendly Soviet Group 3 consists of countries at war with each other…

        • I haven’t seen that stopping votes exchanged with the exception of the Armenia-Azerbajian deal tbh.

  4. Thank you for the articles, hulluna! :)

  5. It’s most wonderful time of the year!
    Here’s my random Mello 18 notes of as it is on paper.

    HEAT 1

    Patrick Swayze / Sigrid Pernsson

    Expected: Fun and uplifting season starter with great production values

    Pleasant surprise: Song lives up to it’s fantastic title and ultimate svensk flicka delivers impeccably.

    Osby Tennessee / Kikki Danielsson

    Expected: Glammy country schlager delivered with big pink stetson for viewing pleasure of all ESC schlager hags.

    Pleasant surprise: Concept actually works, Kikki looks good and grand.

    Dance You Off / Benjamin Ingrosso

    Expected: Extremely well cut trousers, hairy arms on display and well crafted and choreographed dance pop nodding to Michael Jackson. Playing in the malls and gyms of Helsinki during the Mello season.

    Pleasant surprise: His label has sold some real estate to pay for the over the top production.

    HEAT 2

    Shuffla / Viktor & Samir

    Expected: Three minutes of fun and rant with my favorite puppies. I would shuffla with these boys anytime anywhere

    Pleasant surprise: Some of you sour faces would actually remember how does it feel to be young or actually were young once and surrender to this lovely non sense.

    Det finns en väg / Jonas Gardell

    Expected: Stylish old fashioned slow schlager with excellent lyrics.

    Pleasant surprise: It’s actually as stunning as Rikard Wolf’s En förlorad sommar. Tänk på det!

    In my Cabana / Margaret

    Expected: Descapito in my cabana in Havana.

    Pleasant surprise: Wow! This could actually be Selena Gomez’ next big single!

    Last Breath / LIAMOO

    Expected: Current, trendy and moody number with serious urban twist wrapped with great hook.

    Pleasant surprise: The only current, trendy and moody thing about this is handsome man boy LIAMOO himself.

    HEAT 3

    A Bitter Lullaby / Martin Almgren

    Expected: Schmaltzy ballad with mid brow artsiness whisked in.

    Pleasant surprise: Big boy is fishing on Carl Espen’s fjord.

    Stark / Barbi Escobar

    Expected: Another flight to Havana with budget airline.

    Pleasant surprise: It’s actualiy produced by Emilio Estefan and it’s performed by Barbi Escobar Miami Sound Machine.

    Cuba Libre / Moncho

    Expected: We won’t get totally pissed with Cuba Libres in Havana.

    Pleasant surprise: You can do latin in so many wonderful ways and this is one of them.

    Party Voice / Jessica Andersson

    Expected: Both Kempe and Jessica are trying too hard for their own good. Dated with weird added contemporary elements.

    Pleasant surprise: There won’t be.

    Cry / Dotter

    Expected: Cheesy Undo with eternal acrobatics cryyyyyyyyyyiiiyyy howls in chorus.

    Pleasant surprise: It’d a #metoo empowerment anthem and instant gay bar classic.

    HEAT 4

    Icarus / Emmi Christensson

    Expected: Emmi will make Lena Ph so proud with her old fashioned Swedish power schlager.

    Pleasant surprise: Don’t judge a song by it’s title.

    For you / Mariette

    Expected: For you is song they send back to Jörgensson long time ago from A&R departments of American record companies. After couple of modification the song got one more opprtunity.

    Pleasant surprise: Cry Kelly, your new Stronger is here.

    Mello, what’s not to love? 😃

  6. News on Norway’s MGP:
    Morten Thomassen,president ofOGAE Norway has listened to the finalists and here are his impressions.He says it’s a very up-tempo line-up:

    Melody 1 – Delicious Floating Travel

    Melody 2 – Exotic Rhythms Deluxe

    Melody 3 – Funky swinging rhythms

    Melody 4 – Speedy danceable rhythms

    Melody 5 – Folk-catching

    happy melody 6 – Guitar-driven happy rhythms

    Melody 7 – Dance with attitude

    Melody 8 – Dramatically composed song

    Melody 9 – Fasting, though dimmed

    Melody 10 – Disco-rhymes de luxe

    According to him,Norway has the potential to do really well this year.

  7. This year’s Euroclub is the club “Lust in Rio”:

  8. Move over Belarus, Malta and Switzerland. The big boy is in da house … :)

  9. More of the same, I’m sure. Good luck, Sweden!

  10. Hola a todos! so out of the loop these days..sighs! :-( well Sweden is Sweden I guess and is always a big event, am guessing whatever they choose will be in top 5 in ESC as always, also news re Spain ESC, ESC 2018 song will be chosen Monday January 29th in a special show of Operación Triunfo 2017/8 where the final top 5 singers will sing a song, something like that, I don’t know as I really have no idea about that show these days, I know the “favourite” to win got knocked out via a pretty boy with no talent so am guessing it will pretty much along those lines…:-( btw, I’m going to…….Oporto! very soon will be my first time, it’s part of a dear friend’s birthday deal, any recommendations are welcome!!

  11. Ukrainian NF news:

  12. Hmmm not too excited on paper about the Malmo semi tbh..We’ll see.

  13. Armenian songs will be released in 4 batches starting on Monday and concluding the reveal on Thursday.

  14. indeed,Spanish songs will be revealed on January 29th via TVE operacion Triunfo, via 5 songs/via singer :-(

  15. When your favorite song is losing to another one in a NF:

  16. Best of Belarussian auditions from my favourite ESC blog (those who can read German will understand the reasons. He is so funny.)


  17. Czech Republic: I really love “Fly”, the instrumentals and her voice work really well. “Lie to me” is super catchy. I expect “Lie to Me” to win easily.

    Switzerland:Not really crazy about any of them but I guess I’d go for “redlights” or “stones”

    Belarus: “Forever” is really the only decent one. I think a bilingual version would’ve worked better. I like it though!

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