France: First Semi Recorded Tonight

France – Nine acts taking part in the French national final called Destination Eurovision took part in the first semi-final, which was recorded tonight. As Eurovision Times had people inside, we can reveal a few things about the semi: you’ll get to watch the songs and discover the results Saturday!

So, first of all, the recording took a very long time (7PM-1Am) and not everything was ready to roll, some because of a last minute France Gall tribute, some because of the whole new stage Fr2 has put together. The entire audience was standing up the full time, which was a bit dreadful. A lot fo re-recordings had to be made, so it felt a bit amateurish, and scary considering the final on January 27th will be entirely live! However, good news, the 9 songs were revealed without any cut all in the live condition.

Each artist gets a short presentation video, then sings a snippet of a cult classic (we’ll hear songs by Michael Jackson, France Gall, Johnny Halliday, Patrice Bruel, Cyndi Lauper or London Grammar), then we get a second video to present the writing team behind the song (or in some cases when the artist also wrote the song, the story behind the writing) and then finally the full song! In general, it is easy to say it was by far the best French NF I’ve ever seen, even if the level is uneven between the songs with two imo quite weak and two great ones I think might be the esc-related French songs since Patricia Kaas.

The nine artists were, in running order, Masoe, Noée, Lisandro, Malo, Emmy Liyana, Enea, Pheno Men, Louka and Ehla. The audience’s biggest cheers were by far for Emmy Liyana, followed by Pheno Men, Malo and Lisandro. However, the semi-final is 100% jury votes: 3 from Amir, Isabelle Boulay and Christophe Wilhem, and 3 from the head of delegations of Sweden, Belarus and Italy. They each vote 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12pts for their top 6 entries. The top 4 qualified for the final to be performed live with 100% televote chosing the entry there. Watch Saturday to find out who will qualify! The second semifinal will be recorded tomorrow.

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172 comments on “France: First Semi Recorded Tonight

  1. Shuma – “Xmarki” is MESMERIZING!!

    Please Belarus! <3

  2. Ok! I’ve just done Belarus. The usual embarassing stuff (Yes I am mostly referring to Gunesh whose song I did find atrocious).
    However… :
    1.Alekseev. Their best shot, results-wise too
    4.Kirill Gud
    And with those 4, we’ve just said goodbye to the decent zone :)

  3. Did anyone watch “The Square” by any chance?

  4. I have just heard full Noee’s and Malo’s entries..Malo – “Ciao” is a GEM!! <3

  5. Emmy Liyana with good stageing can win the contest IMO!

    Till now i have heard 5 songs in ful, i rank like this:

    1. Emmy Liyana – “OK ou KO” 10/10
    2. Malo’ – “Ciao” 10/10
    3. Sarah Caillibot – “Tu me manques” 9/10
    4. Noée – “L’un près de l’autre” 9/10
    5. Enéa – “I’ll Be There” 8/10

    Live performances can lift them or downgrade…

  6. I quite like Isabell Otrebus – “Delirium”, they speak it is a NF entry in polish NF..
    It sounds as a Swedish product..

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