Estonia: Twenty Eesti Laul Semi-finalists Revealed

Estonia – ERT, the Estonian national broadcaster, has revealed the twenty semi-finalists in this year’s Eesti Laul competition. ERT revealed that there had been 258 entries. There are, as usual, a  few familiar faces…

Stig Rästa who represented the country in 2015 alongside Elina Born is back, as is Gerli Padar who was the entrant in 2007 in Finalnd. Rolf Roosalu, Indrek Ventmann and Karl Kristjan have all tried their luck in Eesti Laul in previous years.

The 20 semi-finalists are:

  • Aden RayEverybody’s dressed
  • Desiree‘On My Mind’
  • Ellis Parna & Gerli Padar‘Sky’
  • Elina Netsajeva‘La Forza’
  • EtnopatsyKülm’
  • Evestus ‘Welcome to my world’
  • Frankie Animal ‘(Can’t keep calling) Misty
  • Girls in Pearls‘Spellbound’
  • Iiris & Agoh“Drop That Boogie”
  • Indrek Ventmann‘Tempel’
  • Karl Kristjan & Karl Killing (feat. Wateva)‘Young’
  • Marju Lanik‘Täna otsuseid ei tee’
  • Metsakutsu‘Koplifornia’
  • Miljardid – ‘Pseudoprobleem’
  • Nika‘Knock knock’
  • Rolf Roosalu‘Show a little love’
  • Sibyl Vane‘Thousands words’
  • Stig Rästa‘Home’
  • Tiiu x Okym x Semy‘Näita oma energiat’
  • Vajé‘Laura (Walk with me)’

All songs will be revealed by 20th December 2017. The semi-finals of Eesti Laul are to be held on 10th February 2018 and 17th February 2018, with the national final on 3rd March 2018.

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224 comments on “Estonia: Twenty Eesti Laul Semi-finalists Revealed

  1. Gigi :(

  2. Congratulations Sweden!

    I have been a Panini Stickers’ collector since I remember myself. I wonder how will it feel taking the 2018 WC album in my hands without Squadra Azzurra in it :o

  3. “Iceland is the new Italy!” a good friend of mine commented….:-) !

  4. It seems that there will be only 3 finalists at the Greek NF,namely:
    Areti Ketime
    Gianna Terzi

    The other 2 were eliminated.According to the official explanation although they were of a high level artistically they didn’t have the Greek ethno sound the ERT committee had asked for.

    • This is ridiculous honestly. You want a sound that fits exactly some criteria (as ill conceived as they may be) make an internal selection. Calling a national final and DQing songs for not being close enough to some nationalistic notions of music is disgraceful.

      And all this is Portugal’s fault. I hope at the very least Slovenia does not go forward with its plans.

      • lol.ERT is always messy.I agree that they should have internally selected Areti Ketime to save us the trouble.And while language rules are common,genre-restriction rules are rare.I can only remember RTP’s call for Fado songs.The quality of an entry is independent of the genre it represents.

        • I don’t think it is about broadcaster being messy its about broadcasters year after year trying to imitate last year’s winning trends. They should have learned by now what a silly approach that is.

          RTP has unfortunately being using such methods for years in terms of lingual and genre restrictions (even if unofficially in terms of genre restrictions) and now that they have their day in the sun, other broadcasters think that what up to this point was a recipe for failure suddenly became the key to victory within a year.

          It seems at the very least that Belgium, Netherlands and maybe Finland as well won’t go down this road. I hope the effect remains limited as so far only Greece and Slovenia have given signs of going down that road. But we still have a very long way to and many announcments and nf formats to be revealed..

          • I insist that ERT doesn’t have a clear plan and goals year after year.I do hope it will turn out ok in the end since i believe in Areti.

            • I don’t care either way to be honest. Both Greece and Slovenia won’t receive any more attention from me at least in this esc.

  5. As for tonight; I’m gonna compare the two playoff countries to see who’s been the best (imo) in their last ten Eurovision encounters:

    2008 Denmark
    2009 Ireland
    2010 Ireland
    2011 Ireland
    2012 Denmark
    2013 Denmark
    2014 Denmark
    2015 Ireland
    2016 Ireland
    2017 Ireland

    6-10 for Ireland.

  6. And just to do the rest of the playoff countries while I’m at it.

    Sweden vs. Italy
    1992 Italy
    1993 Italy
    1997 Italy
    2011 Italy
    2012 Sweden
    2013 Italy
    2014 Italy
    2015 Italy
    2016 Sweden
    2017 Italy

    Croatia vs. Greece
    2006 Croatia
    2007 Croatia (don’t make me choose!)
    2008 Croatia
    2009 Croatia
    2010 Croatia
    2011 Greece
    2012 Croatia
    2013 Greece
    2016 Greece
    2017 Croatia

    Switzerland vs. Northern Ireland (United Kingdom)
    2008 Switzerland
    2009 United Kingdom
    2010 Switzerland
    2011 Switzerland
    2012 United Kingdom
    2013 Switzerland
    2014 Switzerland
    2015 United Kingdom
    2016 Switzerland
    2017 United Kingdom

  7. ERIKSEN! Good Tottenham boy :p

  8. Congratulations and good luck, The Anders! :)

    P.S. – I’m sorry, Martin.

  9. What a fantastic game that was.

    A poor start, but then the winds turned very suddenly.

  10. For those who wondered what the Danish fans were singing:

    Vi sejler op ad åen
    Vi sejler nedad igen
    Det var vel nok en dejlig sang
    Den må vi ha’ endnu en gang:

    Vi sejler op ad åen etc.

    (We’re sailing up the stream
    We’re sailing down again
    What a lovely song
    Let’s take it once more:

    We’re sailing up the stream etc.)

    It’s a classic at Danish parties, and it has always been popular in football stadiums.

  11. Even I have to admit that football has it’s moments when looked through the eyes of Mario Testino 😃

  12. I’m so intrigued by the names standing behind the entry of Tamar Kaprelian for ESC 2018:
    Sebu – Capital Cities
    DerHova – Author of Qele Qele and author of many local hits
    Arthur Gourounlian – creative director and choreographer

    + folky+uptempo <3 https://style.news.am/eng/news/44994/tamar-kaprelian-on-her-participation-in-depi-evratesil-and-collaboration-with-sebu-der-hova-and-arthur-gourounlian.html

  13. A song that didn’t make it to the Greek final.I quite like it.It’s Vasiliki Stefanou with “Gia Sena: http://infegreece.gr/eurovision-ert-akouste-to-tragoudi-tis-vasiliki-stefanou-gia-ton-elliniko-teliko/

  14. Kamferdrops.Jonas Gardell,Renaida Braun and Kalle Moraeus all mentioned by Aftonbladet as MF contestants.

  15. Mans Zelmerlow will host the UK NF.lol

  16. This is Azda Pekkan who represented Turkey at ESC in 1980 with “Petrol”. She is 71 now and says the secret to her youthful appearance is drinking a lot of water and eating a lot of kebbab (so now you know). She has also revealed that she is in touch with assisted reproduction experts to help her become a mother :-P

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