Greece: 5 Finalists Rumoured

Greece – The national broadcaster of Greece, ERT, has apparently decided on the 5 finalists for the national selection. After inviting record companies to take part, 20 entries were assessed and the 5 finalists decided upon. No official announcement has been made, but rumours suggest the following have been chosen:

  • Areti Ketime ‘Min xehnas ton ilio’ (Don’t forget the Sun)
  • Horostalites – ‘Apo tin Thraki os tin Kriti’ (From Thrace to Crete)
  • Duo Fina  ‘Idio Tempo’ (Same tempo)
  • Yanna Terzi  ‘To oniro mou’ (My dream)
  • Tony Vlachos – ‘Baila Jazz ‘

The national final will take place in Athens by the end of February 2018.

74 comments on “Greece: 5 Finalists Rumoured

  1. I know the first 2…They are fine!
    Don’t know the rest…The song matters the most!
    Good Luck Greece

  2. For some reason I don’t find all this eagerness of reavealing stuff regarding our NF so soon by ERT that positive, tbh.

    Out of those 5 in the line-up, I only know Areti Ketime, and Duo Fina. As for the rest, never heard of them and checked some of their stuff. Not my cup of tea at all. Horostalites sound as if would be an interesting case, but their work so far leaves much to be desired.

    So, that leaves us with Duo Fina and Areti Ketime.
    I strongly fear that the Duo Fina entry would be a joke-orientated one.
    To cut a long story short, I’d say that, so far, and without having listened to the songs of course, Areti would be my choice hands down… and with sort of cold heart :(

  3. If ERT wanted sth folk/alternative whatsoever they should have searched for sth like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9eUhnOjPLI

  4. …or this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjRK0uLF_yA

    Anyway, maybe we will be pleasantly surprised… yeah right :P

  5. AVOTROS releases a teaser regarding their 2018 representative.

  6. No more guessing. AVROTROS just confirmed it is Waylon.

    • Positive news, if you ask me… Can´t wait for the song!

      • Yesterday there were all of a sudden rumours that it would be Within Temptation’s Sharon den Adel. But I am also fine with Waylon. Solo he is completely different from his role in the CL. He was approached last year, but then he declined because of problems with his schedule.

  7. Belgium, Netherlands, Azerbaijan are all very promising

  8. Waylon is back for The Netherlands ? They are definitely not giving up and not joking. Hoping and expecting a great song from him.

    The 4 artists we know so far on paper seem quite promising, even though I am still skeptical on Laura.

  9. Waiting for the songs. Good luck, Greece!

  10. I really love Waylon’s voice and hope for a song with gritty guitars. :)

  11. I have just seen some stommie comments on Wiwi. *faints*

    • ❤️
      LOL someone was insisting Waylon was a country singer 🤣

      • Indeed. And after more than 10 years, we are all used to reading a lot of nonsense regarding ESC. My favourite is still people moaning that Portugal should stop sending Fado when in fact they sent Fado only twice in 50 years (1976 + 2012). And 2012 wasn’t even a proper Fado if we consider the instrumentation.

      • As if there is no Youtube where you can look up what kind of songs an artist sings.

  12. I’m really excited about Waylon!It would be great to have such a talented,sexy guy win esc.He’s such an amazing live performer:

  13. Another song that didn’t make it to the Greek NF(Thank God)

  14. Regarding Netherlands: Well, I loved “Calm After the Storm” (which was written by Ilse de Lange), but listening to the Waylon songs provided here, I am not too enthusiastic I’m afraid.

    In general I think it sounds too polished. Not particularly original either. “Calm” had a great intensity and tension, like there were a storm in the calm, but I can’t find that here. One of the songs even repeats the “You-ou-ou” phrase from f.e. France 2016.

    That’s not to say that it is necessarily bad, and I believe we will get a solid entry in the end. But from what I hear, it is absolutely not daring. I miss the adventurous chord changes from “Birds”.

    • Storm was produced in Nashville and we could here that. They do know thing and two about great intensity and tension.
      I like the his songs provided too, and as fir country card it really can’t be over played ever 😃

  15. Also, I think the Netherlands has played the country card a bit too much in recent years.

  16. In any case: he is clearly a strong vocalist, even though I am not personally fond of this way of singing, and I will of course wait for the actual song. I may be up for a pleasant surprise.

  17. Azerbaijan has a nice girl and The Netherlands has a great artist who has everything someone in such contests must have to win! One of the fiew ESC artists who has couple of post-ESC songs in my playlists! Goodluck to The Netherlands!

  18. The Greek National Team btw, is lamentable; so painful to watch. Painful for the Greeks that is, because for the rest is simply amusing :P

  19. One of the rumored finalists performing live during a show:

  20. While,ERT hasn’t made any official statements,the list of the 5 finalists seems to be confirmed.A newspaper published the names of all the 20 hopefuls that sent a song via their record label and the process by which the ERT-appointed jury came up with the 5 finalists.

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