Former Eurovision Winner, France Gall, Sadly Passes Away

Former Participants – The winner of the 1965 Eurovision Song Contest, France Gall, has sadly died at the age of 70. She sang  ‘Poupée de cire, poupée de son‘ at the contest for Luxembourg. Condolences to her family and friends. RIP. 

21 comments on “Former Eurovision Winner, France Gall, Sadly Passes Away

  1. Sad news. :( Love her voice. RIP.

  2. She was a great artist who brought a great song and a breath of fresh air to ESC. Thank you and RIP.

  3. So sad to hear she died.May she rest in peace.

  4. Oh no, how sad! Yet another Eurovision queen no longer among us.

  5. Oh no. This is so terrible. She will always be remembered for sure…

  6. Oh no so sad. RIP. For me she will always remain the original French pop chanteuse extraordinaire. Deeply missed.

  7. She was ahead of her age and her esc winning entry a defining moment of the contest as a whole. She will be dearly missed.


  8. A true French icon here, and her winning entry was the spark that unleashed countless great hits (Jouer du piano debout, Evidemment, Ella elle l’a, Paradis blanc, Besoin d’amour, Résiste)… However, for those who don’t know, Gall was extremely mad at Gainsbourg for “abusing” her naivete when she was 16 and did many sexual innuendos in her songs. With her husband, Michel Berger, she got a whole new career, with the many hits we now know. Like there were two France Gall.

    When Berger died of a genetic disease that also took away their daughter, Gall retired from music and has always refused doing a come-back.

  9. I am very sad to learn that Mrs France Gall has passed away.

    I was not too familiar with her work before, but this summer I was involved in producing a stage show which was a tribute to French songs of ’60s and ’70s.
    One of the acts was her 1965 winning entry “Poupée de cire, poupée de son.”

    So I ended up listening to this song all the summer of 2017, and it made me want to discover more of France Gall’s songs.

    She was a great singer, and as I understood, a very warm person.

    RIP, dear lady.

  10. RIP one of my favorite French singers :(

  11. Rest in peace :(

    The song is one of the highlights of the 1960’s. The lyrics are slightly better than the music.

  12. This is a new game, but it is also a tribute to France Gall:

  13. Iconic figure for sure in all aspects.

  14. Such awful tragic news. She will be forever, fondly remembered and missed so dearly. May she RIP.

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