Hungary: A Dal Finalists Announced

Hungary – MTVA, the Hungarian national broadcaster, has revealed the names of the  30 acts that will compete in A Dal 2018, chosen from 350 entries. The contest starts on 20th January 2018, and there will be three heats, 2 semi-finals and a grand final of 15 acts which will conclude on 24th February 2018. 


The 30 competing acts are:

  • #yeahla feat.Viki Eszes – “Egy szó, mint száz
  • Andy Roll – “Turn The Lights On
  • AWS – “Viszlát nyár
  • Ceasefire X – “Satellites
  • Cintia Horváth – “Journey
  • Fourtissimo – “Kisnyuszi a kalapban
  • Gabi Knoll – “Nobody to die for
  • Gábor Heincz ”BIGA” – “Good vibez
  • Gergely Dánielfy – “Azt mondtad
  • Ham ko Ham – “Bármerre jársz
  • Leander Kills – “Nem szól harang
  • Living Room – “Kirakat élet
  • Maszkura és a Tücsökraj – “Nagybetus szavak
  • Maya ‘n’ Peti – “Nekem te
  • Nemzenekar – “Waiting”
  • Nene zenekar – “Mese a királyról
  • Nikoletta Szoke, Attila Kökény, Róbert Szakcsi Lakatos – “Életre kel
  • Noémo – “Levegot
  • Nova Prospect – “Vigyázó
  • Peet Project – “Runaround
  • Odett Polgár – “Aranyhal
  • Reni Tolvai – “Everest
  • Roland Gulyás – “Hypnotized
  • SativuS – “Lusta lány
  • Tamás Horváth – “Meggyfa
  • Tamás Vastag – “Ne hagyj reményt
  • The Matter – “Broken Palms
  • Viktor Király – “Budapest Girl
  • Yesyes – “I let you run away
  • Zsolt Süle – “Zöld a május

Viktor Király, Reni Tolvai and Leander Kills have tried before to win A Dal.


The selection process

  • Heats: 20th January 2018, 27th January 2018, 3rd February 2018 – 10 acts. 5 will go through to the semi-final from each heat, plus a 6th act qualifying from a public vote
  • Semi-finals: 10th February 2018, 17th February 2018 – 9 acts in each, 3 will qualify for the final with the 4th voted by the public
  • Final: 24th February 2018 – 8 acts. The jury will choose 4 and the winner will be chosen by the public

Two TV programmes will also be broadcast on 6th and 13th January celebrating the last six years of A Dal.

344 comments on “Hungary: A Dal Finalists Announced

  1. it’s good to hear, we wish him well here! :-)

  2. A second name of the Czech final revealed.It’s Jakub Ondra.

  3. German-French collaboration at its best. I hope that Ms. Merkel and Mr Macron get there eventually … LOL

    • Really like them though i usually support the 2 Russian couples.Fedor Klimov is my ultimate crush.lol

      • Personal taste aside and objectively speaking this is probably the best Pair free skate ever imo. :)

      • here we end up knowing re profiles or not, Fedor is your ultimate crush, he sure is sexy!, as a journalist (and via sports) I sure ended up with a lot of stories via when Barcelona hosted the Grand Prix Ice Skating final as a journalist, plenty that I could never reveal

  4. indeed you are right via Europe :-)

    • but I think Chinese couple will be Olympic champions

      • It will all depend on the execution when it matters most. :)
        I expect it to be a tight race (or skate) for gold.

        • you are right, indeed, and leave a question for you ; well executed Russia v well-interprectacion the rest?

          • I haven’t watched the Russians yet this season but I have been a huge fan of Russian skating for all my life … except for Mr. Plushchenko, whom I had strongly disliked even before he did his ridiculous routine in ESC 2008.

  5. Chinese version of ‘Amar pelos dois’ :)

  6. Luísa Sobral is expecting her second child. Christmas is bringing good news for the Sobral siblings. I wonder if we’re going to see any of them on stage next May.

    • They showed Salvador here today on greek TV news. They said everything with the heart transplant and operation went fine :)

    • I actually think it could be rather cool if he did it. The contest would benefit from something edgy and unpolished, and we would surely get that with Johnny Rotten. My biggest concern probably being that many people might see it as a stunt – like f.e. Dustin the Turkey.

  7. It’s Jessica Mauboy for Australia in Lisbon.

  8. Things come full circle for Australia with Jessica Mauboy :-)
    Interval act in 2014, entrant in 2018 ! She is a great performer and has the potential to bring the victory for the aussies imo with the right song.

  9. Details from the french selection process “Destination Eurovision” were unveiled today by France 2. 18 songs will compete in two semis and four from each semi will proceed to the final on the vote of a six-member jury composed of Amir (FRA2016), french-canadian artist Isabelle Boulay, singer-songwriter Christophe Willem and the HoDs of Sweden (Björkman), Italy (Caligiore) and Belarus (Salamakha).

    Once in the final, the winner will be determined by 50% televote and 50% from an international jury composed exclusively by the HoDs of 10 countries: Sweden, Italy, Belarus, Armenia, Bulgaria, Finland, Iceland, Israel, Russia and Switzerland.

    Among the songwriters rumoured to have sent songs in order to compete are huge names like Zazie, Maitre Gîms, Vitaa and Grand Corps Malade.

    They seem to take it VERY seriously this year.

  10. One of my canidates for VFoS/ETSC submited an entery for Depi Evratesil :)

  11. Hello guys, and happy holidays season!

    I haven’t been posting comments since June, but I have been following your discusions on regular basis. :-)

    For me, there is no better occasion to put my first comment than on the article about my favourite national final – A Dal.
    Also, with average of 7,41 on my all time list, Hungary holds 2nd place of my favourite ESC countries (behind Italy and before United Kingdom).

    I have loved most of their songs, my favourite being 2011 (“What about my dreams”) with 10/10, followed by 1994 (“Kinek mondjam el vétkeimet”) and 1996 (“Fortuna”), both 9/10.

    On 6 other occasions, I have given 8/10 – 1997 (“Miért kell, hogy elmenj”), 1998 (“A holnap már nem lesz szomorú”), 2007 (“Unsubstantial blues”), 2008 “Candlelight”, 2012 (“Sound of our hearts”) and 2014 (“Pioneer”).

    I still haven’t had time to carefully listen to 2018 line-up (those songs that are out), but listening to snippets, I believe that my favourite will be two songs from the top of the list – “1 szó, mint 100” and “Turn the lights on”.
    Of course, it is still very early days, and my favourites can change.

    All the best to everyone! Looking forward to new ESC season :-)

  12. A very underwhelming choice for Australia. Her 2014 interval performance was almost embarassing to listen to.

  13. Ionnalee’s latest single is out <3

  14. Another A Dal hopeful decided to quit.It’s the band Nemzenekar with this song:

    Viki Singh will replace them.

  15. Congratulations to the people of Alabama for making the correct decision <333

  16. For all twink lovers out there, this is Raoul and Agoney from Spain’s Operación Triunfo talent show which will pick Spain’s representative for ESC2018. Their tender duet and even tenderer kiss has got the spanish internet buzzing:

  17. Jon Ola Sand talking about Lisbon 2018:

    • I strongly dislike the introductory imagery. The focus is exclusively on the silly, exotic and over the top. Gosh! This is a SONG contest, not a silly costumes contest.

  18. Tayanna will try to scream her way into the Ukrainian final again.She really wants to go to Lisbon.She has selected 4 songs from her latest album that wll be airing in Ukrainian radio and based on the feedback by listeners she will pick the song for the national selection.

  19. One more A Dal entry released:

  20. Dumbest person on TV ever. The end is hilarious: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqEA03v3OtQ

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