The Netherlands: It’s Waylon to Lisbon!

The Netherlands – Dutch broadcaster, AVROTROS, has today revealed its internally selected representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2o18 as Waylon. Waylon (real name Willem Bijkerk) performed for the Netherlands in 2014 as part of The Common Linnets alongside Ilse DeLange. They finished a very respectable 2nd place. Will Waylon go one better in Lisbon and take the Eurovision trophy to The Netherlands?

81 comments on “The Netherlands: It’s Waylon to Lisbon!

  1. Wow, that’s great news!

  2. Best of luck!

    LOL I hardly recognise him both in the video and the pic. He looked so different in that hat three years ago :o

  3. As mentioned in the previous thread, listening to some of his solo work I’m not too excited. I believe it will be a pretty safe entry, but not necessarily a piece of interesting art…

  4. I expect something very different from him now that he is not without Ilse. Waylon is a guy that needs to own the stage with his presence and I think we will see something more uptempo and dynamic from him this time around. He is obviously a tremendous singer. With the right song I sense another solid bid to victory from The Netherlands. And it may be about time as well.

    Good luck !

  5. It sounds like a good start. Waiting for the song. Good luck, the Netherlands!

  6. Off topic: RTP and Salvador Sobral have been in regular contact, because RTP want to make it clear that ‘Amar pelos dois’ will influence the way ESC 18 will be organized – elegance, simplicity and authenticity will be key concepts on display next May. They are also hoping to have him singing in the final. Let’s hope so.

  7. Great news!Both The Netherlands and Belgium(even more)seem to really try to win this.I hope he will come up with a great entry and have a very good result.

    • … while Germany tries a different road but without a map … LOL

      • Indeed but Germany has a recent win so maybe the broadcaster’s interest may have waned.Not that i agree this should be the attitude,of course.

        • The sad news is that NDR’s enthusiasm hasn’t waned. They are trying hard but they simply don’t have a clue. With the exception of Michelle in 2001, all German top 10 results post 2000 were bacause of Stefan Raab. Perhaps we should try schlager again … Bring Michelle back! LOL
          However, Germany would have won in 2007 if we had had a 100 % televote back then.

          • In 2007?

          • Roger Cicero winning over “Molitva” in a jury vote? I am glad that didn’t happen even though I find it highly unlikely.

            • It’s not unlikely but the truth. The back up hury voting has been published.

            • Really? I had no idea. Eeewww.

            • And from the two countries that used 100 % jury votes (ALB + AND), ‘Molitva’ only got one point. I love the song anyway and think that it was a very deserved winner. Germany deserved top 10 imo.

            • The info I found on the internet was that the EBU released the 2007 50-50 results (not stand-alone jury results) the following year. Germany rose from 19th to 6th while Hungary went up to 9th to 3rd. Serbia was still first, followed by Russia, Ukraine fell from 2nd to 4th place while Turkey dropped from 4th to 14th.

              I don’t know what conclusions we can draw out of this. Serbia was still 1st, so it mustn’t have done too badly with the juries. Was Hungary or Germany first with their votes? It does seem like they were both rated highly but how high is the question.

            • Some years ago, PB published an article on Roger winning the jury vote in 2007. Unfortunately, I can’t find it anymore but they mentioned it again now in the context of the German NF mess debates.

            • I just read the article about the German NF on Wiwi and now my head hurts. So much fuss for choosing a song that will end somewhere between place 20 and 26.

  8. I see high hopes for Waylon…I hope he won’t disappoint…good Luck

    • Thunder and lightning! So happy to see those two together. Probably only one round here 😃
      Shame Kirkov wasn’t around in Athens. Fuck I just love his I don’t give a fuck styling!

    • It would be great if this was Saara Aalto’s international team 😃

      Thank you Reuters for sharing! I should start to follow him in Insta.

      • My guess is that it’s Russia.I suppose Yulia is no longer useful so they ditched her.We’ll see!

        • Yeah, it probably is. YLE wouldn’t do anything this outrageous and hilarious like this though they should after ditching 300 songs because they weren’t good enough for UMK. Obviously their head of contents hasn’t been been watching UMK too closely. Arrogant fool didn’t even answer journalists’ questions. He gave only written statement with some key terms like song in Helsinki slang.
          KK F would have been perfect WTF moment for Finns and such a beautiful centennial gift. Hmmm, maybe Mr Putin is presenting his favourite ESC team to us 😃

          • I read his statement.They had some explaining to do since the submission period opened in February right after the UMK final so many singers had entered with songs for UMK 18.If i understand it correctly what he said is that they received good songs but not esc-appropriate(mehhh).He also said that the 3 selected entries for Saara are really good and they have thought through all the details of staging etc.Plus,i got the impression they’re not all written by her but by the team she’s working with for her album.

            • I was talking about different statement. It was his answer to composers’ “union’s” questions. It had very harsh tone in it.
              Everything is here ok, it shouldn’t have been done like this.

    • Not Ukraine, not Greece… many say it’s not Russia, since Phillipp doesn’t work for the hosting Channel.


      • I don’t think the selected Azerbaijani singer fits their style.I think it’s Russia but i haven’t read Belarus’ plans for esc 18.

  9. haven’t commented in a while! missed being on this site and talking and hearing commentary. eesti laul lineup is out:

    “1. “(Can’t Keep Calling) Misty”, esitaja Frankie Animal; muusika Marie Vaigla, Jonas Kaarnamets, Jan-Christopher Soovik; sõnad Jonas Kaarnamets.
    2. “Drop That Boogie”, esitajad Iiris & Agoh; muusika Ago Teppand, Iiris Vesik; sõnad Iiris Vesik
    3. “Everybody’s Dressed”, esitaja Aden Ray; muusika Nikita Bogdanov; sõnad Nikita Bogdanov.
    4. “Home”, esitaja Stig Rästa; muusika Stig Rästa; sõnad Stig Rästa, Fred Krieger.
    5. “Knock Knock”, esitaja Nika; muusika Nika Prokopjeva; sõnad Nika Prokopjeva.
    6. “Koplifornia”, esitaja Metsakutsu; muusika Meelis Meri; sõnad Rainer Olbri.
    7. “Külm”, esitaja Etnopatsy; muusika Aile Alveus-Krautmann; sõnad Aile Alveus-Krautmann.
    8. “La forza”, esitaja Elina Netšajeva; muusika Mihkel Mattisen, Timo Vendt; sõnad Ksenia Kuchukova, Elina Netšajeva.
    9. “Laura (Walk With Me)”, esitaja Vajé; muusika Karl-Ander Reismann; sõnad Karl-Ander Reismann.
    10. “Näita oma energiat”, esitaja Tiiu x Okym x Semy; muusika Kaido Luht, Sergei Morgun; sõnad Tiiu Kaarlõp, Meiko Umal.
    11. “On My Mind”, esitaja Desiree; muusika Amiran Gorgazjan; sõnad Amiran Gorgazjan.
    12. “Pseudoprobleem”, esitaja Miljardid; muusika Miljardid; sõnad Marten Kuningas.
    13. “Show A Little Love”, esitaja Rolf Roosalu; muusika Rolf Roosalu, Priit Uustulnd; sõnad Maian-Anna Kärmas, Rolf Roosalu.
    14. “Sky”, esitajad Eliis Pärna ja Gerli Padar; muusika Imre Sooäär; sõnad Imre Sooäär.
    15. “Spellbound”, esitaja Girls In Pearls; muusika Vivi Maar, Viveli Maar, Rasmus Lill; sõnad Vivi Maar, Viveli Maar, Rasmus Lill.
    16. “Täna otsuseid ei tee”, esitaja Marju Länik; muusika Liina Saar, Herman Gardarfve, Axel Ehnström; sõnad Marju Länik, Liina Saar, Herman Gardarfve, Axel Ehnström.
    17. “Tempel”, esitaja Indrek Ventmann; muusika Allan Kasuk, Siim Koppel, Indrek Ventmann; sõnad Allan Kasuk.
    18. “Thousand Words”, esitaja Sibyl Vane; muusika Sibyl Vane; sõnad Helena Randlaht.
    19. “Welcome To My World”, esitaja Evestus; muusika Ott Evestus; sõnad Ott Evestus.
    20. “Young”, esitaja Karl Kristjan & Karl Killing (ft. Wateva); muusika Karl-Kristjan Kingi ja Karl Killing; sõnad Kris Evan Säde, Hugo Martin Maasikas, Karl Killing, Karl-Kristjan Kingi.”

    some songs are out:

    so far i LOVE Külm

  10. “Misty”. This is great! Especially with the noise elements towards the end. 10/12

  11. “Külm”. Sounds very ETSC. Not entirely my taste I think, but a good song overall, and certainly not uninteresting. Very folk’ish. 8-9/12

  12. No Kerli? I was expecting to see her trying again.

  13. “Everybody’s Dressed”. Not really my taste here, but not a bad song. I’m not fond of the singing which is way too smug for me, especially with the falsetto. A more neutral interpretation would work better for me.

  14. hvor begynder skør og skør ende?

  15. Iiris is back. :)

  16. I like ‘Misty’ and ‘Külm’. ‘Külm’ is trainwreck material when performed live though. I hope that the girls are good. :)

  17. Now this is promising.. :)

    I had a dream few days ago that Hardkiss will represent Ukraine and Roger Pontare will represent Sweden in Lisbon! :D

  18. I’m so curious to learn whether we will enter in English again..

    there are rumors that Jelena Tomasevic has submitted an entry to beovzija..
    Jelena Toamsevic in English would be interesting.. :D

  19. One of the biggest hits of 2017 here – Zeljko Joksimovic – “Milimetar”!

    • Hi Marko, how was your trip to Berlin? Did you like Potsdam?

      • HIIIIIII!!! :)
        It was really nice, it was short, but so nice! I loved Berlin and Potsdam..in Berlin i loved many things, especially east side gallery – part of the wall, it was cloudy when we were in beautiful Potsdam park, but no rain, so int he end it was fantastic experience, center of Potsdam and pedestrian street is so beautiful to me too…..This year i have visited Berlin and Madrid of BIG 5 ESC capitals! :)
        Now Paris and Rome left to be visited.. hahaha :D

  20. debbie, ding dang dong

  21. This is the only reference I got for his solo stuff, and if his entry comes close to this one I am IN.

  22. I was actually listening to the 2014 album the other day, what a coincidence!

  23. “Calm after the storm” is one of my favourite Eurovision songs ever. Absolutely fantastic, and I can’t believe today why it took me such a long time to realise it. With that said, I’m not so fond of what he seems to have done beside that. But let’s hope for the best.

  24. I look forward to this entry with interest

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